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CHIT CHAT. Expeditions TRAVELUHO.-Mr Waghorn has arrived in London, in eleven days, from Malta, via Paris. We look soon to take a trip to Jerusalem and back, between the publication of our sequent Literary Gatelles.-A stupid paragraph, eopied from a Bath paper, has been circulated through many of the London papers, to the effect, that the Duke of St. Alban's was entitled to the whole of the Coutts property. This absurd statement has been contradicted from authority.-A SCENE LIF NASHVILLK, room has been quite scarce in Nashville during the past week. Such scrouging, gouging, twisting, turning in and turning out, has seldom before beeq wit. nessed. Instance the followingTraveller dis- mounts at a tavern. "Hilloa, landlord, can I get lodgings here to-night I" Landlord-" No, Sir; every room in the house is engaged." Traveller- «< Can't you even give me a blanket, and a bunch of shavings for a pillow, in your bar room ?" Land. jor<j t» No tir j there's not a square foot of space unoccupied anywhere in the house." Traveller- 's then I'll thank you, air, to shove a pole, well se- cured, out of your second story window, and I'll roost on that.In the Gazette of Tuesday se'nnight there is not a single case of Bankruptcy in or near the metropolis announced. This occurrence is very rare. —BEM.-RI»aiso BT STgAm.-An in. genious person, named Fleet, proposes to substitute, for the present eight-man power, a steam-engine to ring church bells. A DIALOGUE IN ST. GA- BRIEI. STREr.T. Did you hear that Miss is about to marry tbe schoolmaster?" "Yes." replied D., and I do not believe one word of it." "Why not 1 why should she object to a school- masted" "Became," saidD., "I know she has a pupil in her eye."— Montreal Transcript RULES FOB. WALKIXG IN FRosT.-I. Take short quick steps at all times, and in all situations. i. If descending any inclined road, tolkit care to put down the toe first. S. If ascending, plant the heel firmly. 4. In allcases keep tbe body in a stooping position, with the knee joints playing loosely. If you attempt the stately, ten to one but you measure your length upon the ground. Better to toddle awkwardly home than be carried thither on a shutter. SALMON FISHING.-This fishing has opened in the Northesk, with the most gratifying symptoms of a successful season. At Marykirk, on the first day, 50 clean Ash were (raptured, the value of which is estimated at £:¡O.Mox'rol, paper.-A MAW MAY Bo HIS OWN GRAilu. FATHE ]&-Demonstration --if A B marry C D with a daughter E F, and G H, the father of A B, marry E F, it it clear that A B, being the father-in-law ofEF, becomes, by suoh marriage, the father-in- law of bit own father. Rr-A B, being father to his own father, is his own grandfather.- NEW Poo. LAW -The Llanffyllioo union In Shropshire extends above forty miles, so that the medical men who have been appointed to it must needa have a stud of horses--Lord Brougham oompares his rushing out of the House, after the delivery of his Canadian speech, to Catiline's quitting the Roman senate; but the parallel can. not be complete, as historians do not inform us that the Roman, like the English senator had taken phy,ie. HOUSE LAMB.—Among the daily deri- oacies at the royal table is a constant supply of house lamb. The supply comes from Broeket Hall. -According to a late Thames police report, Lord John Russell's appears to have been not only 41 a shocking bad hat," but an equally bad fit. DRY HUMOUR.—An Irish post-boy, having driven a gentleman a long stage during torrents of rain, the genlieman drily said to Paddy, 44 Are you not very wet 1" "Arrah! I don't care about being ver! wet, but plase your honour 1 'm very dry! MARCH DUST.—According to Mr Murphjr, we are to have IS rainy days in March, 10 uncertain, and onlv eight fine ones. 44 Sir," says a reverend Divine. who, with the wit of Swift, sometimes com- bines the verbosity of Johnson, our Queen, under the tutelage of Lord Melbourne, reminds me of a rose-bud, upon which the green Aphis has fixed, and, in order to conceal its ravages, surrounds it with a ball of froth, under which it renders them invisibile to the gardener. "-John Bull.-The Ohio News is acquainted with a man who Is so much emaciated that he must be fattened in order to make a good skeleton- A Female Walton. Dick pays no eompliment to lively Sal, She says she don't expect them from that ouartsr You're fishing for a compliment, my gal!' No, Dick. indeed, not in such shallow water. -Lord El don's will has been proved, and the property sworn under £ 700,000. Thfs is indepen- dent of his large landed estates the will is said to cover 70 folio pages; the lawyers will manage ill indeed, if they do not contrive to pick a hole or two in so long a dooument.-THE StrITHi.-ln an Irish paper appears an advertisement headed, To persons connected with the name of Smith," and requesting information respecting a certain Miss Sophia S. There will be no lack of applicants; especially as there is 44 something to the advan- tage" of the said Miss S. S. when tound.-Tlie late Dr. Jenner used to say 44 Every pimple had its mission." We suppose that some diseases send an ambassador-others a deputation.. We sin- cerely regret to bear .that Lord Stanley is suffering under a most painful disorder. His Lordship has been afflicted with abscesses in his legs and tbighs to suoh aa extent as to excite considerable alarm but we understand that the accounts received yes. tesday and on Friday from Knowsley, where Lord Stanley now is, are highly fa.vourable.-Ob.rerver. -A father reproved bis son for smoking oigars. "They deceive you Sir, who tell You this," said the equivocating smoker, before I d take anything in the form oT tobacco, I'd see it &MrHf.———on Wed. nesday the post-office olerks commenced travelling on the Birmingham railroad, and sorted the letters during the journey, so as to have them ready for delivery on their arrival.-Derby Mercury. THB DISADVANTAGE OF CRIBBINO.—A Sunday paper, in its answer to correspondent*, states that it cannot be answerable for the truth of two or three columns of its contents, the whole being taken from other papers. This is at least in- genuous--Hetiry Seton, Esq. of the Chancery Bar, has been appointed to the Judgeship of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, vacant by the death of Sir Benjamin Malkin. The safe arrival of the 65th regiment at Halifax from the West Indies, on the gnd ult. has been announced at the Horse Guarde-A man wanting to take a room, in- formed the owner, by way of recommending himself, that the landlady at his last lodging was moved to tears at his departure. A ti I', replied the other, "I see how it was, you decamped with. out paying ber■ A CURB FOR LOQUACITT. -Give him a Place, e. g.: Mr Sheil has been ape pointed to the Commissionership of Greenwich Hospital, vacant by the death of Mr Creevy. The office is stated to be tenable with a seat in Par- liament CONCERT EXTRAORDINARY. On the destruction of Mr Betist Musical Warehouse by fl- The men of Braidwood's fire-brigade; In water to their middles. With skill and great Precision pkwd Oa Arthur Betis's fiddles.

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