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BU rE DOCKS, CARDIFF. NHESR, capacious DOCKS will be OPENED t for SHIPPING, on MONDAY, the 1st of M \RCH next. The «l-feets which were observed in the Lock, have We it corrected in .iie most complpe and permanent | tnanner, and very extensive additions an.1 improve- inents have hten made for the accommodation of Ship- ping, and/)> general trad' W. H. SMYTH, Capt. R N. Cardiff, February 18th, IBI. THE BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. RATES of PILOTAGE for VESSELS ENTER- ISG and LEWING tlie BUTE DOCKS. Over Sea Vessels. Inward ljd per Ton Register Outward lid per Ton Register Coasting Vessels. Inward 111 pet Ton Register Outward Id per Ton Register Severn Local Vessels. In and Out Bs per Vessel. On these terms, the Pilots guarantee to ill Masters of Vessels entering the Bute Docks, tiiat they will, on their Outward Passage, anchor their vessels, if necess<rv. in safety in the inner Roadstead, or put them in a fair way for Sea. W. H. SMYTH, Capt. R.N. Cardiff, February 18th, 1841. For QUEBEC from CARDIFF. The fine new Barque The fine new Barque J&M MARQlllS OF BUTF, 900 Tons Burthen, JAMES FRAZER Master, Intends SA 1ILISG from CARDIFF, the 1st day of A P Rif, next. Tliis fine Vessel has excellent accommodation for Pastengers, and going out in Ballast trim will be sure of a speedv Voyage. For Freight or Passage apply to Mr 0. Davis, Hirwain; -lyr E. Morgan, Merthyr; Mr J. Brown, or to Messrs \V. Watson and Co., Cardiff. THE KCHOONEii f £ h £ CELERITY, WILLIAMS, Master, IS NOW LOAD1XG, at COTTON'S WHARF, TOO LEY STREET, LONDON, Fllr Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Abergavenny, Brecon, JfonmoHth, I'ontypoul, Cowbridye, Bridyend, ana placet adjacent, ANl) WILL POSITIVELY SAIL ON FRIDAY, the 12th MARCH, 1841. For Freight, Jtc. apply to the Master, on Board; Mr n. Burton, jun., Newport; Mr Thomas Richards Abergavenny Messrs Prosser, and Price Brecon, Ir Smith, the Wharfinger, London; or to .Mr Joseph Cri*sl), Arent to the Cardiff, Newport, and London ^hiiiping Company, at Cardiff. London, February 24th, 1R41. CARDIFF and BRI3TOI> STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOliN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEPFEKY, Commander, Alt K INTENDBI) T«> SAIL Dui-ins I lie NEXT WEEK, as follow., WitSNEv* (I' ,om l{u,t Ship Dock.) FROM CARDIFF War. Joo Monday Nautilus R morning 2.. Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 8 morning 3.. Wednesday. Nauti I us. 12 noon 4.. Thursday Lady Charlotte 11 afternoon 5.. Friday Nautilus. 2 afternoon 6.. Saturday I,a,iy Charlotte 3 afternoon FROM BRISTOL. Mar. 1.. Monday Latlv Charlotte 91 morning 2.. Tuesday Nautilus 10 morning tte 3.. Wednesday .l.ady Charlotte 12-i afternoon 4.. Thursday Nautilus I afternoon 5.. Friday Lady Charlotte 24 afternoon 6.. Saturday Nautilus 84 morning Cllrriilgesllnd Horses must he along-side an hour and half previous to the time of Sailinz, otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New (Kicks. PA HK« :—After Cabin. 5s.—Fore Cabin, :ts. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.—-Dogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate rum. Four-Wheel C;trri;tgf- Two-Wheel Carriage. 10s (id.; Horses, 6s, each; Horse and Rider. After Cabin Iore Cabin, 7s. fid.; Cattle, f>s. Sheep, Is. 6(1 -1 hp*e Fare* include every expense. (O* Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Fret"1itf rs arc renncsted to order all Guolls intended for •>e NAUTILUS to he sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CH\RLOTTK. to Clare Street Hall, Marsh 8treN. Bristol. Goods wili be hauled fr4iiii the Warehouses to the Jackets, at the expense of the Companies. "terth.yr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridye, liriilyend, Llantrissetit ,and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any partuulai •'oiivcyance, in which case they will be deposited in the team Packet Warehouse till called for.— I'reight to h. F"Aiii oil detiverv. (•oods. Package-, r arrels, kc. forwarded toallparts °f fhe Kingiiom withou- <>lay. wlien sent to either of the r Stram Packet (Offices in Cardiff nr Bristol. Further information as to Freight, ,r. wil ¡ h 'f'adily obtained by applying to the Agents. Mr Goodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agent. Nu. 12, Quay Street. nristol, for the NAl'TILUS Pac- Ilrt; a).) of Air Donovan, at the Packet Oilier, on llir Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr W, B. Owen, 29, Won Cre- cent, HotwelU. Bristol, for the LADY CIIARLOI II*. Jacket. NOT] CF.I'Iic, Proprietors of the above Steam Packets Notice, that they will not he accountable for any Passongei's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for •«y Gwvis. Packages, or Parcets (if lost or damage.! b Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Hooted at cithe ot their OfTicesat CardifT or liristoi, if above the valir of jlls., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the tune of Booking.— Q-d. coii%igite(i to ()rtier,or not taken awan, I)e"oi-e. Six 'O'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees All goods to be considered as liens, not ouly for trough *"d charge* due thereon, hut also for all previously itti 8atlsfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of tfie said Packets. Disputed weiulr» £ r measurement, claim, for loss or damage, &c., cannot allowed, unles a written notice of the same be. sent t' 'he Office on the day of delivery. ^iil~tMsr^Iedicin^Perform it s Promise ? —Yes ATKINSON'S ROYAL INFANTS' PRESER- VATIVE, of which 100,000 Bottles are now annually sold, has been established upwards of 50 years It ii a pleasant and efficacious carminative, affording distant n.!lt.f jn, and effectually removing those, alarming "^d numerous complaints to which infants are liable; :'s afftctions-of the Bowels, difficult Teething, the Thrllsh °r frog. Convulsions. Rickets, &c. is an admirable distant to nature during the progress ot the Hooping Fuugh, Measles, and the Cow Pox or Vacciue Inoccu- *ion, and is so perfectly innocent that it may be given ^'•h the greites t safety in,mediately after birth. In •8l">rt, whether this medicine be destined to enter the Palace or the cottage, the Pioprietor feels an honest Conviction of its power to assuage maternal pain for in- suffering to convert that pain into gladness, that '"Bering into balmy repose. Prepared only by Robert Barker (nephew and suc- I(), and formerly par ner with, the It Mr Atkn- *°n. the discoverer of this invaluable medicine), No.i Market Place, Manchester, and sold in bottles at Is I d, 2<9<l and 4s 6d each. Sold retail by all respecta le Druggis s and Medicine Vepders in Town and Country; wholesale by Messrs Barclay and Sons, 95. Farring. pon Street; W. Sntton and Co., 10, Bow piiurch Yard; Newberry, 45. St. I'aul'js Churchyard F'dwards, w.15^ Paul's Churchvard; and T. Butler, 4, Ghcap- ei,1<\ London. N.B. Please to be particular in asking for Atkinson's 'nfants* Preservative, and in observing the name of 41 Hobert Barker, i. Market Place, Manchester," upon the govel nment stamp affixed over the cork of each bottle 'he genuine medicine.- Beware of Counterfeits, TO FURNACE MACAGSBS. A GOOD PRACTICAL MAN, who can under- take the MANAGEMENT of several BLAST FURNACES (in Wales), may have a PERMANENT ENGAGEMENT and Good Wages, on application to Mr Thomas Evans, of Dow! tis Works. None need apply who cannot give testimonials for sobriety, integi-ity, and industry. Dowlais, February 15,1841. ;j." ."J 6 TAFF VALE R 'PHE DIRECTORS are now ready to RECEIVE < TENDERS for LOANS of MONEY,in Sums of not less than £ 200, upon the security of Loan Notes to be issued under the Company's Seal, hearing Interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annmn, payable fialf yearly, entitling the holder to receive Mortgage Debentures of the Company, deliverable in the Month of February, 1843 or 1845". Tenders may he addressed to the undersigned, at the Company's Office, Cardiff; to Messrs Glvn, Hallifax, intilis, and Co., Bankers, ondou or to Mr William Mallard, 27, Small Street, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Taff Vale Railway Office, Cardiff, Secretary. January 18, 1841. Brecon and Merthyr Tydvil R A I LWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Application is intended to be intide to Parliament in the ensuing Session for an Act to make and maintain a Railway (with proper works and conveniences con- nected therewith), commencing at or near the Breck- nock and Abergavenny Canal, in a certain Field belonging to Sir Charles Morgan. Baronet, in the occnpalion of Anne Morgan, widow, in the Chapelry of Saint Mary. within the Parish of Saint John the Evangelist, in the Borough of Brecon, in the County of Brecon, and terminating at a Farm called Blaenvuarth, in a certain Field, part of the said Farm, belonging to the Honourable Robert Henry Clive, in the occupation of the Dowlais Iron Company, in the Hamlet of Garth. in the Parish of in the County of Glamorgan, and which said Railway is intended to pass from, in, through, and into the several arishes, Townships, and extra Parochial or other places following (that is to say) :—the Chapelry of Saint Mary's, ithin the Parish of Saint John the Evan- gelist, in the Borough of Brecon, the Parish of Saint David's, the Parish of Llanhamlach. the Parish of Cantreff, the Parish of Llanvrynach, the Parish of Llanvigan, the Hamlet or Township of Penkelly, ill the said Parish of Llanvigan, the Hamlet or Township of Glyncoll <ng, in the said Parish of Llanvigan, the Parish of Llanthetty, the Hamlet or Township of Duffryn, in tli-i Parish of Llanthetty, the Hamlet or Township of Vro, in the said parish of Llanthetty and the Parish of Vainor, otherwise Vaynor, the. Hamlet or Township of Coed y Cummer, in the said Parish of Vainor, otherwise Vaynor, the Hamlet or Township of Duffryn, in the said Parish of Vainor, otherwise Vaynor, and the Hamlet or Township of Gelly, in the said Parish of Vainor, otherwise Vaynor, or some of them. all in the said County of Brecon, otherwise Brecknock; and the Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, and the Hamlets or Townships of Garth and Heolywormood, in the said Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, or one of them, in the County of Glamorgan. And also to make and maintain an extension of the said Principal or main Hailway. com mencing at or near the said Farm called I!laenyparth. belonging to the Honourable Robert Henry Clive. in the occupation of the Dowlais Iron Company, in the said 14amict or Township of Garth, in the said Parish of "rthvr Tydvil in the said County of f;lamorgaii. and terminating at the head ot a certain Haitway, catted the Taaf Vale ltail way, near the Pier belonging to, and in the occupation of the Plymouth Iron Company, situate on the eastern side of the River Taaf, in the Hamlet or Township of lleolywormood. in the said Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, in the County of Glamorgan aforesaid, and to lead to or near the Iron Works of Dowlais Penvdarran, and I lyiiioitili, in the said Hamlets of Garth and Heoly wormood, or one of them, in the said. Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, in the Said Coanty of Glamorgan. And, Notice is hereby also given, that power will be applied for in such Act to divert or alter, in such cases where it may be expedient or necessary for the pur- poses of the said Act, the course of the several Turnpike Roads, passing through or into the several Parishes of Llanhatnlach, Llanvrynach, Llanvigan the Ham'ct or Township of Glyncollwng, in the Parish of Llanvigan, all in the County of Brecon, and through or into the Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, in the County of Glamorgan. And, Notice is hereby also given, that power will he applied for in the said Bill to deviate rom the tine laid out on the Plans, deposited under the standing orders to any extent which may he necessary or expedient, not exceeding ten yards in any Town, or one hundred yards not in any town. And, Notice is hereby a S,I given, that Duplicate Plan and Sections of the said undertaking, with Bo -k of reference thereto, will on, or before the First day of March next, be deposited with the Clerk of the Peace of the County of Brecon at his Office in the Town of Brecon, in the said County of Brecon; and, aisrw with the Clerk of the Peace of the County of GUinorgan, at his Office, in the Town of Cardiff, in the said County of Glamorgan and, also that Copies of so much of the S lid Plan and Sections as relate to each Hamlet, Chapelry, and Parish, will, on or before the First day of April next, he deposited with the Parish Clerks of the several Hamlets, Chapelries, and Parishes her. in before par ticularly mentioned. And further Notice is hereby als ) given, that it is intended to apply for power to levy Tolls, Rates, and Duties on or in respect of Passengers and Goods, an I alsll. of Ca riages pasting along, through, or over the said Railway and the liran-lies thereof. Dated this 10th day of Februarv, 1841. VAUGHAN, BRVAN, and LAWFORD, Solicitors for the Bill. Brecon, February 16th, Is41. TO those who labour under Debility, Indigestion, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Appetite, Trembling or Shaking of the Hands or Limbs. Obstinate COIIghs, Shortness of Breath, Head Aches. Gout, Rheu- matism, Asthma, Consumption. Weaknesses, &c., &c., THE CELEBRATED CORDIAL BALM OF SYRI ACtJM Will afford instantaneous relief. Nervous disorders of every kind, and from whatever cause arising, ily before the elicits of this prcat Medicine, and all that train of sinkings, anxieties and tremours. which so dreadfully af- fect the weak, the sedentary, and the delicate, will in a siiort lime be succeeded by cheerfulness and every presage of health. It is highly esteemed for nourishing and invi goraling the nervous system, and act ng as a geneial restorative on debilitated constitutions arising from bilious complaints. The studious as well as t e seden ary part of the com. muuity should never be without the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, which removes diseases in the head, invigor- ates the inind, improves the memory, and enlivens the i JI"inatinn. To the young it will afford lasting health, strength, and spirits, in place of lassitude and d bth-y. and to the aged and infirm it will assuredly furnish great relief an I comfort, by gently and safely invigorating the system it wiit not give immortality, but if it be in the power of medicine, to gild the autumn of declining years, and calmly and serenely protract the close o: life beyond its narrow span, this restorative is capablc of effecting this grand desideratum. In Bottles at lis, or four quantities in fine fannly bot- tlefor 33s, duty included, whereby one I Is bottl is saved With each bottle is given a copious bill of directions, containing select illustrations of the efficacy of the Medi- cine, and may be had of all Medicine Venders through- out the United Kingdom, Aineiica, and the Continent of Europe, v Piepared only by Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, i>0 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and No. 44 Albion Street, Leeds. None are genuine without the signature of R. ntl I., Peiry, See., impressed on the Stamp, on the outside of each wrapper, II) imitfite whiph is felony of the deepest dye. Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, may he consulted as usual at No. 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and No. 44, Albion Street, Leeds. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient to enable Messrs Perry to give such advice as will he the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure after all other means have proved ineffectual. Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. \i_B.-—Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other shopkeeper, can be supplied with any quantity of Terry's Puiit'ying Specific Pills and Balm of Syriacllm, with the usual allowance to the trades by most of the principal wholesale Patent Medicine hotyse, in London. Sold by Mr D, Morgan Merthyr Tydvil. PORT OF CARDIFF. A N ACCOUNT of the INCOME and EXPENDITURE of the TRUSTEES for the RELIEF of .tl. SEAMEN in the M ERCH ANT SERVICE at this PO appointed under the 4 and 5 William IV. For the Year 1840. INCOME. EXPENDITURE. £ s d £ s d ToBalancefrom-, 1839 364 4 3 Bv Pensions and Temporary A'lowances. 64 18 6 To Duties collected in 1840 137 9 2 By Collection, Secretary, and Carriage of To Donation from a Sailor's Widow 5 0 0 Parcels 18 6 2 To Overcharge, per late Secretary 14 9 5 By Printing and Stationery 11 6 2 To Interest to 2d November, 1840 12 1 2 By C'asti paid for other Ports 3 7 6 By Cash in Savings Bank 376 5 5 By Cash in Savings Bank 376 5 5 Paid Treasurer 29 6 f By Balance due from late Secretary 29 14 2 £ 533 4 0 > £ 533 4 0 £ 533 4 0 > £ 533 4 0 ROBERT DAW, C tl A S. WILLIAMS, Cardiff. Feb. 18, IMO. Receiver. r. Treasurer. EDWARD WILLIAMS and SON BEG to inform their Friends and the Public that they have TRANSFER RED the IRONMONGER BUSINESS, heretofore carried on by them to Messrs JOB JAMES and Co., and take this opportunity of returning their sincere thanks for th, snpport they have enjoyed for so many years. J. J A M K S and Co., In announcing that they taken to the Ironmongery Business of the late Firm of Messrs E. Williams and Son. hope. by attention, the reasonableness of their prices, and integrity, to merit a continuance of that support which their predecessors have so long enjoyed. N.B. The business is removed to premises opposite the Bush Inn. r-IBE following INSOLVENT DEBTORS will t be heard at the COURT H OUSE at CA It DIFF, on FRIDAY, the 19th day of M ARCH next, at the hour of ten in the morning precisely MARIA ALEXIS PII.LICIIODY DE BAVOIS.late of Cnssino V ilia, and of Cam (laes hoth of the Fran- chise of the Town of Swansea, in the County of Glamor- gan. Widow. Farmer and \ericulturisr. N\IH.TEL SITECKELL. late of Aberkenfig, in the Parish of Newcastle, in the County of Glamorgan, (irocer. Draper, General Shopkeeper, and Bedstead and Chair Maker. WILLI AM nREHE FAUNDELL (sued as John Farritiell) late of the row,, of Swansea in the County of Glamorgan, Professor of M'tsic and Music Seller. CHARES THOMAS late of the Town of Neath, in the County of Glamorgan, Carrier, Hallier, and Warehous-man. "OAII OWEN, 'ate of the Town of Neath, in the COllnty of Glamorgan, Linen Draper, Grocer, and General shopkeeper. GALSWORTHY and NICHOLS. 9, Cook's Court. Lincoln's Inn, For MORGAN, Cardiff. I^HE following' INSOLVENT DEBTORS will be heard at the COURT HOUSE, "t CAR- DIFF. on FRIDAY, the, 19th day of MARCH next, at the hour of Ten in the Morning precisely :— HOBERT MEEK. formerly of the Royal Oak, in the Village of lilairia, near Nantvglo, Pill)- lican, then of the Putcher's .itnis, in the Village of Blaina aforesaid, Publican, then of Blaina aforesaid, Labourer, and late of the Maesteg Iron and Coal Works, near Bridgend, Glamorganshire, Labourer. WILLIAM LEWIS, formerly of the Parish of nrlln- ton, near Barnstaple, Devonshire, Butcher, then of the same placc. PuM can and Butcher, and late of Swansea. Glamorganshire, Butcher. RICHARD MIDDLE ION, fo-inerly of College Street. Swansea, Glamorganshire, wairhinaker, then of Calvert Street, Swansea aforesaid, WatchmaV er, and late of Oxford Street, Swansea aforesaid, Working Watch- maker. R E ES EVANS, )ate of the Town of Swansea, G'a- morganshire, Labourer and Overlooker of Coal Barges nil the Swansea Canal. GALSWORTHY and NICHOLS, 9, Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn, For LANGLEY, a Cardiff. THE following INSOLVENT DEBTORS^lTfT^ heard at the COURT HOUSE, at CARDIFF^ on FllID VY.the 19th day of MARCH next, at the hour? of Ten in the Morning precisely:— I THOMAS BULLOCK, late of the Town of Caerphilly in ihe Parish of Fglwysilan. in the County of Glamoiganjfl and previously of the Village of Pontariiawe, in tho* Parish of I.angiike, in the said County, Exciseman i? LEWIS ROSSEU, la'e of the. Vill ge of Treforest^ in the Parish of Lantwit^ Vardre, Glamorganshire^ Labourer, and Shearer, and formerly of ihe Parish oil St. Woollos. Monmouthshire, Beershop Keeper. t JAMES MERCHANT, late of the Town of Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan. Cooper and Grocer. GALSWORTHY and NICHOLS. 9, Cook's Court Lincoln's Inn, I For BROWN. i C, I mIIlRII For the cure of COLDS and COUGHS, INFLUENZA, SORE MOUTHS and THROATS, CONSUMPTION, AS'I'ti.N[A. ,RoI('I'\FSS 'If DIRI'Eli, SlO, of PHLEGM, and all affections of the CHKSTandLU\GS, and tie an infallible Remedy for the HOOPING COUGH. rpHE OCCULT LOZEG. are a preventive B and a dcstioyer of the incipient seeds of corrupt Consumption, and in confirmed Asthma or Chronic diseases of the Chest they afford immediate relief as well as in all Pulmonary complaints. I'or Hooping Cough they are infallible, generally cuing that dreadful com- plaint in the short space ot I 4 to 20 days. 'The imposi- .,i-(,eal)i(,. of tion of these Lozenges is not only agreeable, but of so innocent a na'nre, that they may he glvell with perfect security to the most delicate, Infant as well as to the robust of all ages, with a posi'ive ceitainty of success; they invigorate and strengthen the Lungs. Persons occasionally taking thern are fortified against Cold and Iiltlainmati >n. They are also excellent for Clearing the Voiee of Public Speakers and Singers. Twenty years' experience has placed their beneficia effecs beyond he shadow of a doubt, liav;n,, in no one instance during that long period fa'len short, of the de- sired result. Prepared (only) by the Proprietors, CROSSTHYVAITE and Co., 23, Thavirs Inn, 1 lolborn, London in boxes, price 2s. 6d. each, duty included. N.13 -None are genuine but those signed by the pro- prietors on the Government Stamp. Full directions for each complaint, including lit, iiietliod of giving them to Infants, enclosed with every box. Sold by Mis Jenkins, Druggist; and by Mr David Morgan. Druggist, Mer'hyr Tyeftl; J. Williams, Cam- brian Office; and Crutcliley, L'ruggisl, Swar.sea Phillips, Druggist, Cardiff; Price. Bri(ig(,,id I'vaiis: Journal Office; Brigstocke, bookseller; Jones, Mortimer, and Warren and Son, Druggists, Carmarthen Samuel, Llandilofawr Phillips, Druggist, Haverfordwest; Bowers, bookseller, Tenby Cole, Druggist, Aberystwith Jones, Druggist, Cardigan; Williams, Silurian OC-ice, Brecon; Davies, bookseller, Hay; Williams, Printer, Crickhowell; Davies, Newport; Briscoe, Wrexham Stioig, Bangor; Williams, Druggist, High Street, Car- narvon; Barker Beaumaris; Lea, Druggist, Ellesmeie; Edwards, Bookseller, Oswestry; Heath, Bookseller, Monmouth; Wyke, Druggist, Abergavenny; Morgan, Druggist, High S'reet, Newport; Weston, tio-i-eford Gardiner, Br tnyard rav'or Kinator, Gilkes, Leo- minster; Griffith! Bishqp's Castle; and by most Druggists and Medicine Venders throughout the Kingdom. I am hapny to inform you that the Occult Lozenges arc much approved of in this Town and Neighbourhood -from the satisfactory results communicated to me which have attended the use of them, I think they are all exci-ileiit Cough Medicine. I have heard "f the Lozenges heing very successful in Hooping Cough, in one case remarkably so. And I am enabled also to state that the character of the Lozenges stands high amongst S-ngcrs, I have been told by several that they possess in an eminent degree the property of rendering the voice clear. ° IIHII.IP IIOWNIAQ. Winchcomb, January lflth, 1340. "I can confidently add mv testimony to the cfficacy of your Lozenges the apparently high price at which they are sold prevented their introduction sooner into this neighbourhood, but comp'aints on the Chest having been very 'prevalent of late, persons were induced to try the effects of the Medicine, and it can be attested without fear of contradiction that in every instance, after it fair lrial considerable relief has been experienced, and many perfect cures performed. I am myself anxious the Lozenges should find their way into every house, having experienced singular benefit in my own family. 9 I have not heard of their being tried in Hooping Cough, but in violent Colds and Asthma they have literally performed wondeis, f' Ü, HOUGHTON, ELECTION OF GUARDIANS OF THE POOR. MERTHYR TYUFIL UNION. I JOHN WILLIAM EDWARDS, Clerk of the J Merthyr Tydfil Union, do hereby give Notice, I.-Ti,at the number of Guardians of the Poor to he elected for the parishes in the said Union is as follows;- No. of No. of Parishes. Guardians. Parishes. Guardians I Merthyr Tydfil B 6 Aberdare 3 2 Vaynor 2 7. Penderyn 2 3 Gelligaer 2 8. Ystradyfodwg 1 4. Llanfabon I 9. Uhigos 1 5 Llanwonno. I 2.-That any perion n,)t otherwise disqualified by law who shall be rated to the Peor Rate in any parish in the said Union in respect of hereditaments of the annual value or rental of £25. is qualified to become a candi- date for the Office of Guardian at the said Election. 3-That anv Ratepayer who shall have been rated to the Poor Rate in any parish in the said Union for the whole Far immediately preceding his voting, and shall have paid the Parochial Ra'cs and Assessments made and assessed on him for one whole year, as well a* those due from hiin at the time of voting, except those which have been made or become due within the six months immrd a'ely preceding such voting, will he entitled, on the Election of Guardians for snch parish, to •he number of votes following (that is to say)- If he be rated at any sum under £ 200, he will have one vote. If he be rate at E200, but under X400, he will have two votes. And if rated at £ 400, or more, he will have three votes. And that any owner of Rateable Property situate within the said parish, whoshall have given to one of the Over- seers thereof, previous to the day on which he shall claim to vote, a statement in writing of his name and address, and the description of property in the parish, a- Owner whereof lie claims to vote, will be entitled to have the number of votes at the Election of the Guardians for the said township as follows (that is to say)- If the aggregate amount of the assessment, for the time heinl!, of any property belonging to such 0 ner i, such Parish, or on any person or persons in respect 0; the same to the Poor Rates, shall not amount to £ 50. lie will have one vote. If the same shall amount to £50 and not to £75, he will have two votes If the same shall amount to ,[75 and not to £100, he will have three votes. If the same shall amount to £ 100 and not to £ 125. he will have four votes. If the saine sha 1 amount to X125 and not to £150, lie will have five votes. If the same shall antoissit.to XI-50, or uowards, he will have six vo'es. Any Owner of such property may, by writ ng under his band, appoint any person to vote as his proxy, but eiicii ptoxy mllst. previous to the day on which he shall claim to vote. give to one of the Overseers of such parish, a statement in writing, of his own name and ad,ir,s-, a.i,i also the name and address of the Owner appointing him such proxy, and a description of the property as proxy to the Owner whereof he claims to vote, and a'so an original or attested copy of the writing appointinr him such proxy. The forms which may he followed by Owners of pro- perty in appointing proxies, and by snch proxies in making their claims, may be. had by such Owners on application to me. 4.—'i hat the last day on which nominations can be re. c. ived is the Tenth day of March. Nominations of Guar. dians must be made according to the form prescribed by the Poor LdW Comillissiotierg, printed copies of which form may be had on application to me, and shall be received by Roger Williams Merthyr Tydfil. William Jones Quaker's Yard. Morgan William David Aberdare, I 5.-That I shall, if more than the above mentioned ■ number of Guardians shall be nominated for any parish. Mouse Voting Papers to be delivered on the Twentieth day of March, to the address in the Parish of each lIate- I payer, Owner, and Proxy, qualified to vote, which I Voting Papers will contain full iiistrioctioes as to the ,:iiode )f v,,t iig and that on the Twenty-third day of March, I shall cause sticii Voting Papers to bo collected. 6.—That on the Twenty-fifih day of March, I shall attend at the Board Room of the Guardians of the Poor at Merthyr Tydtil, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the Fore- IIoon, and that I shall on that, and if necessary, the following days, proceed to ascertain the number of Vot"1I given for each Candidate. Given under my hand this First day of March, 1841. JOHN WJ.XIAM EDWARDS. Clerk to the Guardians of the Poor of the Merthyr Tydfil Union. NOTICE IS HEREBYGIVEN, timt EDWARD WILLIAMS and WILLIAM WILLIAMS, both of the Parish of M ERTIIYR TIDVIL, in the County of GLIMORGAN, Ironmongers and Copart- ners have by Indenture, bearing date on or about the Eighth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and forty one, assigned all their Estates and Effects unto Thomas l.ang, of the City of Bristol, Iron Merchant, and Jospph Robinson, of the same City, Accountant, upon the Trusts therein mentioned, for the benefit of all the Creditors of the said Edward Williams and William Williams, who should execute the said Indenture, within the space of Three Calendar Months from the date thereof which said Indenture was duly executed by the said Edward Williams and. William Williams, respec- iively, on the said Eighth day of February instant; and by the said Thomas Lang and Joseph Hobinson, rcspce- tively, on the Eleventh day of the sallie month of Febru- ary and the Execution thereof by the said Edward Wil- liams and William Williams, respectively, is attested by William Davies. of Merthyr Tidvil aforesaid. Solicitor and the Execution thereof by the said Thomas Lang and Joseph Robinson, respectively, is attested by Edward Harley, of the City of Bristol aforesaid. Solicitor. And Notice is Hereby Given, that the said Indenture now ties at the Offices of Mr Edward Harley, No. 30, Broad I Street, Bristol,for Execution by those Creditors who have not yet. executed the same. All Persons indebted to the said Estate are to pay the Amount of their respective Accounts to Mr Job James. Ironmonger. opposite the Hush Inn, Merthyr Tidvil aforesaid, who is duly autho- rized to reccive. the same, EDWA'-D HARLEY, Solicitor to the Trustees. SALUS POPULI LEX SUPLEMA. DISEASES arising from the .irregularities of youth speedily removed by eminen Surgeons, of long experience in the Metropolis, CURED within a week, or no charge made for medicine after the expiration of that I'eriod.-Physiciana' hours of attend. ance, at 118, Holborn Hill, from eleven till one and at 9, Agar Street, Trafalgar Square, from twelve to two o'clock every day. Surgical attendance at each estab- lishment every evening, from seven to nine. The sufferer from immoderate indulgence of the pass ion,4,0r the practice of a solitary vice, the destructive effects of which are manifested in loss of virility, dorsal consumption, and in many other dis Nrdei-s which so often renders life, an unvaried scene of despondency, will receive, at this establishment, such information, familiarly explained, and a successful mode of self cure pointed out, the result of a series of years' practical experience, which will preclude the necessity of a personal interview. Patients may confidently rely on a gradual b'it perfect restoration of their oiiginal bodily powers by strictly adhering to the rules laid down by the medical gentleman attending this establishment, which has been supported by the most eminent physicians and surgeons in the Metropolis. Persons residing in the remotest part of the country can be treated successfully on describing minutely their symptoms, age, habits of life, &c., and inclosing a remit- tance for medicine, which can be forwarded to any part of the world, securely packed, and carefully protected from observation. All letters to be addressed to M. 0. WRAY, 118, Holborn Hill.Patients, during their indisposition. can be accommodated with apartments in Mr Wray's house, with or without board. I GLAMORGANSHIRE. Cardiff Eurttptkr Ðíøtrtd. \[OTICE IS HERRBY GIVEN, that the GE- NERAL ANNUAL MEETING of the TRUS- TB ES of the aid District WI L L n E HE L I) at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, in CARDIFF, or. SATUR- DAY, the Twentieth day of MARCH next, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, in pursuance of an Act passed in the Third and Fourth Years of the reign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth, intituled ,iti Act requiring the Annual Statements of 'Trustees 0.' Com- missioners of Turnpike Roads to he transmitted to the Secretary of State, and afterward laid before Par- liament." WILLIAM JENKINS, Clerk to the Trustees. Cardiff, February 24th 1841. iiritracitti -Titritpilte wruot. NOTICE IS HEREBY C, IV E-N, that the 1 ANNUAL GENERAL M EETING of the TRUS- TEFSofth BBIDGEND !>ISTinCrwilth(IIPIJ at the VVYNOHAVI ARMS INN, in the Town of BR IDG EV D, in the County of GI.AMORt i \N, on Saturday, the Twen- tieth day of M A "CII next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, in P'nsiiance of an Act passed in the Third and Fourth years of the reign of bis late Majesty Kin; William the Fq)ui-tli, iiitittiled. An Act rcqtiirin,,r the Annual Statemenls of Trustees or Commis-ioners of Turnpike Roa !s, to he trati- riitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before Pir'iamcnt. WILLIAM MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees. B.idgend, 20th Fehruary, 1841. MERTHYR TYDVIL. Capital House to be Let. To br Urt, A N excellent HOUSE and SIIOP, being those 1 latply occupied by Mr WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Ironmonger, eligibly situated in the HIGH STREET at the C )RNER of the MARKET SQUARE, unques- tionably the best situation for Business in Merthyr. The House contains in the basement all underground Kitchen, a large Cellar, and a Store Room, dry and well lighted—on the ground Hoor, a large handsome Shop, a P rlour, and Kitchen, with three entrances and Water Closet — on the fiist floor, a large Drawing Room, Sitting Room, Bed Rootn. and spare Hoom with a Water Closet-anel on the second floor, three good Bed Rooms, a spare Room, and a Cistern holding 13 barrels of water The whole House is finished in the rnos- be lutiful style,and amply provided with every convenience for domestic coit.fort. For further particulars npply to Mr E. Williams Maiket House, Merthyr Tydvil, GLAMORGANSHIRE. O bc act, FOR A TERM OF YEARS, t LL the VEINS of COAL and CULM, under the several Tt>nemrrlls of Briiunaen, Penrvheol Fawr, Tir CWIIl Dwr, Pantmilwr Islia, Pantycoedca\ Cefnbetinge U chao Penyfedw Ucha. Penyfedw Genol, M din Wen and Pantlasse Ucha, containing by admea- surement, 272 Acres, or thereabouts; all situate in the Paris of Llangafelach, and within Two Miles of the Swansea Canal-and Six Miles of the Port of Swans-a. A Railway may be malte to communicate with the Swansea Canal, under the powers of the Eiht Mile Clause in the Swansea Canal Act. Also, the VEINS of COAL. CULM, and IRON STON E, under Clynithiitn Ucha and Tyn y Cwm, con- taining, by admeasurement, 128 Acres, or tliereal)oii-s, s:tuate in the Pati-.li of Llangafelach. and within One Mile of the CWIJ) Clydach Public Railroad End, and Eight Miles of the Port of Swansea. For further particulars, and to treat for the above, apply to Mr Thomas Lott Martin, A nistawe, near Swansea. G LAM ORG A NSH IRE. PIT WOOD AND CORDWOOD. (!to be Solti tij) (TTimtrcr, A LL the PITWOOD and CORDWOOD now cut and to be cut during the present season, on the Lanharan Demesne Lands, on the several Farms following,—Garth, Craigmelin, Whitehall, Meirose and Wernddu,in the Parish of Lanharan; and Llwynybrain, in the Parish of Peterstonc Super Montem and also on the Farms called Pantytiawcll, Pantgronow, Aber- garw and Cadw, in the Parish of Langcinor, in the said C'nnty. The Wood will he cut and corded at the Vender's expense and Persons desirous of purchasing the same, are requested to send Sealed Tenders to the Office. of Mr Cuthbertson, Solicitor, Neath, on or before the Eighth day of March next, who will afterwards communicate with the party whose Tender is accepted, if any be ap- proved of. Further particulars may be had on application to Yr Cuthb "rtson; and the Wood in the Parish of Langeinor, will he shewn by Thomas John, Wood ward, Brynymenin, and on the other Lands by Morgan Morgan, Carpenter, Lanharan. BRECQNSHIIiE. MODERN AND ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD RURNZTUME FOR S d L E, HUGH JONES BEGS to announce that lie has been instructed by Richard Hill Mieis, Esquire, Co tll fog Auction, On WEDNESDAY and TIlunSDA Y, the 17th and 18th days of MARCH, 18-11, the whole of the valu- able HOUSEHOLD FURNITUIU. at PETEnSTONE COURT. Particulars will be had It day. previous to the Sale. January 20th. 1841.

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