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be by tli,, recollection of the slmltercd remnants of the ill-starred Legion whom he forsook— left to shift for themselves as they best could, or-to perisli O no Believe us it was for no such purposes as these. A vote is worth now- adays, to men whose sole objed is office, a price which men of sound principle would never dream of giving. Tlieii comes the story of the Grand Master. O'Connell. At a Crrtwn and Anchor dinner this -,)men(ler of the law of III)k,l! vilifies the gentry of England and Scotland as perjarers; especially those who may be balloted to serve on Election Committees in the House of Com- mons. Lord MAIDSTONE, a young nobleman, who sifs in the House for the first time this Parliament, and who had served on one of these Election Committees, having read the libel in the newspapers, asked O'Con- nell, in the House, if his words were correctly reported. At once and without hesitation the infamous slander wap admitted by the foul- inouthed calumniator. We refer our readers to the Parliamentary Report of the proceedings of Monday evening last. Suffice it here to say, that the abject Minsters rushed to the rescue of their mnster, and voted that the expressions j in the said speech, containing a charge of foul perjury against Members of the House, in the discharge of their judicial duties," were not false atii scandalous;-at least they did so in effect, for they moved, as an amendment, the Order, of the Day And where was the Radical GUEST, the Honorable Member for Merthyr' Was he amongst those who voted to screen the slander- ous tongue of him who "essayed to fix the foul brand of prostitution on the fair daughters of Britain," and who now adds thereto "the charge of perjury against her sons?" HE WAS!! Rejoice, ye Radicals, if such a vote be in accordance with your views Rejoice, we say, that your "trust" is thus so faithfully fulfilled Three cheers for-for what? For Prostitution for Perjury!! and for O'Connell! and one cheer more for the 254 who voted for the Ministry! Then followed another division 011 the ques- tion that the libeller had been guilty of a breach of privilege. And where was the Member for Merthyr then ? He, with ahout 139 others,-pro- vided the published division lists be correct, of which we suppose there can he but little doubt,— did not vote at all. They could not, in the face of the first resolution, vote that it wits not a breach of privilege and as they had helped to support the mendicant Member before, they had not the manliness to express their honest opinion by a, vote. That he and they could not be far off is clear, for the names of J. J. GTJE-ST, and many of the others, appears in the third division of the evening, assenting to an adjournment of the House. Ministers, then, were beaten— loubly beaten by a majority of nine in a House of 622, and by a majority of two hundred and eight in a House of 382. Nor is this all. On the same night in the House of Lords, Lord Melbourne was obliged, and that very promptly, to retract most offensive expressions used by his Lordship to Lord Lyndhurst. Such a display of ill-temper iu a -13ritish Prime Minister, was fully worthy of the set. Are these symptoms of downfall ? In res- pectability, and in all that should win and hold fast the support and respect of a free and eolihtened people, they most unllouhtedlv are. Whether they are also of ejection from oflice,- time will shew; and, indeed, a very short time ought, for the credit of the nation at large, to shew. Lord MELBOURNE'S display in the Lords, was not without its counterpart a few evenings before in the Commons. Little Lord JOHN, the mo- ment lie heard his master attacked, or rather the moment he had notice that his master was to be put on his defence, threatened in that case to bring some expressions used by the Bishop of EXETER about two years since, concerning some members of a defunct House of Commons, under the consideration of the House. And did lie fulfil his silly pledge ? Did he put his contingent threat into execution ? Did he again dare the shrieks of laughter of the Conservative side of the House Did lie even rise in the debate until taunted to do so past resistance? No! Trulv, indeed, did we say that the Ministers for the last few days have been holding their Saturnalia. Since the above was written we have learned that Ministers were again twice defeated on the succeeding night, each time by increased majorities. And on Wednesday the Grand Master, DANIEL (lying and slandering) O'Co- NELL received a reprimand from the Speaker, -cotictied, by the way, in terms perhaps too mild for the occasion. The impudent Mendicant listened to the rebuke with a very ill grace, and immediately moved for a Com- mittee of 21 to enable him to prove his charge! Daniel, at last, is sinking in his own filth and niire. All honour be to those whom he drags with him!