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JlJElll'llYR TYDVIL, SATURDAY, Peb. 17, IMS. The Reform Bi)l was to be a permanent mea- sure. So said Lord Grey, who, after <]fty years of exclusion, had one short year of power. and in that short year took his revenge of his contemptuous co.mtry. The Constitution is complete;" cried the derrepid lvliig, the Constitution is comptete," echoed the whote tribe of the smaMer Whiss, us they ran up from aH corners of the ?Ut?tusetznui?)!)U'en'orse 'dc of prefcrntetit which the Jackat had provilicd .] tor them out of the puh!ic carcase. \re were then toM that the Reform Ui!l was ?x<-d ? ever. In short, it was to he tile great ro!!nd¡¡ lion stlme of the new order of tllings; laid at a de,)thwhich secured it from Kil human follcil; no profane hammer was to knock on' a splinter of it; \10 vulgar chisel \VaS to efhce a li:¡c of itS inscription; no knavish fillglr uf the future ,¡III to piIft:;r it of a single ('oill of that \V/dg circu. to I)i iating medium \tic)) bore the impress of'" reign of Lords Grey. DroHgham, Atthorp, Md. bourne, and tim other Meopr.tbics of the first yenr" of British Reforn). Hut the hopes of Po!itici;ms are often va;1I a theirpfon.ises. Every year since the laying v f this fjundation stone, has seen it stripped to the tight, hoisted up to the scorn of the rahbh.— ? shape, weight and materiat declared to be equaUy ridiculous,—its inscriptions supprsede" by the scribb!ins:s of every dunce that co," d handle the revo!ntionary si)a,le. The HI1DJe' Grotesand Wakleys, all insisting on covering with their silly effusions; the ]\Io!cswor' Roebucks and Leaders, with the Revotution'y maf!et in their itands, insisting on knocking' it to pieces, until neither Lord Melbourne's rho' domontade, nor Lord John Russelt's -supplica- (ion seems likely to preserve a remnant, and fhø i new Constitution wilt nnaUy have to stand, !ikc a felon at the new Drop, upon nothing; alidip tike the ff!on, for once fuffit the objects of justice and perish for the good of the country- Mr Hume, whose wisdom is of the same rank with his honesty, gat)ant)y proclaims that the Reform Bill was never intended by him but as a means to an end," t!tough to what end except the encZ of the British Empire, he has never been pleased to inform us. AH the rest ioin the cry' as if the Reform BiH had been only an innocH* I !ation of the pesfi!ence,—an anticipation of political death,—a volunteer importation of the p)agne. One thing is p!ain—that Radicalis'n '? ? determined to get rid of the Bit! for the sake ot the few restraints which it places on the utter hcense of the rabbtc. The ten-pound suffr":Io was very we!t, and bred confosion so far ? went; but Liberty is not complete until ,¡JJ¡" I culottisnz is perfectly naked, and U!\I""I!.N5,l SUFFRAGE gives a right to every beggar a"? pauper to manage the pub)ic property. T? Batlot—Triennial or Annua) Parliaments—? extinction of the Peerage, and the uni?e?' )evet)i))gofrankand property are such "na?'" ''ights." are obviousty so essential to J¡urnal1 cotiifort, and indeed may so justly be claimed 1 I the ignorant, the idle, the violent and the ,11' 'ainons. that the Patriot is no Patriot at al! "bo does not save the rabbte the trouble ofdotng a"y I thing on earth than stripping their betters auJ j living on the plunder of the fand. Within the last few nights two accusatiol t have been brought against the unhannv Hefvrl1J Bill. One is the horribte iiiiqtilty of'deiDlill"- 'ng a shiHing of the coin of her Maj'-sty ftool the voters at registration. this shitting being a I plied to defray some of the expencea incllrre under the new cntap system. It is now versa!)y declared by Radicatism that this heVý' sum has not on'y i-iflicted the deepest stlf) upon the heart of Freedom, but has actually repc!!cd thousands and tens of thousand-' {rot'" t)ie exercise of their most invatuabie pri?Ufge. The next crime which covers the Refer))' ?'' with ignom:ny in the popular eye is the q"??' cation required for Members of Par!lamCllr. Wheiher this is more ittto!erab!e than the pay' ment of the abhorred sliilllii(, we do Iwt e 1r. actty know but we understand it is e"o"g'* to raise the stones in mutiny, to sumn'o" injured and indignant people to the use of phJ; k lito cat force, and is every way worthy of ilia 19 I Joseph Hn-ne take ?p his parable and t)'r" '"? C'?a?a? ?t's?e into Enghsh in behalf of !"? breeched and unbreeched conntrymen. bt'! fuUy admit that the plan of Radicatism ?Hl ? incomplete until the Qua?ncation Act is ? "ulted. Th« Quatincation Act wm settieJ ? our foolish ancestors, in the reign of Ann;. all 1 the swindlers of that day were as ind?""? those of our own; but such of them ? "? not sent to the hutks or the jail, swaHowed: t injury in silence, and took to other tracks; t!J¡it Parliament for their bread. fi tiol} f The scandaloua transfer of qnah ca rl' which has since crept in. has vitiated the orJ I "at measure and snch PATRMTS as we see. <?"? in the public eye accordingly. But the IZ3 \,f) "cheme requires that the gate should be tilrllvo wider stiil. and that Democracy in aH it? ??? ) should nourish for the honour of the mar'h ? -nind, and the Refurm of England..Abol ;s' the and it wiU be dinicuft to J 'l ) cover where the dignity of the human 'M'? ?' ? cease to be dug for. Having the 0''Co""s?'. theWhaHcys. Duncombes.andHumes,?? ? enough, but these will be So!ons and LycUy11 fl to the genttemenwho witt be ferreted o'?? the attics and night ce!tars of society, (o ??* sent a free and enlightened peop!e/' sent a free and enlightened peop!e/'

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