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"i!r' TO THE J gDITOR OF THE GAZETTE & GUARDIAN SIR,-Â question was put in your paper, a few weeks ago, something like the following ;—" How long can a man continue among inflammable air with his Davy lamp?" This question can scarcely have a definite an- swer so much depends upon the state of the lamp, the circumambient air, and the distance of the foul from the pure air, &c. Perhaps the following observations may be of service to the enquirer :—Whenever your gauze is I coming to a cherry-red heat, be careful, and do not re- main long, unless your business be exceedingly pressing and, even then, your lamp must be changed, and that very often and carefully. Caution is exceedingly requi- site in moving it out, to get it cooled and exchanged Have no oil on the gaU1;e, nor have any defect in it, The above is an extreme case, in which the greatest care is needful, When you are travelling you should not allow the gause to attain tl¥! heat; but should, on the approach of it, raturn into other air. You should often carefully examine you lamp, and then you will have timely notice of the approach of such dangerous cir- cumstances. You will perceive first a high-coloured spite on the name and that will be succeeded bv a long one, even reaching to the top of the lamp, and then this will expand or become larger until your lamp soon becomes insufferably hot, and speedily comes the cherry-red heat; then there is great danger. Observe through all these transitions, even from the first ap- pearance of the blue-coloured spire, unto the last, there is danger in exposing the naked flame. As soon as you see the long spiry pillar, it would be well often carefully to change the lamp. By a reference to my former let- ters, you will find many cautions recommended by at- tending to them, less accidents would be likely to happen That I am correct in advocating so strenuously the safety of Davy's lamp, will appear from the following circumstance, noticed in a record of the various acci- dents in coal pits, on the Wear and Tyne, near New- castle, since the year 1658 to 1833, amounting to 135 in number, wherein only one out of 135 can be traced to the Davy, and that was by a boy letting it fall in chang- ing it. The gauze was damaged and then exploded the Inine. I -I M, Sir, yours truly, U. TUIPSON. Newbridge, Fco. 12.

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