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"n -0-4" SlJIPPING IN TELL IGENCE. -a- C:AHVIFF. COASTERS Tsw AltnS. The John and Robert, Parry, from Bristol, with tin the Venus, 0>vena, the John George, Guliitbrd, from Bridjjewatcr, and the Amity, Rogers, iron Bristol, with sundries; and the Elizabeth, Pockett, Irom Gloucester, with apples; threo vessels with ore and Is in ballast. COAST Kits OUTWARDS.—The Amity, Rogers, the Merthyr Packet. Edwards, the Friends, Davis, for Bristol, jthe Robert Claiupilt, for Newport, and the Cardiff Packet, Jones, for London, with sun- dries; the Spread Phi'lips, the Si. Clement, Dllnll, the Frtincw, Cowman, the Shannon, Fuleher, the Murpn-e, Evans, for Liverpool, the 13allotj 'birdie, file siliclaii-, the Jane, Peleroil, tor Glasgow, the Robert and AIIII, Ridler, the Friendship, Dowell, for Newport, the Mayoress, Rray, the Mary, West, for Newcastle,'the Diamond, lluxtiihlc, for Loudon, aud the Hope, Stcvet)-, t'or Bristol, with iron H) vessels with coals, and four in ballast. NEWPORT. INWAITN—The Providence, Robinson, and the Rebeccfu, Hooper, wish flutir; the Active, Guy, and [lie Fortitude, VVare, with timber; ihe William, Smith, the Robert aud Ann, Ridler, the Friendship, Dovietl, the Carleon, Harwood, the M oderalor, Johns, the George, Coomb*, the lirislol Packet, Tiver, the Mary, Gaiuey, the Switl, Richards, the Fanny, SCOtl, the Bristol packet; Prewitt, and the Turtle, Oxlaud, with sundries. OUTWARDS.—The Brenda, Watkins, for Con- stantinople; the Don, Vaulicr, for Messina; UAdeliiie F,ix, liarban, for Rouen,^wiih iron jSiie Lydia, William*, the Experiment, Aiming, the Mount Edgcumbe, Odjrers, the Hope, Tasker, the Gomer. Richards, the Nl'il'It itil, Collins, the Ocenn, Morgan, the Perseveranee, Pearce, the Aid, James, the Arvonia, Jones, the British Queen', Morris, the Fife, Dare, the Amity, JOlles, the Osprev, Phillip*, the Friends, Thomas, the Ruth, Lewis, the re, ■Limes, the Venus, Curie, the Friendship, Dowell, and the Robert aud Ann, Ridler, with iron and till plate. i the Carleon, Harwood, the Moderator, Johns, the George, Coombs, the lirisiol Packet, Tiver, the Mary, Gainey, the Swift, Richards, the Fanny, Scott, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, and the Turtle, Oxlaud, witb sundries, and 60 with coals. SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—The John and Elizabeth, Paddon, from liarnstaple, the Pluenix, Lod-^e, the Julia, Small, the Poimerston, (Meamer) Bailey, from Bristol, the Sarah, Croaker, from Gloucester, the Resolution, Reed, from Bridgewater^ the Jane, Parker, from IIfracotnbe, and the Mountaineer, (steamer) Ed- wards, from Liverpool, with sundries; the Anll, Busheii, and the Sprayeolllb, Marsh, from Bridge- water, with bricks; the Hope, Cummins, from Dart- itioutil, atirl the Endeavour, Rowlands, from Ply- mouih, with lime stones; the Lord F-inehester, Davy, from Bude, with mall,; the Duke of Welling- ton, Crock lord, from Bridjjeu ater, with timber the Dolphin, Hawks, and the Defiance, Sperry, from Gloucester, with fruit the Ruschill Watson, the Tom Cringle, S:mp*on, frott) Cuba, the Periquitr, Hawkins, the John aud Edwards, Melluish, from Fowcy, the St. Austle Packet, foui Charles- town, the Jaue, Jones, the itkinrel., Rees, from Penzance, the Jane, Stribley, from Padslow, the Minerva, Quick, the Fame, Greenfell, and the Wil- liam and Amelia, Smith, from Ilayle, with copper ore and 15 in b dl ist, LLANELLY. ARRIVALS.—The W i liam, Williams, from Truro, the Traveller, Strubley, and the Sarah and Ann, Evans, from St. Ives, and the Twins, Cooper, fiom Swansea, ail with copper ore the Britannia, Furzmau, from Teignmouth, with timber the Charles, Roberts, from Bristol, with sundries; the Zephyr, Kemry, from Loudon, the Pulnanter, Johns, from Swanwen, the Sisters, Lewis, trom Carmarthen, the Peace, Crispin, 'from Bideford, the Nepian, Tamsett, from Bridport, the Industry, Griffiths from SouthamptOlI, the Mary Aun, Richards, from Bristol, the Utile, Malm, froui C, loucciater, iu bal ast.

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