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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. The Paris Journals quote from the Augsburgh Gaxette an announcement, that the British and French Govern- ments have proposed a general congress of the European powers for the pacification of Spain, to be held at Paris. HAMBURGH, FEB. 23.—The new Constitution of the kingdom of Hanover, has been laid before the Chambers, and the Hanover Gaxette announces that it will shortly publish it -Hamburgh papers, Feb. 24. GREAT FIRE AT BALTIMORE.—A most destructive fire broke out at Baltimore on the 3rd of Feb. in the Theatre and Circus, belonging to Mr Cooke, which soon reached the large tavern occupied by Mr Murphy. Both buildings were totally destroyed, including property to the amount of 120,000 dollars. Mr Cooke's theatrical wardrobe and other stage property, together with 47 valuable horses, were consumed. Mr Cooke was un- insured. A private letter from Bayonne, dated the 1st inst., states that the Carlists were actively engaged in re-esta- blishing the fortifications of Belascoain. Don Diego Leon had failed in an attempt to carry a little brick- built fort at Bargota, although the breach was practi- cable. Castor had marched with five battalions against Santare, one league and a-half from Portugalette, with the intention of becoming master of the river as far as Olaviega. It was reported that an insurrection, produced by the severe measures of Baron de Meer, was on the point of breaking out in Catalonia. The New York packet-ship South America, which arrived at Liverpool, on Wednesday evening, brings American journals to the 16th ult. These papers men- tion a reported muster of the traitor-pirate gang on the United States territory, near Detroit; the rumour, how- ever, was discredited at New York. A correspondence has passed between Mr M'Nab and the United States General Scott-the part of the latter in this corres- pondence does not say much for his candour, or his wish to preserve a bona fide neutrality.


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