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W- ATED IMMEDIATELY, FOUR AP. PRENTrCES in the DRESS-I[AKI.NG and }J I LLI 'IJ EH. Y; a)"o.TWO in the St'RAW, H\T, and BO,ET BLSINf;SS. either iu person, or hy lettrr, postage paid. to Jane J'nes, Febtn.iry 2nd, !83S. e.. & &1111 ROYAL HOTEL, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. JJ Æ1 rj*AS the hononr to inform the Nobility and iTt Gentry, that he has RH-OPRXED this; S?cio'.s F\MtLY HOTF.L, after devotiug Three Months tn its Repairs and tmprovement-i. The Hotse has undergone important alterations—it has been compteteiy Painted, the Furniture it renewed, and no endeavours wiit be spared to promote, at moderate charges, the accomoda- ion and comfort of Families and Visitors. Well related t osting and StabHng, with Carriages. Landaus, &c. f MORRIS SAYCE, having been duty appointed Jt < VALUER, to apportion the RE?JT CHARGE.in lieu of TtTHES, for the parit.hofST.JOHy; the Hamtet. of LLASPYTH[D, ROLGOKD and PEN- rONT,iothePari<hofL!an<p)'thid;andtheHafn)<'t of MAESC\R. in the Parish of Devynooctt, in the COtlDty of Brecoii, under the proviions of the Act of hi* late Majesty. WiUiam IV., 6 and 7, cap. 7!, intituted 11 An Act for thp Commlltation of Tithes in and Wates." DO HERKBY CALL A PURHC MEETING of the PROP IHTOHS of L\\DS in the said Parish and Hamtets, to be hotden at the BELL ['l'l, in the Town of BitECOV, on THURSDAY, the 8th day of MARCH, i83S, at Noon at which Mteting. a)t Proprie. tors of Lands, having any Maps or Plans are requested to produce the same and such Proprietors are further rcquested, then and there, to instruct the said Valuer a* to what Maps are to be used for the pnr- pORes of the Apportiinments, and upon such other points U are reqllird by the Act 6 and 7 W. IV., c. 71. and lVict.c.69, aad. in default thereof, I :i)aH proceed to such under the general vested in me hv the said recited Acts. Feh.l4.th38. MORRIS SAYCE. TAFF WALE fil6WV. Contract for Works. T?TOT!CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, th"t the DI. 1? RECTORS WILL MEET at their OFFICE m CARDIFF on WEDNESDAY, the 7th Day of MARCH next, at Twelve o'ctock. to RECEIVE FRESH TENDERS for the execution of the foUowtng Works' ?' CONTRACT No. 11. Being the Excavation and Formation of the Cuttings and Embankments. and the Construction of a)) Bridge, Culverts and other Masonry. Retaining WaNs. and the entire Comptetion (except the batiasting and laying the Permanent Raits) of that portion of the Line extending from the termination of Contrxct \o. 7. at Troed y Rhew, in the Parish of Merthyr Tydn). to the boundaries of Piantations, numbered 78 and 85 in the Par)ia- mentary P!an, in the Parish of Merthyr, being a dis- tance of 6d Chain,. Drafts of the Contracts, with Plans and SpeeiScations of the Workí, will he ready for inspection, at the En- gineer's OSee. at Maendy, near Cardiff, on and after Friday, the 23rd of February next. Prmted of Tender may be had there, or at the Company's Office in Cardiff; and no others wilt be tttended to. The Parties whose Tenders are accepted, wilt be re- quired to enter into II Bo .d, with Two Sureties, for the due performance of tbeir Contract, and the names of the proposed Surities are to be specified in the The Tenderl must he delivered at the Officp, in Car- diff. on or before 12 o'clock. on the said 7th Day of March and the parties tendering, or persons duly authorized by them, HMSt be in attendance at the time of Meeting. The Directors will not bind themselves to accept the Lowest Tender. By order of the Board. JOSEPH BALL, Railway Oiice, Cardiff, February 14th. 1838. BRECKNOCK POOR LAW UNION. NEW WORKHOUSE. (Zmismm @IT 'mSE @ma NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the oun:n.O..nt'.O uf ,\a", -c -y'L'- APPOINT the C[,EIK of the WORKS, of the intended B!tt-;CK\0?K \RW WORKHOLSH. at their MEET- ING a' the TOWN HALL. in BRECKNOCK;, on SATURDAY, the Twenty fourth day of FEBRUARY, l83&,iMTwc!veatNt)on. Persons dftirots of obtaining the Appontment, are to driver their Tenders, wi'h written Testimonial of their Comoetfncy. to the C.etk. before Eteven o'Ctock in the Foren,,o,, 'f ttie above Day. The Gnar'tianx do not ptedge themselves to accept the lowest Tender. WAL.CHURCHnv, C?A<otA? ?,M. Dated, 10th Feoruary, !S?3. GLAMORGANSHIRE. J1t4tfJ Urnpíftt Zruot. '\TOTtCE IS HEREBY GtVEN. that a SPECIAL 1? MEKTING of the TRUSTEES of the TURN- PIKE ROADS, within this Trusc. will be hf)d at the GUH.DH \LL. in the Town of XEATH. on FRIDAY, the 9th Day of MARCH next, at the hoarofTwetve at Noon. for the JHHpose of taking into con- the propriety of erecting or setting tip, and if it ih.1I he thell and there thought pxpedient 10 to do, to order, determine, and direct, that there xha)) he erected, or <et up, a TuU Gate, Bar, or Chain, acroM the said Turnpike Road. leading from the Town of Neath to 4 Tv.ivil. in ttic County of (',Iamorgan, at or near a certain Blacksmitb's Stint), situitte In the VilJage of Ctdoxton, near Neath, in the County of Oamorgan. D. POWELL, CM. Dated the l5th day of Fobrntry. t838. The Court for Relief of Inssolbmt Btbtors. ?t?HE Mattcrcof the Pptitionaand Schedutes of the Priaoners hereinafter named (the name having been ated in the Cnurt) are appointed to be heard as follows.-At the COURT HOUSE at CAR. DtFF. in the County of Glamorgan, on the Tenth day of AfARCH, 1838, at the hour of Ten in the morning prpcispty JOH? MORGAN, form<-r!y of the Parish of Landow, in thf" County of Fitrmer; the-n of the of Wick, in the County, Fariner, Flour Factor, and Shopkeeper; then of Dukes Town, in the Paiithof Langunnidar. in the County of Brecon. Piiblican. and General Shopkeeper; and late of the Parish of Wick. aforesaid, out of employment. THOMAS DA\[RL, f rmerfy of the Borough of Longhor, in the County of Giamorgan. Grocer, and (and O1lso on the of Zinc Smelter in partnership with one Evan John, of Lan. tafntet. near Swansea, in the <atBeC')))nty); then of St. Hetent. in the Parish of Pretcott, in the County of Lancaster, Copper Agent; and iate of Swansea, tfore- said, out of RICHARD MORRIS. formerly of Bideford. in the Coullty of Devon. Publican. Butcher, and Carrier. but late of Swanse.. in the County of Gtamergan, Beer- housp. kt-epi-r and Butcher. THOMAS DA VIES. formerly of Coedycummer. in the Parith of Vaynor, in the County of Brecknock, Fire- man and B<'er-ho<ne keeper; and late of the Parith of Merthyr Tydvii, in the County ofGtamorgtn. Fireman and Beer.home keepe<\ ADAM NEWELL. fofmerty of Merthyr Tydvi), in theC"unty of Gtamnrgan, Grocer. Beer-housekeeper, and Traveller for a Brewer, and late of the same place Beer-houte keeper and Travetitr for a Brewer. DAV I L) REES, formerty of Treboth,in the Parith of Hangefafecn, in [he County of Glamorgan, Grocer and CoUier, and late of the <mme ptace CoHier. TAKE NOTICE. 1. If any Creditor intends to oppose a Prisoner's dis- charge, notice of such iutentiou must be given to the taid Prisoner in Writing, three clear days before the day of he.rmg. exetusive of Sunday and exclusive both of the day of gtvtng tuch Notice, and of the said day of bearing. 2. But in the case of a Ptisoner. whom hit creditor. have removed by an order of the Court. from a Gaol iu or near London, for hearing in the country, such notice of oppositton w)H be sufficient if given one ctear day before the day of bearing. 3. The Petition and Schednte will be produced by the proper Omcer for inspection and examination at the Office of the Court in London, on Mondays. Wednes- days. and Fridays, between the hours of Ten and Four; anu copies of the Petition and Schedute, or such part thereof as shati be required, will be provided by the proper Officer according to the Act 7 Geo. 4, c. 57, c. 76. N. B. Entrance to the Omcf, in Portugal Street, Lin- coln'a Inn Fiftdt. 4. The dupticate of the Petition and Schedule, and a!) Books. Papers, and Writings filed therewith, will be produced for inspection and examination by the Clerk of the Peace. Town Oerk, or other person with whom the tame shaU have been directed to be todged for such pur- pose at the Office of such Cierk of the Peace, or other person, and copies of the Petition and Sehedufe, or such part thereof as shaft be required, wiit be there provided MCOfdtD); to the Act 7 Geo. 4. c. 57. tec 77 GALSWORTHY AND NICHOLS, Solicitors, 9, Cooks Conn. Lincotn'tlnn. London, 'A PE!t ? ? LANGLEY, Solicitor. -.—?-? CMdjfr. y<'? ??A TüW OF BRECKNOCK. T;t.EG\\T HOUSEKODD rUB-NITURE, Prime Ftalher Beds. splendid CA/Ma Earthen- ivai-e, IÚlcnen and Calitia?-y rcqizz.sites; a hand- some Phætoll, pair of CM<age Worses, three I-loizics, and a Cart /7orse; Hiy, Polaloe;, .fe., ffc..for Sale. HUGH JONE?, Begs to announce that he has been instructed TID ell t!;) Ztucttoit, (" !t'K/;OM< the le(-.st reserve.) on.Nlo-,D kY, ti,e 26th day of Fí:l3:WAltY, 11;33. r?HE ?ho!e of the EFFECTS at ST. JOHN'S t MOUNT.comprising Mahog?nyF.-ur-Posts,French Tent audottterRedstead?, with Chintz and Dimity Furniture, and Window Curtains to Illatch, excellent wcl!'81'aooneo Feather Heds, Biankef;. Qltilts, Co'tnttr- panes, Be,i-lit!e ('arpeting. Palliasses, Hair and other Matr.sse%, Dressing Tab)es and Swing Looking Glclsses. Commodes Chamt'er Chairs. Mahogany Cbp<t& Drawer. Wardrohe with fotdini: doors and (irawe". \Valh-hand Standll. Bed Stepa. Night Ttthfes; an eiegaut Set of Mahocany Dining Tabtes. Mahogany Pemhroke. and other Tab11"s, Rosp.wood Sopha Tahle, Pair of Rosewood Card Tables Mahogany Hair-bottomed Chairs. Oak Cane-bottotnf'd Cha)rt. a nne toned grand Pi.mofoite. Sofa. Brunels a,1 other Carpers, with Heart!'Xu.severatOttomansfic Cushions, French and other Time Piecf-s; an Eight-(iav Ctock; atptendid Dinner Service, Breitkfast and Tea ditto; a rich Plated Epergne, and a quantity of P!a'ed Artictea and Cut Glass; Copper S!mn)es, Brast Trippett Trays and Waiters; the usual assortment of Kitchen and Culinary itequisite! Hogtheadt, Half Hogsheads, Barrets and Casks of alt sizes. A Handsome Photon, with pote and '<I)afts, (London built, in good conditiot.) and Harness a pair of beautiful Bay Carriage tlorses. stanriing about 15 hands high, very fast and goorl matchers a pair of good and uleflll Ponies, abont 131 hands high. (warranteti steady in a remarkably small bHt powerful Cart Horse. rising four years old; and a very compact duu col<.mred Pony MafP, perfectly tcrnpcrate. Auout Twu Tons; of well harvested Hay; a of Fern and about Eight Bags of Potatoes to;7ether wilh Cucumuer Two Flowe- Stands, and a col- techon of choice f towers, in Pota Garden roots, &c.&c. le N. B. The Auctioneer hegs an eally as he intends commening at 11 precisely, being de- sirous of disposing of the whole in one day. LLANDAFF, GLAMORGANSHIRE. fro be iLet, A!<D ENTERED OPOS !MMEDtATELY. A DESIRABLE FAMILY REStDE?CE, aitnate -?-'L at LLANDAFF, tate in the occupation of Richtrd H)U, Esq, coD3]sting of Brf'akfaH. Dining, and Drawing Rooms. with suit7able Bed-Rooms Stable. Coach-house. Oiit-Btiildings, aii excellent WaUed Gar- lien, Greenhouse, &c. &c. SIXTEEN ACRES of excellent MEADOW LAND, adjoini the Premises, may 11.150 be had. The Houte tdjoint the 'Ittrnpike Road heading from Ctrdifr to Merthyr TydS), through Datidttff, dnd the Mait and other Coaches pass the door daily. Th< Prernises may be viewed on application at the hou*e, and further particulars obtained at the Office ef Mr E. P. Richards, C<trdifr.





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