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EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. "•JEJk* The first rate Coppered American Ship, St. MARK.; Burthen 500 Tons. THOMAS ALEXANDER, Master; I WILL SAIL from N EWPOtt-r on or-about the 80th of THIS MONTH, wind and weather plotting, for SAVANNAH. This vessel has excellent accommodation for Pas-en- gers, being rt great height between decks, and affords desirable opportunity for persons wishing to emigrate It* the United States. An early application is advisable as this Ship will only take a limited number of Passengers. For passage aplll, to John Corner and Co., Agents. Newport. N.B. There is room for a few tons of light goods Newport, January 22d, 1841. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, JHENRY JEFFERY, Commander, %SS| £ ARE INTENDED TO SAIL During the NEXT WEEK, as follows, (From the Bute Ship Dock.J FROM CARDFEF Feb. 15.. Monday. Naulilns 10 .morning 16.. Tuesday .••'•ady Charlotte 12 noon 17il Wednesday.Nautilus U afternoon 18.. Thursday .Lady Charlotte 2J morning 19.. Friday Nautilus. 3 afternoon 20.. Saturday f^a.«iy Charlotte 81 morning FnOM BRISTOL. Feb.15.. Monday Lady Charlotte II morning |fi#. Tuesday ••• Nautilus. 12 noon IT.. Wednesday l.ady Pliarlotte 1$afternoon 18.. Thursday Nautilus 7J morning 19.. Friday Lady Charlotte 8i morning 20.. Saturday .Nautilus 6 morning eaririage-tand Horses must he along-side an hour and ok half previous to the time of Sat lint;, otherwise they tannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Docks. i&' PARES:—After Cabin. Ss.—Fore Cabin,3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-I)rice.-I)ogg, Is tach. A Female Steward attends on Board both Patkcts. Refreshments may be had on Board, on inoderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, £Is.; Two-Wheel Carnage. 10s fid.; Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Rider. After Cabin Fore Cabin. 7s. 6d.; Cattle, fis.; Sheep. Is, 6d These Fares include every expense. Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for he NAUTILUS to he sent to No. 1*, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHVILOTTK, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, /I her dure, Cowbridge, Bridyend, -Liantrissetit,and U(serl)/iilkiV.-Goo(is forwarticti to these 'Places in Spring Waggoti4 and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any partlcnla. 'conveyauce, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be ipaid on delivery. Goods, Package, I arcel- &c. forwarded to al 1 parts ••f the Kingdom wit hoir<.elay, when sent to either of the r :Stealn Packet Offices in Cardill (lr Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will lie Teadily obtained by applying to the Agents, M, Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agen'. 'No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NALJTILUS I'ac. tket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on th. Wharf, Cardiff; or to i\fr \V. B. Owen, 29, Avon Cres Kent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHAIfLOTPF IWiet. NOTICK.—The Proprietors of the above Steam 1 ackets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Pasaetif,er's Luggage, nor will they be answerable fot any Good*. Packages, or Parcel'' (it lost or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) unless Uookcd at either of their Office* at Cardiff or lirisio 1! above the valu. -of 40s., unless entered at it« value nd Carriage m pro :portion paid for the same, a' it,, nir.r 01 Hooking.— ,Goods consigtic(i to order, or not mken \iI\ before S, 'o'dock in thf' eVl'nllH! of the day of !andir,>> w 'be warehoused at the risk ami expense or the cntisigrn' All goods to be constidereil as liens, not oulv for ITPtlZl and charges due thereon hut also for all previously II satisfied Freight and Charges (iiii- by consignee* to i Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed ••veit;h or measurement, claims for loss or dan.age.&c.. cann -be allowed, unles a written notice of the same tie teiii •he Office on the day of delivery TAYLOR'S PATENT WOOD CUTTING COM PANY.-Capititl £ 50,000, in 1,000 Share" .of S50 each. Deposit fl per share. Works, Sq an Shot Tower, east of Waterloo Bridge. DIRECTORS. Wsjav Adiir, H. M. S. John Hamilton Ksq.,Mar P. Its-Abilliec Conder, E-q. lane C.E. Henry Philip Hope, Esq Alexander Drummond, Esq J. P. M'Dougall, Esq A. Barle, Esq., Royal Ar- C. N'orris, I 8^ Abney til.'ery Lodge, Regent's Pa.k. til!ery Lodge, Regent's Pa.k. Alexander Galloway, Esq. W. Shaw. hsq., 9, I'in* C.E. bury Chambers Superintending Director- W. H Ta\ lor. Esq. SvScitor—Ed ward M. Elderton, Esq. Queen Square Blootiishury Temporary 31anager and Parliamentary Agent-W h Northhouse, Esq., 4, Parliamentary S'reet ,Bankers-The London and Westminster Bank, at al its branches. Provisional Secretary-Lieut. Buckler, I. N. Tli* object of this Company is to carry into profit all employment the patent w hich iMr Taylor hits nhtaiueli for England, Scotland. Ireland, and the Colonies, foj cutting wood by machinery after it has been steamed. For a quarter share if the profits arising from the manufactories, and one half troin the licences, th- patentee has consented to vest the whole patent righ an a Company providing adequate capital to carry o- 'the great business likely to arise from it. I hi, busiup, may he measured by the lart that it is calculate*! t supersede all the cooperage in the kingdom in the maktii f c-sks. inasmtic i as if the material. COli 1<1 he had for "ioihing under the present systetsi. the expense of labour ;alolle would be greater than the entire cost of both coateiials and labour under this patent. The machinery, with but two horse steam power, performs 120 evolutions, and with two cutters cuts 24' staves per minute, making no sawdust anil oc« asiomn no further waste of materiai than the. inequalities of I I.. 813rface of the blocks. The machinery can be applied to all otbei wood cut- ting, as well as th^.i.ating of casks, aud the paten, granting the exclusive privilege I)' cutting wood softr ned by sleam cannot be supersedeit or rivalled by hiiy other Inode of cutting of which the steaming of wood is a necessary element. A very large manufactory would be required in Lon. ■don for the business to be carried on in the Metro- polis alone other manufactories might be established 'in large maritime Towns of the United Kingdom, or lirencei might be granted to resident in such Towns,upon Serins to be settled by the Company at present the square tower and adjoining premises east Waterloo Bridge, on the Surrey side, are used fo ,toe purpose. Individuals desirotis of t-iiiii,kiiig in the Compal. May see' the machinery at work daily, and satis themaelvea of tfoe immense capabilities and great pn table profits of the under! • kmc The capital may be expanded or contracted, 8; lIlay be expedient; hence no public company, wheihii large or small, can fail in profitably emplojiog it Coney. Sixteen patents have been granted by foreign powers ibut it is not proposed to include them m this Company. The standing orders have, been complied with, anu bill in the present session may be expicttd to b. passed, autborising the transfer ot the patent to mote *h»n 12 persons, and empowering the Company by Act 01 Parliament. Should all the shares not be taken before tht Passing of the act. the Company will go on with stici capital as shall have been subscribed but no further •hares will be issued after the passing of the Act, sa>e _t a premium for the benefit of the original shareholders, who shall have pre-emption of claiming them at such premium. App.ications for Shares may he made to Edward M, •Elderton, Esq., Solicitor, 40, Queen Square, Bloomsbury; W. S. Northhouse, Ksq Parliamentary Agent J. H. Buckler, Esq., Secretary or W. H. Taylor, Esq., the Patentee, at the manufactory. To Iron Masters and Merchants. ADVERTISER, who is well acquainted JL with the IRON TRADE, is desirous to under- take an AGENCY for LIVERPOOL and the NORTH of ENGLAND, or to travel on Commission for one o more Houses of respectability. Having represented one of the most extensive Bolls, I in the Trade, he lias a good knowledge of Dealers and Consumers in all the Northern Counties of England, and the chief Towns of Scotland ,-can give unquestion- able references and security if required Would have no objectiou to a confidential situation, affording a liberal salary, and a prospect of permanency. Cumin unieations addressed G. W. L,, Box L 66, I ost Office, Liverpool, will receive prompt attention. 'Ji T A F F VALE RAIL W A Y. rpflE DIRECTORS are now ready to RECEIVE I TENDERS for LOANS of MONEY,in of not less than £ ,'200, upon the Security of Loan Votes to be issued under the Company's Seal, bearing Interest At the rate of 5 per cent per annum, payable fielf yearly, entitling the holder to receive Mortgage Debentllrtt of the Company, deliverable in the Mouth of February, 1843 or 1845. Tenders may be addressed to the undersigned. Kt the Company's Office, Cardiff; to Messrs Glyti, Hallifax, Mills, and Co., Bankers, Iondon or to Mr William Mallard, 27, Small Street, Bristol. JOSEPH JJALT, Taff Vale Railway Office, Cardiff, Searstary. January 18, 1841. T A F F V A L E RAIL W AY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of this Company WILL B ;• HE I, I), pursuant to the Act of Parliament at 'he ANGEL INN, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the 23d of FEBRU- ARY instant, at One o'clock, for the general purposes of business. The Chair will be taken at Half-past One o'clock. J. JOHN GUEST, Chairman. The Transfer Books will he closrd on the 16th instant. and will not be opened until after the said Half Yearly General Meeting on the 23d instant. By order of the Board, JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. BVLL INN, ABEEGAVBn«« • JOHN HURCUM BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he HAS ENTERED on the ABOVE OLD ES I' B LISHM ENT. and it is his intention to sell every article of the best quality, and at a reasonable price; he therefore hopes to meet with a Share of Public Support. Prime Home Brewed Beer, Capital Cyder, and Good Stab ing, with Hay alld Corn. N.B.—WELL AIRED HEnS. N INSOLVENT DKBTOR, to he heard at the /A COURT HOUSE, at LANCASTER, on TUES- DAY, the 9th day of MARCH, 1841, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon precisely :— JEFFREY DAVIFS, fornierli, f fliatalatuareli. near Biiilth, in the County of Brecon, Farmer and Flannel Manufacturer, then of Dowlais, near Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, South Wales, and late of Cazneau Street, Liverpool, Lancashire. Clerk, Welsh Lecturer at Saint Paul's Church, Liverpoo. aforesaid. UBI,BS and COPAIBA SU- CUBEBS and COPAIBA ENTIRELY SU- PEHSEDED.- W HA Y'S BALSAMIC PILLS,a certain cure for strictures, pains in the loins, affections of the kidneys, ¡zrHel. irritation of the bladder or urethra, and other diseases of the urinary passages. These Pills having been employed in upwards of 1,800 cases in private practice prior to being advertised-in many thousand cases since, and in no one instance known to fail, are strongly recommended as a far more efficacious remedy than balsam copaiba, cubebs, or any other medicine in present use. Prepared only by M. O. Wray, at I IS, Holborn Hill, and 9, Agar Street, Trafalgar Square; sold also by Sanger, 150, Oxford Street Johnston, 68. Cornhill Barclay, 95. Farringdon. Street; Butler, 4. Cheapside md bv all Medicine Venders in Tewn and Country, at ■2s9d, 4s 6d, and 1 Is each Box. Ask fpr" Wray" Bal- samic 1 ills." Advice given gratuitously to persons i-alling between the hours of eleven and one in the normng, and seven and nine in the evening. AGENT Mrs Jenkins. Druggist, Mp-rtli v r l'ydvil. For the cure of COLDS lin(i CI,U(;UIS. IV F LUEN5J A SOHE MOlTTJIS and THROATS, CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA. t>HORI- ESS of UK t' ATI]. PiSPEH- SlOV of PHLEGM, Iii)NRSPI and all affectiotis; of the CH'ST iiti LUNGS, and ve an infallible Remedy for the HOOPING COUGH. I^HE OCCULT LOZENGES are a prcvpntivo t and a destroyer of tilo i ripien' serds "f aorri ii: Consumption and in confir 1. Ii Asthma <••• Chrn i diseases of the Chest they afford immediate r. li t as w., in all Pulmonary complaints. For Hoor,- .j C vi> < thev are infallible, generally curing that tir. con [Ilam! in the short space of 14 to 20 days, The composi- tion of these Lozenges is not only agreeable, but of so nnocent a nature, that they may be given with prrfccl security to the most delicate Infant as well as to the robust of all ages, with a posiiive c<wtaintv 01 s ircess; they invigorate and strengthen the LI1t)!t. Persons occlIsionally takln them are fortified against Cold and Inflammation. 'I hey are also excellent for dealing the Voice of Public Speakers and Singers- Twenty years' experience has placed their h..ohci;¡1 effects beyond :he shadow of a doubt, having in tio (itit, instance during that long period failelllht of the de- sired result. Prepared (only) hy the Proprietors, OROS^HWAITK and Co., 23, Thavirg Inn, flolborn, London -1 in boxes, price 2s. 6d. each, duty included. N.B.—None, are genuine hnt those signed by the pro- prietors on the Government Stamp Full directions for each complaint, including the method of giving them to Infants, enclosed with every box. Sold by Mrs Jenkins, Drtizgist and hy Mr David Morgan. Druggist, Merthyr Tyofil; J Williams, Cam- brian Office; and Crutchley, Druggist. Swansea Phillips, '(rugsiist, Cardiff, Price, Druggist, Bndgend Evans, Journal Office; Brigstocke, bookseller, Jones, Mortimer, and Warren and Son, Drung s;s, Carmarthen Llandilofawr Phillips Druggist. Haveno'dwest Rowers, bookseller, Tenby Cole. Druggist, At erystwith ? Jones, Druggist, Cardigan; Williams. Silurian "fiice, Biecon; Davies, books ller. Hay; Wiiltams. Printer, Crickhowell Davies, Newport; Bri coe. Wrexham Strong, Bangor; Willl.s, Dr,Ziilt, High Street, Car- narvon; Barker Beaumaris; T)riiggillt, Edwards, Bookseller, Oswestry; Heath, Bookseller. Monmouth; Wyke, Druggiat, Abergavenny; Morgan, Druggist, High S'lept, Newport. We5 ton, 14creford Gardiner, Br. mvarrt Tay.or, Kington J Gilkes, Leo- minster; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; and by most Druggists and Medicine Venders throughout the King- dom. I am happy to inform you that the Occult Lozenges are much approved of in this Town an i Neighbourhood -from the satisfactory results communicated to me which have atteittif-ti tli* use of them, I think ti,(,.v aie an excellent Cough Medicine I have heard "f the Lozenges being very successful in Hoojimg Cough, in one case remarkably so. And I am enabled also to ;tate hat the character of the Lozenges stands high amongst Singers, 1 have been told by several tliat they posses- in an eminent degr.-e the property of rendering the voice clear. « PHILIP HOWMA*. Witiclicomb, January 16th, 1840." "I can confideoily attd my testimony to the cfficacy of sour Lozenges the apparently hieli price at which they dre sold prevented their introduction sooner into thl3 neighbourhood but comp aints on the Chest having heen very prevalent of late, persons were induced to try the effects of the Medicine; and it can be attested without fear of contradiction that in every instance, afier a fair trial considerable relief has been experienced, and many perfect cures performed. I am myself anxious the Ijozenges should find their way into every house, having experienced singular benefit in my own family. I have not heard of their being tried in Hooping Cough, but in violent Colds and Asthma they have literally performed wondeis. "G. HOUGHTON. "Chorley, March 15th, 1840." HA? FOR SALE. ABOUT FORTY TONS of well-harrc-sted UP- LAND HAY, of very superior quality. Apply at the Office of Mr Bradley, Co«biidg». GLAMORGANSHIRE. tra be let, FOR A TERM OF YEARS, 4 LL the VEINS of COAL and CULM, under the several Tenements of Brinmaen, Penryheol Fawr. l'ir Cwm Dwr. Pantmilr Isha, P»nlyeoede%e, Cefnbetinge UChll, Penyfedw Ucita. Penyfedw Genol, Melin Wen and I'antlasse Ucha. containing hy admea- surement, 272 Acres, orthereabrivits; all situate in the Parish of Llangafelach, and within Two Miles of the Swansea Canal and Six Miles of the Port of Swansea. A Railway may he made to communicate tritti the Swansea Canal, under tlifc poves of the Eiht Mile Clause in the S»»answa Gannl Act. Also, thfr VEINS of CO*L, CULM. «nd I*ON STONE, under Clynitbrim Ucha and Tyn y Cvm, con- taining, by admeasurement, 128 Acrid, or tlieraiabotits, stllate in the Patish of Llangafelach. and within One Mile of the Cwm Clydach Pnblia Railroad End, and Eight Miles of the Port of Swansea For further particulars, and to treat for the above, apply to Mr Thomas Lott Martin, Ynistawe, near Swansea. GLAMORGANSHIRE. OAK. TIMBER. dFot Sollie Iij) Auction, Unless previously Sold hy Private Contract, of which due Notice tuill be given, At the NEW INN. NEWBfUDG8, on, TUESDAY, the 2d Day of MAHCH next, at Twelve o'clock, subject to such Conditions as will then and there he stated, I^HREE HUNDRED and FIFTY OAK TREES O E HUNDRED and SEVENTEEN amaller size; SEVENTY-TWO ASH, BEECH, and SYCA- MORE, with some PITWOOD and CORDWOOD, now Growing or. LLANBRADACH FARM, in the Parish of LLANFABON. The Tenant, Mr John Williams, will shew the Wood BRECONSHJRE. MODERN AND ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNiTUSE FOR SALE. HUGH JONES BEGS to announce that he has boon instructed by ichard Hill Miers, Esquire, To tll by Biirtiait, On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 17th and 18th days of M ARCH. 1841..the whole of the valu- able HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at PETERSTONE COURT. Particulars will he had 14 days previous to the Sale. January 20th, 1841. Infants Preserved-Mothers Comforted. ATKINSON'S ROYAL INFANTS' PRESER- A VATIVE.— This popular medicine has been prepared and sold by the Proprietors upwards of Forty years, during which rime it has attained so high a reputation as to be almost in general use, not only ;n Great Britain but in every civilned country of the G'ohe. The Preservative was originally intended as an Antidote to those pernicious medicines for children which have Laudanum for their chief and only active Ingredient its success has fully answered the intent. It is an efficacious Carminative, intended all a preventive against, and a etire for. those complaints to which infants are liable, as Affections of the Bowels, Difficult Teething, Convulsions, Rickets, &c.; is an admirable assistant to nature during the progress of the Hooping Couirh, the >!easles, and rh Cnw Pox, or Vaccine Inoculation and its efficacy is fully established by the fact that lip wards of 100,000 bottles are annually sold in Great Britain alone! and, it may be added, that this medicine is so perfectly innocent, that it may be given it), the greatest safety immediately after birth! Prepared only by '^OJIMIT I? 4 ^.ER (nephew and successor to, and formerly partner with the lnle Mr Atki son, the discoverer of this invalmble nu dicine) No. 1, Market Place, Manchester, and ml.1 in bottles at Is l^d 2s 9 ano 4s 6d ach Sold retail by all respect ahle Drtieg sts and Medicin" Venoers in Town .>nd Country; and wholesale by Messrs ILnclay ano Sons. 95 Farringdon Street; W. Sutton and o., 10. Bow Church- yard 'F. Newberry, 45 -it. Taul's Chucrh-vard E. Edwards, 67, St Paul's Church-yard and T B-afler. 4, Cheapside, London. N B. Please to be particular in ^skine for Atkinson's Infants' Preservative, and in "bse-ving the name oi Robert Barker, L Market li.ice, Manchr ster upon the government stamp affixed oVer tl,e cork 0f eac|, bottleof tilegeniiino medicine. BR.WARF OF COI'Nlr.RTFITI,. AGENTS -For Merthyr T-dvil, M s Jenkins, Mr 1). Morgan and Mr Davjes. T'lliovp who labour uudor Drbi itR.Indigestion, Depression ol Spirits, Loss of Appetite, Tre t'blin o Jrikng >f the Hands or Limbs Obstinate It lI) isii. eaknesses, fee.. Sic., IJ,' CLI E'HATF:' Ci)HUI I. BALM OF M- It A C Wol afford instHiiianeoiis reliet. Ner%,otii (fivoi-lers of every kind, and from whatever a is<- arising, flv before the "Cects of this treat Medicine, and all fha' tr.in of sinkings, anxieties and trein lur whis-li so drend!ully af- fect tiie weak, the sedentary, and the delicate, will in a short time be succeeded by cheerfulness and every presage of health. It is hig.'ily esteemed for nourishing and invi gorating the nervous system, and acting a« a genera' restorative on debilitated constitutions arising frojxj bilious complaints. The studious as well as t • seden ar 'v put of the com- munity should never be ",i,It"lIt the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, which removes diseases in the head, invigor- ates the mind, improves the memory, aud enliven* the i ninginrttion To the young it will afford laating heslth, strength, and spirits, in place of lasgit de and debility, and to the aged and infirm it will ^ssursKlly furnish gnat relief an camfort. hy gently and safely invigorating the iiystein it willllot give immortality, but if it be in the. power of medicine to gild the autumn of declining y."rs, and calmly aud serenely protract the close of life beyond its narrow sp.111, this restorative is capable ol effecting this grand desideratum. In Bottles at ils. iir four quantities in one family bot- tiefor 33s, duty included, whereby one fletiottle 1* saved With eacli bottle is given a copious bill of directions, containins; select illustrations of the efficacy of the Ifeui- cirie, and may he had of all Medicine Venders through,, out the United Kingdom, America, and the Continent of Europe. Prepared only by Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, No 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and No. 44 Albion Street, Leeds. None are genuine without the signature of R and I. Peiry. &c., impressed on the Stamp, on thr outside of each wrapper, to imitate which is felony of the deepest dye. Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual at No. 4. Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and No. 44, Albion Street, Leeds. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient to enable Messrs Perr> to give such advice as will he the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure after all other means have ptovrd ineffectual. Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. -B.—Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Med-cme Venders, :in ,I every other shopkeeper, can be supplied with any quantity of Perry's Purifying Spe-ific Pills and Ralin of Syriacuin, with the usual allowance to the trades by most of the principal wholesale Patent Medicine house, in London, Sot. Mr D. Morgan M ;rt!iyr Tydvil The axiom of Pope, that "The proper atudy of mankind ili tn'ill," is bated on the foundation of truth. Nothing "all be more beneficial to society than the »tudy of the human frame, which M feaftu) y and -vonderfully IlIade" by enlightened re*rc-h«s into the causes of numerous disessoo of the body, effec- -ual remedies have been di-icovored. This has been especially demonstrated iu the numerous ctires i-exul,itig from Wray's Balsamic Plil", a medical preparation of pre-eminent excellence and national utility.




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