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GAZETTE AND GUARDIAN OFFICE, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. IW r. J. E. DIBS, BOOKSELLER, PRINTER, STATIONER, AND BOOKBINDER, R ESPECTFULLY invites the NOBILITY anrl t. GENTRY to an inspection of two magnificent .prdmens of one of t". roost splendid national works ever produced in this kingdom ;— FINDENS* ROYAL GALLERY OF BRITISH ART. DEDICATED BY COMMAND TO HEll MAJESTY. Tho subjects are—"The Greek Fugitives,—one of the most masterly productions of C. L. Eastlake, R.A.; and "The Smuggler's Visit," painted bv Sir David Wilkie, R.A. ,TU« ORIGINAL of the former is in the pos- session of Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart., M.P.; and the latter IS from the collection of the Right Hon. Sir Robert Feel, Bart., M.P. PROSPECTUS. It has lone been considered a reoroach to this Countrv, that the eminence of its Painters is neither so extensively ^"R so justly known as it deserves to be; and thajt their WORKS, (whether of pure fancy, of pathos, or of humour), *^VE not heen sufficiently diffused by Engraving. No "*ork, containing a Selection of the finest Productions of the British Pencil, so collated as to impress the Puhlic enerally with a correct idea of the invention, the feel- LNE> and the power, of the BRITISH SCHOOL, has hitherto been published. NUMEROUS splendid Engravings of some fine Works of our Artists; honourable alike to 'Painting, to Engraving, to our Country, have appeared separately and inci- entallv; but to many, these, from their size and price, unattainable. The beautiful Productions of both A'ts, which decorate our Annual Publications, cannot, as small book plates, tender ju*tice to the expression whIch the Painter has iven to his subject; norcan they Convey to Foreigners a just estimate of the talent.which Produced them by these Works our Artists are raised o higher in their opinion than as skilful illustrators of Books. fu this publication of the GALLERY OF BRITISH ART, 11 intended to produce a Wqrk truly NATION SI, in ^HICH a Selection from the most beautiful Pictures of />RUI»LI Painters, commencing with the era of Sir J. T-eynolds, will be engraved, in the finest line manner, Upon a size (nearly 12 inches by 9), which scale will not I Only enable the eminent Historical and Landscape En- S^VERS", who are already ENGAGED, to preserve the ex- PRESSION and refinement of the Originals, but will ALSO put the Work within the reach of those who, with limited ilaeans, have, from nature or acquirement, a feeling for Such productions. Messrs FIN D EN are exceedingly gratified in stating, that several distinguished Patrons of Art have Opened their Galleies to them for (his adventurous nnderlakin; and that the PRESIDENT and MEMBERS of the ROYAL "CADEMY have, in the most kind and liberal manner, proised their support and co-operation. Annexed is their Testimony of Approval Feeling that the statements set forth in the Prospectus to Findens' Gallery of British Art' are in unison with fur riews of the subject, and believing, from the Specimens u'e have seen, that it is calclllafed to diffuse, through the tdim of Line Engraving, a knoivledue of the best! E/ig- 'MA modern Pictures, we cheerfully add our testimony of upprobation." MARTIN ARCIIFR SHEE, President of the Royal Academy. H. Baily Henry Howard W. Beechey Willia m Hilton I H. Perronet Briggs George Jones Alfred Edw. Chalon Edwin Landsecr F. Chantrey Chas R. Leslie A. Cooper Thomas Phillips Tticl). Cook H. W. PickerSgill CHUS. Hoh. Cockerell Hich. Wcstmacott C. L. Eastlake William Wilkins C. Stanfield Jeffry Wyatville A. W. Callcott James Ward Thus, with ready access to the best Productions of native talent, the cordial and united efforts of every artist, Added to their own professional experience, combined VITH a determination to'spare no expense. Messrs Finden FEEL assured of producing a Work that shall merit the Patronage of an enlightened Public. It is PROPOSED to issue Three Parts in the course of the Year-each Part to contain Three Engravings. The size will be about 12 inches by 9—sufficiently large for framing. They will be delivered in a Poitfolio, accom- panied by such explanatory Letter-press as may be con- sidered necessary. The First Part will be delivered very shortly. Subscription Lists are now open, and the strictest at- 'PNTICNI will be paid to the delivery of Copies in the order in which they are subscribed for. List of Distinguished Personages who have already Subscribed :— HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY THE QUEEN. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN DOWAGER. HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF HANOVER HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF Till-, FRENCH Her MAJESTY THE QUEEN OF THE FRENCH HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF BELGIUM HER HO Y A I. HIGHNESS THF, DUCHESS OF KRNT HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF SUSSEX HER RÓYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCESS AUGUST A Hf-R ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTER His Grace the Archbishop of York His Cn race the Duke of Bedford His Grace the Duke of Devonshire His Grace the Duke of Beaufort His (;race the Duke of Sutherland His OTace the Duke of Buccleuch The Most Noble the Marquess of '¡'holmondclpy The Most Noble the Marquess of Westminster The Most Noble the Marquess of Northampton The Dowager Marchioness of Cholmondeley The Ri;_Rht Ron. the KARL of Egremont 'THE Right Hon. the Earl of E.^SEX Tae Right Hon. the Karl of Chesterfield The Right Hon, the Karl Mulgrave, Lord Lieutenant of ;■ The RIVHT Hor>. the Earl Wilton Thn Right Hon. Lord Western The Right Hon. Lord De Tabley The RIGHT Hon. Lord Valletort The Right Hon. Lord 'Northu'ick The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of London The Right Hen. Lord John Russell The Countess of Blessiiigton The Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., M.P. Thn I .ord Viscount Nevill Lord Viscount Lake Lord Sandon. M.P. I» Lord Henry Russell Sir Thoma Baring, Bart. SIR Matthew White Ridley, Bart. Sir MaTtin Archer Shee, P.R.A. Count D Orsay Countess Batlhyany J Subjects already finished or in progress, J AN IMPORTANT PORTRAIT OF HER MAJESTY IS IN PREPARATION, ¡ AS PATRON OF THIS WORK. PAISTEn BY I Decr Stalkers IN the Highlands.. Edwin Landseer, K.A. ^SMUGGLER'S Visit Sir David Wilkie. R.A. I* ^ATHC-RINE and Petruchio C. R. Leslie, R.A. [ Aptain .Macheatb, Lucy, and I POLLY G. S. Newton, R.A. ir, 'elk F,itive C. L. Eastlake, R.A. 'sta of the Pit- Di Grotta T. Uwins, A.R.A. ESCAPE of Carrara, Sovereign of Padua C. L. Eastlake. R.A. and Cordelia G. S. Newton, R.A. 'r Rogt R de Coverley and the CIPSIEO C. R. Leslie, R.A. £ !>E Fish rnian'S Family W.Collins; R.A. *>E Disconsolate G. S. Newton, R.A. U'L"Length Portrait of his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, ^resident of the Royal Society T. Phillips, R.A. 1'bp. Bandit's Prisoners. C. L, Eastlake, lL A. IJ"PPY as a King W. Collins, K.A. 'e luterior of a Highlander's VHouse E Landseer, R.A. VENICE C. Stanfield, R. A. Ruins of Caithage W. Linton. R,ttie of Trafalgar C. Stanheld, R.A. tIe Battle of Waterloo G.Jones, R.A. Sheep Washing Sir David Wilkie, R.A. THE above are in the collections of his Grace the Duke 9F Northumberland the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, liart., M.P. i-the Rifrtit Hon. the Earl of Fgremollt;7 the Most Noble tha Marquess of Lansdowne ;-Slr -VJ" W. Ridley, Bart. M.P. ;—the Right Hon. the Earl of °fmanton —James Morrison, Esq. M.P.—the Right P Lord Ashburton ;—the Right Hon. the Earl of hesteifield;—the RighF Hon. Earl Ferrers ,—George "AUKS, Esq.W. WF'J, Esq. I—R. Vernon, Esqi _OE United Service (.UIB;—AUD Sir Tlioinas Baring, i><ut, cut.. Ai-rangei)ie)its lc,e the following Masters. Sir J. Reynolds, P.R.A. Witherington, A.R.A. Sir T. Lawrence, P.R.C. Landseer, A.RA. FirM.A.Shee.r.R.A. Lee, A.H.A. Sir V- W. Callcott, R.A. Brockedon, P.A. Cattcrmolc, Cltalon, R^. Duncan, Cooper, R.A. A lex. Fraser, Ettv, R.A. Harding, Howard R.A. Lewis, Hilton, R.A. G. Patten, Mulreadv, R.A. Roberts, Allan, R. P. Williams, nrig, H. A. &c. See. &c. A.R.A. LONDON Published for the Proprietors by F. G. MOON, by Special Appointment Printsellef in Ordinary to her Majesty, 20, Threadneedle Street; and at IS and 19, Southampton Placc, Euston Square. J. E. DlBB. Agent, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. OF WHOM MAY ALSO P.E HAD EVERY DESCRIPTION OF ST AT ZOY. E It Y. Letter Paper Quills Foolscap Strcl Pens Printing Papers Sealing Wax hinting Papers Sealing Wax Frown Paper-various i Wafers sizes I Account Books, Pens &c. &c. &c. All Orders for New Books, Magazines, and Periodicals, as well as for Printing and Bookbinding,. promptly executed. PEASSE'S aSAOAXXHE. The March N umber contains I. T,or;e Sinicie. No.IV VIII, Recjl ections of our 11. Tlte Anatomy of last Parish Minister. Gaming. By Nim- By his own Precen- rod. Dissection IV. I tor. No. If. I I a I f a C n's IX. The Yellowp lush Worth of Cheap Correspondence.No. Knowledge. IV. Skinitiaingi from Captain Orlando fie Dairy of Geo. Sabertash to Oliver IV." Yorke. Esquire. On X. Homeric Ballads. Manners, Fashion, By Dr. Maginn. and Things ill Ge- No. III. The R neral. turn of the Chiefs V. The f'octor, &c. from Troy. (Concluded) XL M urjphy the Meteor- VI. I can't think how ological Quack. it is!" XII. Foor Lingo's Petition VII. Gallery of Literary to their li igh Mighti- Characters. N o. nesses the Poor LXXX. Sir William Law Commissioners. Molesworth. (Wnli XIII. Election Pet:- a full-length Por- tions and the Gren- trait.) viile Act. The large increase of Subscribers for 11'33, tother with an unusuual demand for the January and February have rendered Keprints necessary, 'l^hey are now rJady, and may be had at the Publislier's, 215 S'egcnt Stred. London, or of any Bookseller in the Kingdom; by whom Subscribers'^ Nanrii's are received, and the Numbers' regularly supplied, price Halt'-a rown Monthly. Agent for Merthyr Tydvil, J. E. Dibb, Bookseller, Stationei, Printer, &c., High Street. METROPOLITAN GUIDE. Just Published, corrected to the present time, and con- siderably enlarged, the 'Jth edition of TEIGH S NEW PICTURE OF LONDON, or I j, Stranger's Guide to the remarkabe Buildings, Ali- tiquities. and other Curiosities with a plan for view- in London in' eight days, and a description of the Environs. With Plan of London and Map of Environs, 6s. bound. Ditto and 111 Views 9s. bound. Ditto ditto and 24 coloured costumes l'2s. bound. Ditto ditto and Rowlandson's Sketches 1,3s. bound. London: Printed for LEIGH & SON, 421, Strand, and BALDWIN & CRADOCK, Paternoster ROW, AT a MEETING held the 24 th of FEBRUARY at the Residence of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., S't. James's Square, it was determined to publish the following Resolution L N D 0 W N U RS OF WALES COMMITTEE. At a Meeting of tho Landowners of Wales Com- mittee, held this day at the Hesillcaec of William Orinsby fiore. Esq. The Members of the Committee came to nn unanimous resolution — 'i hat it was their determination not to dispute the ancient and acknowledged Rights of the Crown. That they are not bound together by any bond of fac- ,ion or party-hut that they propose to protect the Freeholders from a claim now m-ide by the Agents of the Crown to General Manorial Rights over uninclosed 1ands in the Principality because that claim was Ull- heard of iti-ancient times From the pretensions of the Crown Agents to the power to establish Manor Courts where they had never been held before From claims made to lands which have in former reigns been alienated in fee by the Ciown to the ances- tors. or those reprecented by the present possessors. To protest against and prevent the illegal and oppres- sive means lately employed by the Agents of the Crown to intimidate the Freeholders to pay Crown Rents, the existence of which had not been demanded within GO vears. Jlcsolved,—That it is important to procure evidence of such cas, s a the above-mentioned, and tbat the Lnnd, owners in the P-ijicipaiity be requeued to communicate such authentic information as may he in the possession of any party, to the Honorary Secretary. Resolved,— That in order to defray the necessary ex- pense or obtaining information, advertisements, and various incidental primary expenses, a St) B-C it I p r I ON be commenced to be paid to the Honorary Secretary, who is to keep an Account always open to the examina- tion of any Subscriber, Whereupon the following Subscriptions were an- nounced 1 £ • 'I lie P,rht Hon. Lord Dinorhen 1000 The Right lion. Lord Mostyn 10 0 0 The Right Hon. Lord Newhorotigh 5 0 0 Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Rart. 10 0 0 The Bight Hon. Charles Watkin Williams Wynn 5 0 The lion. Lloyd Mostyn 5 0 0 Wm. Ormsby Gore. E<q., M P '0 0 0 J.!<.Or.n.byr;orp,r?.q,M.P. 5 0 0 \m B,zikt'lèy Hllghes, Es,¡. \1.1' 5 0 0 Wilsn Jones, Esq. M.P. 5 <> 0 Richard Richards. Esq. M.P 500 R. Watlicn Price, Esq Rhiwlas 5 0 0 C. W. G. Wynne, Esq. Voelas 500 W. W. i Wynne, Esq Peniewth. 500 W. PARrtY RICHARDS, 8, Wellington Street, Strand, Honorary Secretary. R MORRIS SAYCE, having been duly appointed • VALUER, to apportion the REN T CilA'GU in lieu of TITH ES, for the parish of ST. JOHN TH E EVAN- GELTST the Hamlets of LL ANSl'Y i'HID, BOLGOEU and PEN-PONT. in the Parish of Llanspytbid and the Hamlet of M AESCAR, in the Parish of Devytinock, irc'the- County of Brecon, under the provisions of the Act of his late Maj<'Stv, William IV., G and 7, cap. 71, intituled "An Act for tin1 Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales," DO HEREBY CALL A PUBLIC MEETING of the PROP IETORS of LWDS in the said Parish and Hamlets, tf>' he liolden at (he Bi-ILL INN, in 'he Town of BRECON', on THURSDAY, the 8th day of MARCH, 1838, at Noon at which Meeting, qll l'roprie- tors of Lands, having any Maps or Plans hereof are requested to produce the same and such Proprietors are further rfquested, then arod there, to instruct the said Valuer as to what Maps are to be used for the pur- poses of the Apportionments, and upon such other points as are required by the Act G and 7 W. I V., c. 71, and 1 Vict. c. G9; and, in default thereof, I shall proceed to such apportionment, umler the general powers vested in its hv the said recited Acts. Feb. 14, lt»3B. MORRIS SU'CE. 1TIIE undersigned, lieiu'jr a Tithe-O^'iier, J within the Parish of MACIIEN, ill the Coun- ties of MONMOUTH and GLAMORGAN, whose interest is not less than One-fourth part of the whole value of the Tithes in the said Parish, DO, B V TiHS NOTICE i^ writing under toy hand, C\LL A PAROCHIAL MEETING OF LAND- OWNERS AND TITH E-OWNEKS within the limits of the said Parish, for the purpose of making all AGREEMENT FOR TilE G EN ELI \L COMMUTA- OF within the limits of the said Parish, pursuant to the provisions of an -\ct passed in the fitli and 7th years of the reign of his late Majesty, King William the Fourth,intituled An Act for the Com- mutation of Tithes in England and Wales;" and I DO HE;; EBY A LSO GIVlfi NOTICE, that such MEETING WILL P.E HELD at the SCHOOL-HOUSE, in the said Parish, on WEDNESDAY, the Fourteenth (lay oi MARCH next, at the hour of Twelve o'clock at noon. Given under my hand this Tenth Day of February, 1838. AUGUSTUS MORGAN, Hector of the said Parish, FLEET STREET, 1S3&. St. B. SEELEV and W. SUMSIDS HAVE LATELY PUBLISHED:— I. JOURNALS and LETTERS of the Rev. II. MARTYN, Hitherto unpublished including a peculiarly interesting Series of Letters, bequeathed by its possessor to his Biographer. Edited by the Rev. S. W I LB F.RFORCE, M.A., Rector of Brighston¡>. With a brief Memoir of the Iato Rev. JOHN SA RG E NT. In two volumes, octa\o, price £1.]g. in cloth. U. THE PRIMITIVE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFI- CATION, Investigated, relatively to the several definitions of the Church of Rome and the Church of England and with a special reference to the opinions of the late. Mr K NoX. By the Rev. GEORGE STANLEY-FABER, B.D., Master of Sherburn Hospital, and Prebendary of Salishu ry. In octavo, price 9s. in boards. III. THE ENGLISH MARTYROLOGY. Abridged from FOXE. By CHARLOTTE El.IZABF.TII. Dedicated, by permission, to the Queen Dowager, In two volumes, foolscap octavo, wit!. Engravings, price 12s. in cloth IV. TIIH BEAST AND HIS IMAGE; Or, The 1'ope and the Council of Trent. \Vith the Number, Name, and Mark of the Pope, and ¡, the Mark of his Name Bpjngo a Commentary upon Revelation xiii. By FREDERICK IYSH, I\T. of Queen's College, Cambridge. Octavo, price 12s, in cloth. V. THE TABLE OF THE LORD. By the Author of The Listener," Christ our Example, &c." In foolscap octavo, price 63. in cloth. VI. THE DIOCESAN STATUTES OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS OF THE PRO- VINCE OF LEINSTER. Exactly re-priiiteli with Translations and Notes on the confessional and p,jests, do, Also demonstrating their adoption of Dens' Theology" as the standard for the instruction of the Papists in Ireland. By the Rev. H. J, M-GIIER, M. I11 foolscap octavo, price 3s. Gd. 111 cloth. VII. THE PROTESTA yr MISSIONS VINDICATED, Against the aspersions of the Rev. N. WISt'M A V, D. D. By the Rev. JAMES Hhigh, M. E.C.P.S. Per- Ijcctual Curate of Ham, Surrey. and latc Chaplain to the Hon East India Company at Madras. In octavo, price ,1, in cloth. VIII. THE PRESENT STATE \ND PROSPECTS OF THE WORLD AND THE CIIUITCH. By A CLERGYMAN. OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. In foolscap octavo, price 6<. in cloth. IX. PLAIN AND PRACTICAL SERMONS; Intended chiefly for Family Reading, and Parochial Libraries. By tho late Hev. Ttl EOPH [ 1. ns BrDDCIt.PH A.M. Minister of St. Matthew's. Bristol; and Fellow of Corpus Cliristi Collf-se, Oxford. Fir5t Series, Thlr,1 Edition. In twelves, price 3;. in cloth. X. TEMPER; a Treatise 011 its Use and Abuse; Setting forth—Temper as we find it—Temper as it should he-How to improve the Temper. By A CURATE. In eighteens, price 3s. 6J. in cloth. XL, FEMALE EFFORTS fN THKSAV)nUR'S CAUSE DEFENDED AND ENCOURAGED. By one who I-i, nothing." (Gal. vi. 3.). In eighteens, price 2s. 6J. in cloth. XII. THE CHRISTIAN WARRIOR; Wrestling with Sin, Satan, the World, and the Flesh. Abridged, methodized and imnroved by the late Rev. .ISAAC AMBROSE. By the Rev. THOMAS JONES, of Crenton. In one volume, foolscap octavo, price 2s. Gd. in cloth. XIII. A MANUAL ON THE nOOK OF PSALMS. Or, the Snbjcct Contents of all the Psalms. By MARTIN LUTHER; Now first translated into English by the Rev.'HENRY COLE, late of Clare Hall, Oambrid. In foolscap octavo, price 53. in cloth. XIV. THE PARABLES OFOUrt LORD EXPLAINED, III familiar Conversntions hetween a MOTHER and her CHILDREN. By the illirp OF A N IRISH CLERGYMAN. In eighteens, price 2s. 61. in cloth. XV. MEMOIRS OF THE REV, T. THOMASON, Late Chatdain to the Hut*. East India Company. Bv the Rev. J. SARGENT M.A., Author of the Life of the Rev. Henry Martyn. Second Edition, in octavo, price 10s. Gd. The M"moirs of Mr Thoma«onT which was the pro- duction of the t'vo LII years of bis life, and ,yhich i prepared with even more skill and beauty than his first publication."—Wilbe>force's Life of Sargent. XVI. THE LIFE AND PERSECUTION OF MARTIN BOOS, An Evangelical Preacher of the Romish Church. Chiefly written by Himself, and Edited by the izev. J. GOSSNER. Translated from the German. With a Preface by the Rev. C. BRIDGES. In twelves, price 7s. Gd. in cloth. XVII. The GOSPEL of the OLD TESTAMENT; An Explanation of the Tvpes and Figures b. which Christ tVas exhibited under the Legal Dispensali<m. Re-writteu from the. Original \Vork of SAMUEL MATHER. By the Author of -i The f.ittcner," "Table of the Lord," fye. In two volumes, twelves, price 9s. in eloth. XVIII. A Second Edition of LESSONS on SliELLS; As given in a PestaWzian School at Cheam. Surrey. With Ten Plates, price 5s. 6J. in boards. XIX. LESSONS on OBJECTS; As given in a I'estulozzian School ai. Cbeaui Surrey. Sixth Edition, in foolscap octavo. price 3s. 6d. boards. XX. AIDS TO DEVELOPEMENT; Or, Mental and Moral Instruction Exemplified, in Conversations between a Mother and her Children. Third Edition, in twelves, price 7s. Gd. cloth. XXI. The CHRISTIAN ORNITHOLOGIST. A Description of various Uritish and Foreign Birds, with their Instincts anli Habits. Illustrated by Poetical Extracts of a Religions Tendency. From Ditrereflt A uthol's. In thirty-twos, price 3s. in silk. XXII. The CHRISTIAN FLORIST. Containing the English and Botanical Names of different Plants with their Respective Properties briefly delineated. Illustrated by Texts of Scripture, and ageompanied with Poetical Extracts from various Aulhurs. New Edition, price 3s in silk. XXIII. A MEMOIR of MISS MARY JANE GRAHAM, Late of Stoke Flemiag, Devon. By the Hev. C BRIDGES, Vicar of C,,Id Newton. Suffolk. Fifth Edition, in twelves, with a Portrait, price 7s. boards. r XXIV. A New Edi'.ior of The PRODIGAL'S PILGRIMAGE INTO A FAR COUNTRY, and back to his FATHER'S HCUSE. In Fourteen Stages. In foolscap octavo, price 4.s. in cloth. xxV. The CHRISTIAN MINISTRY, With an Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency and with an especial Reference to the Ministry of the Establishment. Ry the Rev. CHARLES BRIDGES, M.A., Vicar of Oid Newton, Suffolk. Fourth Edition, in octavo, price 10s. 6d. boards.- XXVI. LETTERS ON HOMILETICS & PREACHING. By EBENFZER PORTER. 1).0. President of the Theological Seminary of Andover. With a Preface, Appendix, and copious Notes, By the Rev. J. JONES, M. Tncvin-.hent of St. Andrew's Church, Liverpool. Inscribed by permission to the Lord Bishop of Chester Tost octavo, price 9s. in cloth. xx vi 1. CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY. Translated from the Latin of BENEDICT PLCTET. by FREDERICK REYROITX, B. A. Foolscap octavo, price 6s. in cloth. XXVIII. LECTURES ON PSALM Lf. Delivered in the Parish Church of St. James, Bristol. By the Rev. T. T. BlDDUI.PH. A.M., Minister of the said Parish, and late of Queen's College, Oxford. Second Edition, in twelves, price 6s. in cloth. XXIX. ELEMENTS OF PROPHETICAL INTERPRETATION, By the Rev. J. W. B ROOKs. Vicar of Clarebro', Retford Author of" A bdicl's Essays," &c. In foolscap octavo, price Gs. in cloth- XXX. The ATTRIBUTES of GOD, As they may he contemplated by the Ohrisiian, for Edification, Peace, and Consolation. From C'harnock, Goodwin, Bates, and Wisheart, By tha Rev. V. WILSON, n.D.. Vicar of Holy Rliood, Southampton. Foolscap octavo, price 5s. in clotli. XXXI. A HARMONY of the FOUR GOSPELS, Founded on the arrangements of the Rev. E. GRESS. WELL, in his Harmonia Evangelica. With he Practical Reflections of Dr. DODDRIDGE. By the ltcv. E. BICKERSTETH, Rector of Watton, Herts. In foolscap octavo, with Maps, price 6s. in cloth. XXXII. A PRACTICAL GUIDE to the PROPHECIES, Witit Reference to their Interpretation and Fulfil- ment, and to Personal Edification. By the Rev. E. BlCK-EKSTETH, Rector of Watton, Herts. In foolscap, octavo, price 63. in cloth. MAY BE HAD OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. NoTICE IS IlEREln GIVEN, that applica- tion is intended to be made to Parliament in the Next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for making and maintaining a Railway or Railways, Tram Road or Tram Roads, to be called THE CWM GARW RAILWAY, to commence at or near Brach-y-Cvinmer, 111 the Parish of Llangeinor, in the Countyyof Glamor- gan, and to terminate at the DytTryn Llynfi and Porth Cawl Railway, near Pentvvvn Bavden, in the Parish of Llan-ionoyd, in the same County; and aho. for mak- ing and, maintaining a Branch from and out of the said Railway or Railways, in the P-arish of St. Brides minor, to unite or communicate with the Bridgend Railway, in the same Parish, or in the Parish of Coity, in the same County, as may hereaftcrbe determined on. And which said Railway or Railways, and Branch, will pass from, through, or into the several Parishes, Townships, Tythings, Hamlets, or Places, of Llangeinor, Rraich-y- Cy;nn1!r, otherwise Brach Cymmar, Bettxvs, Cvim Du, St. Bride's Minor, Llnngonoyd, and Coity, all in the County of Glamorgan, or one of them, and to mase and maintain all necessary Bridges, Culverts, Viaducts, Tunnels, Archways, Embankments, Build. ings, Stations, Wharfs, Depots^Warehouses, Roads, and other Works material and necessary to the said Railway or Tram Road, for the more com: plete use and enjoyment of the same. And it is in- tended to apply for powers to be granted in and by the said Bill, to authorise the taking of such Tolls, Fares, Dues, Rates, Rents, and sums of money, as shall be mentioned in the said Bill or Bills; and for purchasing taking, and holding Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, ànd Prmises within the said several Parishes Town- ships, Tytfiings, Hamlet, or places before mentioned and described, for the purposes aforesaid. And it is also intended to apply for powers to be granted in and by the said Bill or lElls, to deviate from the said Line of the said intended Railway, or 'J'rairHo(1, for the making of which powers are so intended to be apolied for as aforesuid, as the same v. ill he defined in the, said intended -application to Parliament, to any extent, not exceeding one hundred yards, on either side of such Line or Lines as aforesaid.— And Notice is Hereby likewise Given, that it is intended to apply for poyer to be granted in and by the said Bill or Bills, as the sam,: will be defined in such appli- cation to Parliament to divert or alter all such Road or Roads as shall be necessary to be diverted or altered in the construction or formation of such Rail- way or Railways, and Branch, and also to divert se.cli Rivers, Canals, streams or running waters, as th. same may be required to be diverted for the con- struction or formation of such Railway or Railways and Branch, and that it is intended to abandon or relinquish so much of the present Rivers Canals, Streams, or Running Waters, as shall be rendered unnecessary or useless, by reason of such diversion or diversions as aforesaid, or any of them. AND NOTICE is Hereby Given,' that a Plan and Section of such intended Ritilway and Branch, with a Book. of Reference thereto, will be depo- sited with the Clerk of the Peace for the said County of Glamorgan, on or before the First Day of March next. And a Plan and Section, so far as relates to each Parish, with the BooKsof Reference thereto, will be deposited with the Parish Clerks of the respective Parishes traversed by the said Line of Railway, on or before the 30th Day of April, now next ensuillg- Dated the 17th Day of February, 1838. W. ANDREWS, Solicitor for the Bi,l. RELIEF IN A FEW EOUIiS!! A Cure in a few Days. 111COrS CHEMICAL ESSENCE OF LINSEED, s an infallible nmedy for Consumptive and Asthmatic Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Incipient Coughs and In- fluenza. Sold in Bottles at Is. 14d. 2s. 9J. and 4s. ôd, each. One 2s. 9d. bottle is equal to three bottles at Is lid. The following letter was sent for publication by a re- spectable Whemist and Druggist: — Ili Simco.—Sir, having been for about three weeks past suffering with a cold, attended with a dreadful Cou^h v and finding it still increasing, myself and friends became alarmed for the consequences, I was persuaded last Thursday morning, to make trial of your Cnemical Essence of L¡llScd, and to lilY great surprise, found relief in j Tess than ten minutes jifter the first dose, and havWgCnntinllpd taking the doses accoi-clin., to the direc- tions, I feel now almost recovered. Finding such ex- traordinary relief from it, I have recommended it to a friend of mine, who was suffering dreadfully from a catarrhal a1f"di,m; he purchased a bottle., and when I called upon Win ibis afternoon. he informed me th: he was considerably better, and said he believed i. would also completely cure him. Such herng the benefits arising by a use of your inestimable Essence of Linseed, I will. thank you to send me a supply for sale, by the carrier to-dav, and I have no doubt but I shall hawe a brisk demand. I ain Sir, yours respectfully, < MARK CAUCUTT. Chemist and Druggist, Stony Stratfoid, •' Sutmduy, March õlh, HI3G," VALUABLE LlFEHOLB Sc LEASEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE. And other Tenements, near Bednforl and Tredegar Iron Works, in the Counties of Brecon and Afonmouth. o be OnJ bV Auction, BY MR PARRY, (By direction of the Mortgagees and Trustees for Sale) on W«DNF.SD\Y, the 7th Day of .MARCH next, at the ROYAL GEORGE INN,near BEAUFORT IRON WORKS, (subject to conditions then to be produced) the undermentioned very Desireable Lifehold and Leasehold Premises. LOT 1. A"LL that Well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the ROYAL GEORGE, with the-COTTAGE BREWHOUSE, STABLE, GARDEN and PREMISES thereto adjoining, most advantageously situated in the Parish of Llangynider, in the County of Brecon, and neaf to the flourishing Beaufort Iron Works, and now in the Tenure of Edward Matthews, at the very low Yearly Rent of £53. Theso Premises are held by Lease under his Grace the Duke of Beaufort. for the Remainder of Three I.ives.Two whereof are still in existence, at the reserved Ground Rent of £2. 2s.\ Policy of Assurance forfSOO. granted by the Corporation of the Royal Ex. change Assurance Company on the Life of One of the Nominees in the said Leise, subject to the payment of the Annual Premium of EI5, 13s. 9d. will be included in this Lot. LOT 2. All that and those Tenements or Dwelling Houses, with the Gardens thereto belonging, situated at Waun Orest, in the Parish of Llangattock, and within a very short distance of the said Beaufort Iron Works, adjoining to the Turnpike Road, leading from Abergavenny to Mer- thyr, and now in the Tenure of Thomas Jones, or his under-tenants, at the low Yearly Rent of £ 10. These Premises are also held un ler Lease of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort for Three Lives. Two whereof are still living, at the reserved Ground Reut of One Guinea. LOT 3- All those Six Tenements, with the Appurtenances, most eligibly situated near to Lot 1. and now let to respecta- ble Workmen, as Tenants, at Rents amounting Yearly to the Sum of £ "25. 4s. This is also a similar Tenure to the Two first Lots and Two of the Lives are still in existence. LOT 4. All that Well-accustomed Inn, called the Golden Lion, with the Brel"holl,e. Stabling and Appurtenances, most disircably situated in Morgan Street, nearly in the centre of the Town of Tredegar, in the County of Monmanth, he;d under Lease granted bv ilie Tredegar Iron Company, for a Term of 54 Years, (41 whereof are unexpired in March next) at the reserved Rent of £13 6s. iOd. and now let to Mrs Jenkins, a highly respectable Tenant, at the. Yearly Rent of £ 50. These Premises might be rendered peculiarly valuable to any person possessing a Capital, and who would lay out a sum of Money in enlarging the Bui!ding/.nd increas- ing the Accommodation, as from its contiguity to the Market and other local advantages, it is capable of being made a first-rate Inn. Mi Edward Matthews, of the Royal George, or Thomas Jones of Waun Orest, will show Lots 1,2, and 3, and the Tenant of the Golden Lion, will shew the Premises at Tredegar. And further particulars may he known on application to Mr G. A. A. Davies, Solicitor, Crickhowell. All Letters must be Post paid. Crickhowell,7th FebrHary, 1838. GLAMORGANSHIRE. A VERY IMPORTANT SALE OF OAK TIMBER. Upwards of 10,000 Trees WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IN LOTS, By Mr ADAM MURRAY, At the SHIP AND CASTLE INN. at the Seaport Town of NEATH, on WEDNE2iDA Y, 28:h MARCIl next, 1838, unless an acceptable offer is made for the Land and Timber by private treaty, of -which due notice will be given. CAPITAL SHIP BUILDING TIMBER, fit for vx the Navy and Merchant Service, standing near the Neath and Swansea Junction Cansl, Sea-port of Neath, and the Swansea Canal. William Hunter, at Longford Court, will show the Timber; and for further Particulars, apply to Messrs. Tattersall and Murray. Surveyors and Land Agents, 47, Parliament Street, London. Catalogues will be ready early in March. Letters to be post paid. CRICKHOWELL. Bssireabis Leasehold Premises. O be Z-altr bv Ettcium, (PY (lirection oftlic Guardians of the Crickhowell Union, in pursuance of an Order of the Poor Lato Com- missioners,) By Mr flE-NPY MORGAN, At the TOWN.HALL, in the Town of C;HCK HO WELL. ^THURSDAY, the 8th Day of MARCH next, at 12 o'Clock at Noon precisely, (subject to conditions then to be produced.) ALL that NEWLY ERECTED, SUBSTAN- A TIALLY BUILT LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOCSR. with the O{jTfWILDrGS, GARDEN and Appurtenances thereto belonging, containing together One Acreof LAND, situate within Five Minutes walk of the lounot Crickhowell, of which and the surrounding neighbourhood, it commands most extensive and pic. turesque Views. These Premises are held under a Lease for 60 years, (55^of which are now unexpired) at,the low Ground Rent oi £ 4 per Annum the House hav/ng been built express- Iy for a too, for the Parish of Cric.;howel'l, but for that purpose now rendered unnecessary. from the commanding and peculiarly healthy situa- tion, and the excellent materials of the House, the same might, at a trifling expense, be converted into a most desireable and beautiful Villa Residence, or with the never failing strenin of Water, of which there is a perfect command, the Buildings might be easily convertible into spacious and most convenient premises for carrying un an extensive Malting Trade. The Lessees and their Assigns, have the privilege. of taking an additional Acre of Land, and of opening Quarries on the Premises, ifthe\^think fi*. Fmther particulars may be obtained, on application to Mr(L A. A. Davies, Solicitor, Crickhowell, who will appoint a person to show the Property. Tl;e Postage of all Letters must be paid. Crickhowell, 12,h Feb. 1833. G LA MO R G AN SHIRE. cro bt SoI'tJ Suction, By Mr E. LEYSHON, On THURSDAY, the 8th day of MARCH, 183S, at GABALVA, near CARDIFF, • THE FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c. -*L ■See., the Propeity of J. MOGGRIDQE, Esq, consisting, among otiier articles, of Ftfiir excellent Milch Cows (in Ciilf,) One Yearling Heifer; a Brood Niare (ii, foal by Willouehby,) a well bred Bay Horse (Profit,) Two Yearling Colts; Fifty-nine Breeding Ewes; Two Store Pigs a useful Fony (steady in harness,) a Gentleman's well-finished Brcak-l ony, Gig and Har- ness, Pony Cart and Harness. Two Broad-Wheel Carts (nearly Mew,) quantity of Saddlery and Harness, Patent diafi,Cutting Machine, Farmer's Lathe, Ploughs, &c. &c. Also, about EIGHT TONS OF PRIME HAY. The Sale to commence at 11 o'Clock in the forenoon. was desthoyid. MEDICINE never witnessed a more important 'discovery than in Pl.ITCHETT'S VEGETABLE VERMIFUGE, a Hemedy that, contrary to all others, neither purges, vomits, nor otherwise affects the con- stitution rt quires no confinement, has neither taste no. smell, and. is so harmless that it maybe taken by ar, infant of an hour old; yet never, in one instance, failed destroying every wonn in the body, of which ample anc undoubted testimonies are given with it. It is the actual discovery of a medical practitioner of eminence, who may be readily referred to, and who solemnh nsserts it colitaiiis-itot a particle of calomcl, scammony. gamboge,' or other drastic article. PRITCRETT'S VEGETABLE VERMIFUGE, is prepared by BARCLAY and SONS, No. 95, FarringAon Street, (late D. Pritcbett); and sold in large packets, price 2s. hi. sufficient for a grown person, or-three small children; or HI small packets, price Is. l.Jd.sufficient Toi a child sold also by all Medicine Vendeis iu Town anc Country. Britannia Life Assurance Company.! No. 1, PRINCES STREET, BANK, LONDON. CAPITAL ONE MILLION. .¡" Etrertors. William Bardgett, Esq. f Robert Eglinton, Esq. Samuel Bevington, Esq. James Foster, Esq Black. Esq. Erasmus Roht. Foster, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. I Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. George Cohen, Esq. Peter Morrison, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. George Cohen, Esq. Peter Morrison, Esq. Millis Coventry, Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. John Drewett, Esq. Thomas Teed, Esq. EuTntors. Edward Bevan, Esq. I Andre Jopp, Esq. ^KctJtcal Officers John Sims, M.D. Cavendish Square.—Ebenezer Smith, Esq, Surgeon, Bi 1 liter Square. taubing Counsel, The Hon. John Ashley, New Square, Lincoln's Inn. Solicitor, William Bevan, Esq. Old Jewry. Bankers. Messrs. Drewett and Fowler, Princess Street, Bank. agent, For Newport, Monmouthshire, Benjamin Jackson, Esq. f Metrical 0ffiter. JLHOIDA BREWER, Esq. This Institution is so constituted as to afford the bene- fits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy holders, and to present greater facilities and accommo- datIOn than can be obtained in any similar establishment. Among others, the following improvements on the sys- tem nsnally adopted, are recommended to the attention of the Public. An ample subscribed capital, invested in such a man. ner as arways to be immediately available when the claims by deaths arise. A most economical set of Tables-compiited expressly for the use of this Institution, from authentic and com- plete data,—and (with two exceptions only) presenting lower rates of premium than any hitherto offered. A Table of increasing rates of Premium on a new and remarkable plan, peculiarly advantageous in cases wheie Assurances are effected by way of securing loans or debts, a less immediate payment being required on a policy for the whole term of life than in any other office and the holder having the option of paying a. periodically increasing rate, or of having the sum assured diminished according to an equitable scale of reduction. References to medical attendants not required when the state of health is unexceptionable; but whenever references are required, the medical attendant of the party consulted on behalf and at the expense of the Company. Policies effected by persons on their own lives not rendered void in case of death by duelling or the hands of justice. In the event of suicide, if the policy be assigned to a bona fide creditor, the sum assured paid without deduction-if not so assigned, the full amount of premiums returned to the family of the assured. Policies revived without the exaction of a fine within twelve months, on the production of satisfactory evi- dence as to health, and payment of interest on the premiums due. Age of the Assured iu every case admitted in the Policy. All claims payable within one month after proof of death. Extract from Increasing Rates of Premium for an Assurance oft 100 for Whole Term of Life. Annual Premium payable during First 1 Second Third Fouith I Itemain- Age. Five Five Five Five der of Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. -I-I- s-d. .E d £ s. d. £ s d s. d. 20 1 1 4 1 5 10 1 10 11 1 16 9j 2 3 8 30 1 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 2 7 4i 2 17 6 40 1 16 1 2 4 4 "2 14 16 3. 7 Z\ 4 3 4 50 216 7 3 9 44 5 55 6 3613 7 50 216 7 3 9 44 5 55 6 3613 7 4 PETER MORRISON' Resident Director. H < <: :z IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES. Patronised by the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry, and equally useful to all classes. India Rubber Paste Blaoklng. '%I iluufacture.l by JOIIN II A LLVEY,Cheiiiitit, Mouiit's- Bay Establishment, Penzance. For Carriag-c Harness, Gig Aprons, Imperials, Portmanteaus, Boots and Shoes. 1 qpHt. BLACKING staads unrivalled, either for quickness of polishing depth and brilliancy of the polish, or for its durability, no Blacking keeping its polish so long as this do in any weather. To Gentlemen in the Navy and Masters of Merchant Ships, it IS invaluable it quickly restores softness abd colour to Boots and Shoes, deprived of both by constant ■etting wi'ii sea water; it prevents the salt water from penetrating the leather, and thus keeps them alwayssftft and dry. It keeps Well in any climate, and may be carried in the pocket without soiliug it. It is particularly recommended to Gentlemen in the Army they will find it the best Blacking ever oflered to their notice. Boot and Shoe Makers will also find it the best Black- ing they can use for polishing new Boots and Shoes, as it burnishes brilliantly, ft is the cheapest Blacking ever gold as a single pennv packet, mixed with water only, makes as much Blacking as is -usually sold in jars, at Sixpence each, and will cleaii two dozen pairs of Shoes splendidly! !i The following testimonial will convince those who have not tried the article, of the high reputation in whith it is held,, particularly in the West of England, where it is almost the only Blacking used. Penzance, August 23, 1836. To Mr John Harvey, Our servants having for a considerable time past, by our orders, used your India Rubber I'aste Blacking-we arc eniibled. by our,own observations and their report, to speak to its utility and efficacv, and we strongly re- commend it to our friends, as the CHEAPEST AND lIEST BLACKING they can use. Signed by R. L. Davies, commander, li.N. John- Rowland, Esq.; John Richards, Esq; Jimes Mont- gomery, M.U., Rd. Hocking, Surgeon; John Robyns, Major. R.M. Geo. John Esq. John J. A. Boase, Esq., Ranker; Itev. H Penneck Thomas Pidwell, Surgeon; T. D. Evans, Esq., 72, Upper Stanford Street, London. The public are respectfully informed, that several unprincipled persons are travelling the country,endea- vouring to foist a spurious composition of their own as India Rubber Paste Blacking," bringing disappoint- ment to unwary purchasers, and disgrace ou the sellers. The genuine has the words ,John Harvey s India Rubber Paste Blacking" on each packet, all others are. spurious impositiuus, Sold Wholesale by the Inventor, and at the General Depot for Bristol and its neighbourhood, Wales, Irelaud, &c., 29, Clare Street Bristol, by JAMES PH1LP; Sold also by the following Agents Merthyr, E. Nlor,,an I Grocer. T. Adney, Chemist David Moijyin, .•••• Chemist, Brecon, T. Williams, Chemist. li. Jones. Saddler. Tredegar T.Morgan, Saddler. Aberijuvetiny, (j. Green, Grocer. VV. BaberandCo Grocer. Cardiff- W. Bird, Post-Office — Hopkins and Son Grocer* Griffith-Phillip, Chefnist. Pontypoul, James Weare.. Saddler. Carleoti, W. Powell Saddler. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, FOUR AP- PRENTICES in the DRESS-MAKING and MILLINERY; also, TWO in the STRAW, HAT, and BONNET BUSINESS. Application, either in person, or by letter, postage paid, to Miss Jane Jones, High-Street, Merthyr. February 2nd, 1838. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS WILL SAIL During the NEXT WEEK, as follows: FROM BRISTOL, MAR. 5. MONDAY 12$after fi, T (1 E S D Y 2 afterl 7, WEDNESDAY 7 morii S,THURSDAY 8 morn* 9, FRIDAY 8 morn* 10, SATURDAY 9 morn* FROM NEWPORT. MAR. 5, MONDA-Y 10 morn 6, TUESDAY 12 nooti 7, WEDNESDAY 1Jafter S. TiiuRSDAf 2 after 9, FRIDAY 3 after 10, SATURDAY 3 after Those times of sailing marked thus are long passages. These Packets will commence plying twice a day, early m the gionth of April. FARES:—After Cabin, 4s.-Fore-Cabin, 2s.—Chil- dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-pTice.-Do.,s, Is each. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto. 10s.. Horses each. 5s.; Carriage drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider,After-Cabin, i. ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel (if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. to be entered at its value, aud Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. PONTYPOOL ANn ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches. Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercarn, NevC bridge, and Bedwelty, and a branch from Newbridge to Nantvglo.— A Coach Daily between these places and Newport arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- ing, and starting at 1 Vclock afternoon. Apply at the Bristal General Steam Navigation Com- pany's Office, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-Offices, ltownlialn- Wharf, Hotwells, and Rodney Wharf, New- port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS VJISS^K ARE INTENDED TO PLY the NEXT WEEK, -as follows NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. FROM CARDIFF. MAR. 5..Monday .Nautilui lit morning 0..Tuesday •. •.Lady Gto*rhwte ii afternoon 7..Wednesday..Nautilus 24 afternoon 8..Thursday. Lady Charlotte 3i afternoon 9.. Friday Nautilus. 4 afternoon 10..Saturday .Lady Charlotte "7J morning LADY CHARLOTTE H. T. PARFITT, Commander. FROM BRISTOL. MAR. 5..Monday .Lady Charlotte 10 morning 6..Tuesday Nautilus llx morning I.We,inesday..I-ady Charlotte afternoon S..ThursdaN. Nautilus 21afternooll 9;.Friday Lady Charlotte Si morning 10.. Saturday. Nautilus. 9 morning North's Waggon for Merthyr immediately after the arrival of the Packets from Bristol. FAR" -After C&i)in, 5s.—Fore Cabin, Ss. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies' Cabin. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms Foar-Wheel Carriage, £h.; Ditto drawn by One Horse IN. 6d. 'Uwo-Wheel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, 6s each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin. 9s. Fore Cabin 7s. 6d.; Cattle, Sheep. These Fares include every ex. pence. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS- to be sent to NO. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend Llantrisellt, and Caerphilty.-Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons fend Lock-up Canal Boats im. mediately on arrival, unless ordered by auy particular conveyance, in which case they win be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid on delivery Goods, Package* Parcels, &c. forwarded to all parts of theKitlgdom withoti' oelay • when sent to either of their Steam Packet -Oqiceg ift CaVdiff or Bristol. Any further ntfcfrmatiou as to Freight, &c. wii! be readily obtained by applying to the Agents. Mr H. Jones, Agent. S.. C It ttrelt -Street. and at the Packet Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griflkh J ones. Agent, \'0. 12, Quay Street, Bristol; for the NAUTILUS Pac- ket; and of Mr Donovan. at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr\V. B. Owen, 15, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CUARL-OTTE Packet. NOTICE.-The Proprietors of the above Steam Packeis give Notice,-that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, I.eaVage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their'OtHces at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value., and Carriage in pio- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking. Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six 0, clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expellee of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all Previously un- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Propriemrs of the said Packet. Disputed weights or-nneasiiire-ment, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a -wriiten notics of the same be seat to the Office on the day of tie.ivery. February, 1838. l'rice Is. lid. per box. F?AMvSTCS's P1LL 017 J1EALTH FOR BOTH *r 1 "e unprecedented Sale of these Pilis, arising iroui the earnest recommendation of the many thousands who have derived bent-fit from their use, rnder any lengthened comment unnecessary; tiiev a:e not ptlt forth as a cure for ail diseases to which mankind is liable, but for bilious and liver complaints, with their many weJAnown attendants, bilious and sick bead-achef pain. and oppression after meals, giddiness, dizziness, ringing noi.se in the head and, ears, drowsiness, hear»- ourn, loss of appetite, wind, spasms, &c. tney are acknowledged to tie vastly superior to any thing ever before offered to the.public, and for those of a full habit of bodyj they will prove truly invaluable; while as a general Family Aperitiu for either sex. they cannot fail to ensure universal satisfaction. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of their salutary effects. The stomach will speedily regain its strength; a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys will rapidly take-pla-ce and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, will he the quick result of taking this MeUicma according to the directions accompanying each box. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London. Price is. IJJ., autl 2s. 9d. per boic and by Mr D. Morgan, Druggist, MerthvrTydvit Air Cardiff; Mr FaTror, Monmouth and most of the Agf Ltf, for the celebrated Biair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills -1 one of whom is to be found in every Town in the Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH. and ob- serve the name and address of "Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London, on the Government Stamp.