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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. o FRANCE. The proceedings of the Chamber of Deputies prin- cipally occupy the columns of the Paris journals. The 'of Marino nil Saturday week urged the danger for the tranquillity of the colonies that had arisen out of a motion before the Chamber, "that the children of slaves born hereafter s.'nll be free." After a debate, the question that the measure be taken into consideration was put and earned by a larjft! majority. The Carlists make the most harrassing attacks on the Baron do Meer, who is advancing to relieve Cordova. Barcelona was tranquil. The opposition press declares tint the Ministry is on the point of dissolution. CANADA. Sktziuie OF Bois Blanc ry tiif. Rkof.ls.—We have received, by extraordinary express, New York papers up to the date ot the 2:)th ult. inclusive, which were received yesterday afternoon at Liverpool by the Hibernia transit vesssel. Tiieir contents are important, inasmuch as they afford the cheering as- surauce, that however hostile the predatory and piratical hordes by whom the frontier is infested may be to the union and interests of (treat Britain, the American executive have promptly and 111:1111 nlly in terfered to protect and mainhin them. These papers say, that the Canadians have captured a seliooti(-r to the r(,,be,,s V. 011 board, and four pieces of canaon. The Hami lton (Upper Canada) Gazette reduces the number to 20 individuals 0:1 board. Fheso journals also state that intelligence bad been received at Toronto, that the rebel Diiii -oiiil)t,, with 3000 men, who had reached him from Detroit, had taken po.session of Bois Blanc.. !t is necessary to caution the reader not to place too great a reliance upon either of these statements, until they shall fiad tlietn continued from other sources because the A papers ivliicli bring the news have evidently received their informal ion from cor- respondents favourable to the rebel Stantiird, Feb. 20.

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