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TO THE EDITOR OF THE GAZETTE & GUARDIAN. SlR,—To the inference contained in the first portion of Sirius' last letter, 1 cordially agree but the expansion of water into steam, and its expansions while in the liquid state, are two different" things. As it was to the latter that his original observations were applied, I have still to ask him, how it can he proved & experiment, that the heat absorbed by a fluid resides in it in two different states, sensible or thermometric, and latent" or, what arc his reasons for supposing that any part of the heat communicated to a fluid is at all ren- dered latent 1 These questions will perhaps bear more immediately on the poini than the former. Sirius" says, he has ( )?.ot asserted that any body can absorb heat (that is, render it latent) otherwise than by a change of state." It is trua he has not made use of the precise words here quoted but will lie deny that lie has said that one, out of the two different states" in which he asserts that heat is absorbed by a fluid, is the latent." Here there is no change of 8141tei the flujd merely acquires an increase of temperature, and a slight augmentation of bulk and yet in the face of this, he (as well as) denies the POSSIBILITY of the vtry fact he, himself, has asserted to EXIST. "Sirius does not "invariably" state that latent heat merely contributes" to the expansion of the fluid for, docs he not say, Take water as an example apply heat, it is absorbed by the water, a portion being j consumed in raising the sensible temperature, and a portion in increasing the bulk." This latter "portion," then, is that which is rendered "latent," and is here plainly stated to be the sole agent," in producing that augmentation of "bulk" which water, and other bodies, undergo upon an elevation of temperature. Petty cavilling," we must all agree, will not for- ward the laudable object," &c., but TRUTH will; and, in the present instance, the importance of the case will not justify any one in the use of such a phrase. If the asking a few questions, with the view of obtaining information, will subject the interrogator to the appella- tion of Censor," then I must beg to state that Sirius'' distinguished himself in that capacity in your Journal before Algol's name appeared; so that, according to your correspondent's own reasoning, it is he who has f taken upon himself the censorship." Respecting the 0 answer to D," Sirius" will confer a favor upon me, and will be doing D" a service, by entering on the threatened "commentb aring in mind, that it is to the developement of TRUTH that all our efforts are to be directed. Trusting that you will see the justice of giving inser- tion to the above, I remain Your most obedient humble servant, Beanfort, Feb. 12 1838. ALGOL; [We have inserted the letter of A hjol without an altera- tion,for interpolation is a liberty we seldom take with our Correspondents but we must not, as occupying "the Chair," omit to say, that "Sirius" and "Algol" are both a little out of order.]

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