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MELANCHOLLY EVENT.—On Thursday night as Mr George Woods, the h&ad keeper of Lord Jersey, at Middleton, Oxon, was rabbit shootin- he had the misfortune to kill bis son, Lord Jcrsev's keeeper for Somerton Manor. A rabbit was running down the riding in the wood, when young Woods in- considerately crossed the riding and received the whole charge of his father's gun in the small of his back. I tie poor young man lived scarcelv two hours spent praying mercy for himself and in the earnest dellvour to comfort his father. The father, who is a most respectable man, remains inconsolable. THE INTERMENT OF THE LATE EAHL OF ELDOV -The interment of the late Noble and Learned Earl took place on Friday last, at the burial ground of Kingston Chapel, near Encombe, adjoining the thP H^nnwTrS lhu la'e Coontess of Eldon and the Hon. William Henry Scott. Upwards of 2 OOt) persons of the highest respectability were present to witness the solemn ceremony. THE LATE EARL OF WILL On Fri day weeTi the will of the late Earl of Eldou was read before the present Earl, John Stanley Rppton, Esq., the Rev. Edward Baukes, and such of his Lordship's domestics as were legatees. The provisions of the will are to the following effect:—To his eldest daughter, the Lady Elizabeth Repton, he has gtveu a life interest in £4,000 per annum; to Ladv Frances Bankes, for her life, £4,GOJ a vear to his Lordship's grandsons, the childreu of Mr Bankes and Mr Repton, £10,000 each, and each to the grand-daughters. To his butler he has iriven £ 100 a year for life £ >50 each to all the servants numhpVef w''h his Lordship above a certain in his ^ear% 8nd £ 2:\ to em-y other domestic 4ic has leftV iif'' tlieres,due his vast property m.i,.d"^r,0fih;prre:,t of Eldon'™'h- in succession in the w* CJllldre" o! hls daughters three daughters) not if"' 0 his LordshiP (wh-> has the Ear' the power of mX ,ssu^ bu ;i'.g ments on the female children. ft,aS"lfice,,t After the death of the Countess of Eldon his Lordships establishment underwent a com' P change in all the domestic arra'.oe" ments, the strictest economy, which hr>d beeJ previously practi-ed, giving way to a liberality witnessed in very few houses of the nobility. On Mlchaelmas-da.y, and his Lord- inv?<! ,lhda-v' 'he uPPer servants were told to his hon J"! °W8 fr'ends a;)(j the tradesmen serving in the dininl Sp'e,ld^ 8l'pper, which was served ng-roam at halfpast eig-ht o'clock At in^hVsame st^l'^ °'^ Was friends and h r" 1" werp ^or a Par,y of his own winea should H ^Q, dsI^ desi'^d ^A« his choicest ines should be freely used. On these occasion* veneiabe nobleman would retire to hi* room and refrain from calling on his' d h'm ,on a°y account. To those tradesmen whose rank made them object to m»et Uesmen at the same table the Earl gave n ;ervanu one of the fashionable taverns -'I'' V' givingthem permission to invi-e a V a' Encombe House every pe-un f eauc'\ A.1 ness be «in, • I Per"°n calling, let his busi- luncheon a ri Wa<5 °^ered a substantial according to his station U"deI scrva»t« also had their treats, invited"t(h,SIStr ballsanJ suppers, lo which they (LI fnend9- So Phased did his Lordship icei at the happiness of those about him, that he often told his servants to invite his tradesmen and their friends at other times than the general days aoove named. When it was mentioned to Lord Eldon at each birth of his grandson's children that they were girls, he nsed to laugh very heartily, and say" Never mind, there is time enough for a boy to come." —Sundiy Paper.

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