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Coy XTY op CRUTizrt.V(,. are authorised to state that tbe Lord Lieutenant of this County has received an authority to grant Commissions in her Majesty's name, to officers of any Corps of Yeomanry, and Volunteer Cavalry, or Volunteer Infantry, which have been, or may hereafter be raised, with her Majesty's approbation, within tbesaid County, their names and rank having been duty. certified to, and not having been disapproved of by her Majesty. Chester Courant. WREXHAM UNiox.-Tiie Exchequer Loan Com- missioners have lent the sum of ,#6,500 to the Guardians of the Union, to enable them to build a Workhouse, the foundations of which have been laid this winter, and which, it is expected, will be covered in before autumn. The design is by Mr Edward Welsh, of Liverpool.-Ibid. FATAL ACCIDENT.—ON tho aoth ult., as a waggon, loaded with coal, belonging to Mr Evans, of Cae drain, near Denbigh, was returning from Mold, the driver, a boy about fifteen years of age, in jumping off the shafts fell, when both wheels went over him, and killed him on the spot. His death is deeply de- plored by all his relatives and fricooli.-Ibid. NEW METHOD OF BREAKING ICE.-Much gra- tification was afforded to many of the inhabitants of Ledhury last week-; by the operation on (fie Herefoidshire and Gloucestershire Canal of an ieerbreakitig boat, lately invented by Mr Steven Ballard, engineer. Long pieces of timber, cased with iron, were fixed on the frout of the boat; these timbers project before the boat, and form an inclined plane, sloping upwards from the under edge of the ice lo near ihe noddle of ihe boat. By these meansj when the boat is drawn forwards, the ice is forced upwards instead of downwards, as is the usual way 01 breaking and it is iound the ice breaks remark- ably easy when thus lifted from the water. The boat, with its apparatus was drawn aloug the canal by two horses at a brisk pace, and the ice, which was in some places upwards of four inches thick was ploughed up with great facility. It js ca]cu! lated that one horse will do as much work with a machine of this kind as four in the common way. Several boats loaded with eoa) were lying icebound at Over, near Gloucester, and in other parts of the canal, which were liberated, and followed the ice- hoat into the basin of the Ledbnry wharf, affording a useful supply of fuel to the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood at the present inclement reason, ,-Birminshant Ad,$rtiwT% We understand that Mr David Morris, of tiie Cock, Lammas-street, in this town, has been appoint- pd Governor of the Borough Gaol, vice Mr David Morgan, deceased.—Carmarthen Journal.



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