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lioust", OF LORDS.—MONDAY,…


lioust", OF LORDS.—MONDAY, Fcb. 19. tiine"3 ^"tfrford firnnd Juries Bill was read a first jj e, and ordered to he rend a second time to-morrow. 1 R n',°r< A RNTCLIFF K presented a petition from Wj,j'|SC!n 'n co,intv of York, praying that a ease in bv't! '■ WaS '"tfrf'Sted, and which had been decided asi leir lordships on appeal, might be reheard. After Br'°r i''SCUSS'0"' w'l'< tdie Lord Chancellor, Lord «*■"«.». and Lord Lyndlmrst deprecated such a .|rse' Ihe petition was withdrawn. banking Co-partnership Bill was read a third "^andpassod. pi transfer of Aids Bill, the Parliamentary Bill °rS aU(' ^^emeiis Bill, anil the Exchequer Biils c Yere brought up from tho Commons and read a rst time. HOUSE OF COM MONS.—MONO VY, Fcb, 19. T: ,le Report of (he Roxburgh election committee YilS brought up. It declared the sitting Member ulv elected, and that neither the petition nor the "fence to it was frivolous or vexatious. A new writ was ordered for Portsmouth, in the rOn of Bonham Carter, Esq., deceased. 1 be Notting-hill Footway Bill was read a second ,m<\ and referred to a Committee, Sir II. PEEL inquired whether it was the intention J*. Government to propose any measure founded on ,p;report of the commissioners upon thy state of religious instruction in Scotland. Lird J. RUSSELL was not able to Rive an answer that time, but would give one within the next fortnight, Lord J. RUSSELL, having- moved the third road- Ing -tt-llic Parliamentary Electors and Freemens pili, a discussion arose, in which Mr Maclean, Sir R. Ofll, Lord J. Russell, Mr Ooulburn, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Sir W. Follett. took part. The House then divided, when the third reading carried by a majority of 17, the numbers being— •<*tl*> motion, 189; aga'inst it, 172. The Exchequer Bill and the Transfer of Aids Bill "e severally read a third time. The House then went into Committee on the Poor- relief (Ireland) Bill. On clause 35 I cing proposed, Air SIIAW moved, "San amendment, the insertion ofa provision limiting the relief to be provided to the necessary relief of the 'mP<>tent, old, blind, and such others as are estitute, and not able to work. A long discussion ensued, after which, the House Iv'ded, when Mr Shaw's motion was lost by a ina- nity °t 59> the numbers being—for the amendment, 7'\—against it, 131. The lurttier consideration of the Bill was then post- poned till Friday next. tl 1 he Common Fields Improvement Bill went throcgt) a Committee, the report of which was order- tl to be received to-morrow. ,#1" HOUSE OF LORDS.—TUESDAY, Feb. 20. ford BROUGHAM, oi proposing the following Scries of resolutions, with a view to the adoption of hlore effectual means for suppressing the slave trade, to the putting an end to apprenticeships in our ave colonies on the 1st day of August, 1888, made !It: of tlienjost eloquetit and impressive speeches ever '-Jivered within the walls of Parliament. -fiie resolutions, which we are compelled to omit j °r want of space, were negatived, but Wd GLEN ELG announced his intention to sul)- jt *J't to tite House a modification of Lord Brougham's [' *n for tUe more effectual suppression of the slave HOUSE OF comioxs —TUESDAY, Feb. 20. „ A Committee was appointed to trv the merits of Marylebone election it was understood that the Potions for lloniton and Lanarkshire had been with- (,f;ivn. Sir W. MOLES WORTH repeated his notice re- "I'eeting the Colonial Minister in the exact terms l'icli he has already recorded on the vote-paper of le House of Commons, and stated that he should jn°ve for a call of the House on the 6th of March, le day appointed for discussing his motion. An immense number of petitions were presented *o»iiwt the Poor Law Amendment Act, the greater by Jlr Fielden; after which that Hon. Member *^uglit forward his motion for the repeal of the Act. so,ig discussion followed, for which we cannot find roo M. Mr HARVEY proposed to dispose of the motion V the indirect mode of what is called the previous Question:" this proposition was negatived by 321 to *3- Mi F elden's motion was then defeated by 30 £ > to 17. 11 Some conversation then took place betwocii Mr ÚIÐC and SirO. Grey, on the subject of some sup- P^*ed or real correspondence of the Member for Kil- kenny with the Canadian rebels. A return was ultimately ordered of copies of all letit,rs between Mr Hume, Mr Roebuck, and any other Members of Parliament and M. Papinean. The minutes of the Roxburgh. Election Committee "ere laid on the table. .# HOUSE OF CONINIONS.-WED-4ESDAi. Feb. 21. Lord EASTNOR presented the report of the Mary- \vW),,fL' election committee, which declared that Sir S. Hal lev was not in possession ol a sufficient qwalifi- ^tion to wjlitle liiin to be elected Member for that uow writ was immediately ordered in llie room of Sir S. Whalley. Alter the presentation of a few petitions, the *lou$e wag counted out shortly before five o'clock.

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