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FAIRS FOR MARCH. Ulmllorgallshire Auhrey Arms, near Co.vbriilge, Monday S; Cardiff, Wednesday 10 Cowbridge, 'Tuesday 23 Gower Inn, K.ilvrough, Saturday '20 Llangefelach, Monday 1; Merthyr Tydvil, Thursday 18; Morristown. Monday 29- Monmouthshire.—Abergavenny, Tuesday 16 Breeunshire—Brecon, Wednesday 3; Pontnedd fechan, Saturday 13; 'Talgarth, Friday 1*2. Carmarthenshire—(boss Inn. Tuesffay 23 Llan- dovery, Friday 19; Llangadock, Friday U New Castle in Enilyn. Tuesday !23. Cardjyanshire—Lianarth, Friday 10 Tregaron, Tuesday 16 Pembrokeshire — Maenclochog. WEDNESDAY 10; Narberth, Monday 2-2; St. David's, Friday ITF. TO LL/ruros (THE MODERN). Nid cipnmaint BleJilt/n u'i dnvst." While wander "wolves in search of prey." With dread all clean beasts see them pass; But ilonkics merely have to bray, Atid safely r sts each foul Jack Ass. .## Y. Iil.A t I'O. MUlWlm AT RUT)IIN.-We stated last week, on the authority of the Carnarvon Herald, that a game- keeper, in the service of AIR Edward Lloyd, of Ithag- gatt, named Evan Evans, HAD disappeared, and was supposed to have been murdered by a tailor, named Edward Chubb. In searching the house of Chuhh clothes were found with blood upon them, which cor- responded with the description given by the wife of Elans of the clothes he wore at the time of his disap- pearance. Bnt there being no evidence on which to charge hint with the murder, he was committed on a charge of sheep stealing, a quantity of sheep skins having heen found in liis house It appears that the wife 01 the prisoner had subsequently stated, tnat on his return home on the evening of the keeper's dis- appearance, he told her that he had settled Evans," that he had called him out on the Saturday night in way before spoken of, and had led him about two mites from his house, pretending to show him some snares that had been set; that during the walk he had tried to shottt hill) from behind no less than three times, but that each time his pistol missed fire, and that the game P, keeper being deaf, did not hear the noise, and mistook the flashing in the pan for a gleam of lightning; that having failed in these attempts he led him to the bank of a certain slate quarry, which he described, and having told him to look about for the wires, struck him with the pisto) from behind, and thrust him over into the water; that there was a fall of '25 yards to the water, and that the pool was six yards deep. In con- sequence of this statement the pool referred to was submitted to a rigorous search, and several men were employed for four hours in breaking up the ice, which had accumulated over it. A small boat used for fishing (a coracle) was then let down by which means the body was soon discovered, but the boat not being strong enough to raise it, another man was let down by ropes, who succeeded in bringing the body up. An inquest was held on the body on Monday and Tuesday, at which the evidence of 35 witnesses was received but beyond the statement of the wife of the prisoner regarding what he had said to her, there was nothing elicited, except evidence of a circumstantial character. The testimony of these witnesses, although far from conclusive as to the guilt of the prisoner, was quite sufficient in the minds of the jurors to justify their verdict of Wilful Murder against Edward Chubb, which they returned accordingly. I have successfully directed many of my friends possessing game preserves to plant the Halesia (snow drop tree) in their "ood. Phea- sants are particularly fond of the berry, and thrive upon it; and the plant during the winter will afford abundance of food, so as to prevent them straying abroad to the profit of the poacher. There is no shrub better suited to all xoils. The back woods of North America abound with it, and it affords food to birds when nothing else can be procured. What has hitherto only been considered an ornamental shrub, wijl, if my suggestions are attended to, become an object well worth the nurseryman's attention. The oerry « hen ripe is greedily devoured by all kinds of poultry. My shrubs are very soon I cleared of them.—Gardeners' Chronicle.



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