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MERTHYR. We have the satisfaction of announcing that Wm. Thomas, Esq of Court House, to whom the town of Merthyr is indebted for a Market House, has been applied to by many influential parties to cause a supply of water to be brought by pipes to every house requiring it, so that every householder who wishes for a regular and constant supply of that first necessary of life, will be able to procure it at a reasonable expense. We hope soon to be able to give farther particulars on this interesting subject. We understand Mr Wyatt has been written to to undertake the business. LAUGHING GAS -We have much pleasqro ill SPeitl- by Mr Partridge's advcrtisincnt, that an opportunity will be afforded to our readers during the next week only, of experiencing the delightful sensations pro- duecd by this gas, as well as witnessing its highly humorous effects upon others, when breathed into the lungs. Its public exhibition has met with the most marked approbation, and has astonished and delighted thousands of persons in all the larger cities and towns of the united kingdom- It affects individuals in very opposite ways In some it produces excessive laughter and good humour: the most energetic and expressive theatrical attitudes and language: gym nastic feats of leaping, dancing, boving, cto In others the most delightful and thrilling sensations of pleasure in body and mind, without being followed by the depression and languor which invariably succeed the eKpiteuient produced by intoxicating liquors. We have bad repeated occasions to mention the slaughter of fat cattle and pigs, but we do not remcm- ber recording that of a bear in this town. Such an event, however, occurred Oil Thursdav last, when a fine young bear, which had been put up to latten for the last nine weeks, fell a victim to the refinement of the times, his greaso being a desideratum for the toilet of our elegantes, who will now have an opportunity of Supplying themselves with some of the genuine bear's greaso, by applying to the proprietor, IVjr Daniel Davis, hair dresser, High Street. The intended execution becoming known a number of persons assembled to witness it. Bruin behaved with becoming dignity on the i..oui-tiful occasion, allll died what is called "game." His body will be exhibited for a few days, and will then uudcrgo tho operation of dissection. MERTIIYR Nw CHURCH. It will be perceived from an advertisement that the committee for the new church have advertiseil for plaiig and estimates,to he delivered by the 25tij of next lIIollth, for building Un- church. MERTIIYR TYDVIL UNION—It will be seen by an advertisement that the election of poor law guar 'lians for this union will t.ike place on the 25th March The last day for receving nominations is the 10th March. If jitore (iiiii the required number are nomi nated, the clerk of the union will issue voting papers, and collect the same on the 23rd. It will be seen b vaiiadvertiscitiolittilit MrThoinas Stephens, who was many years with Mr Morgan, druggist, h is purchased his busiiiess, ittiti intends car- rying it on ill the same place. We pcrceive also that Air D. Griffiths, who Was a long time iu the employ of Mrs Jenkins, druggist, in this towlI, has commenced business in that line at a shop next door to the New Inn, High Street. IMMENSE TROUT.—An immense trout was caught last Monday, in Coedcar Pit Pond the dimensions of this fine fish were:—length, 25^ inches; girth, 13, width of tail, 7; and it weighed 0] lbs.

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