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TRSTIMOMVLS OF IIESPECR TO inhabitants of Pershore have raisetl by subscription nearly £1'20 for purchasing plate mid which has been presented, ill testimony of their high esteem and regard, to the Rev. JollII Foley and the Rev..John Palmer. The rev. gentlemen have been curates of Pershoie, the former eleven alld the latter nine years. IV Palmer is now removed to Claines.— fVorccst(rshirc Guardian. GLOICESTEK MesIc MEETING.— We understand that the followillg gentlemen have rouse ite l to act as Stewards at our Musical Festival next autumn The iloiiiiii(I Very Rev the Dean of Glou- cester Sir M. II. H. lieach, Rart, the (JOII Augustus Moretou, Ni 1). the Hon and Rev C. Ha (hurst; W. L Lawrence. Esq., alld (he liev Dr Claxson.—Gloucestershire Chronicle. HKIDCEWATER POOR LAW UNION. (From the Times ) In the latter end of August, 183(5, the Poor Law Commissioners' dietary was introduc ed into the Bridgewaier Union Workhouse. The inmates were then returned as being" generally lipaltliy. On the 2:Jtll of October the medical return was-" There is much sickness among the children and the old people. There are 33 cases under the care of ifie medical gentleman; t)6 inmates ill the house." On that day the medical officer wrote to the board stating that the dietary was producing disease among the inmates of the workhouse. lie was told that the general dietary was no concern of his; that he was to attend to the sick, and that onlv. The members of the visiting committtee made a similar representation to the board of guardians, stating the additional fact that the house was become infectious, and it was highly dangerous to send any more persons into it. These gentlemen were told that the law must be carried out, that the dietary, having been fixed by the Poor LIW Com- missioners, must be abided by and that as there was room in the house, fresh applicants must be sent there. This destructive system was continued in the face of these representations, and the nu- merous entries in the dead. book from the 2fn}) of October, 183ft, to the -21st of Apiil, 1837, when a vast number of helpless persons had been tle- stroyed, of those who were then lying ill ten died in the course 01 the year. These facts were proved by a vast luass of evidence given before a "elect committee of the House of Lords, which committee dill not choose to report on the same on the pi "a of there being a difference of opinion in the committee." GEOLOGY OF THE MOON -(Front a Dublin Cor- respondent.). Dr Robinson, of Armagh, observes thai the sharpness of the recks and peaks in ilic moon is quite surprising; and that this fact alone would show that air and water are absent. He a so sta es that no volcanic aoiiun is now at work in the moon, nor has been Mi'.ce thejuveutinn of One of its mountains is nearly 17,t:lJO feet ill height above the plain from which il rises. Gencra'ly, bow- ever, ihey are ahont G,)00 feet. FAIIM YAUD MANURE.— A correspondent, at Lowcsioft thus intimates :—" A few weeks since I observed a letter in your paper upon the subject of fai-iii yard manure, recommending- the yards to be laid hollowing, ill order to retain all the moisture, not only fiom the- manure itself, but what f,1: I., from the 1OUrls also. Now, 1 believe it is a we'l kuo.vn fact that such pai Is of uny farm yard as constantly retain a great quantity of liquid, saturate aud maleiiaTy injure the manure in that particular spot I have constantly found, that manure from a yard lying dry is much better in quality, mo;c par- ticularly so when made in open sheds siii rounding such farm yards, for the cat lie to lodge under cover. Nevertheless, I woulrlllol suffer the drain cf a farm yard to escape into stagnant po ids or running drains but have a reservoir or cistern, from whence it could be taken in one of Mr Crosskill's liquid manure carts, alld profitably applied to any part of the farm, as opportunity otfl'l's.Panlte¡"s Join ,tal.

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