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_,= FIRE AT THE NEW PHITlG OFFICE, OXFORD. Eaily on Saturday morning the inhabitants in the neighbourhood of ,he New University Printing- office were alarmed by the cry of "fire," and the ringing of the alarm-bell belonging to ibat estab- lishment. It was soon understood that the large press-room in the south uing of the was on fire, and an ea-erness which cannot be too much commended was displayed by the persons belong- ing to that establishment, who had been roused from their sleep by the cry, and by the neighbours generally, to render assistance. The abirm of-fire was first given by the superintendent of the Univer- sity IVice, who obsened a small but unusual light in the gi ound floor of the building, and very promptly and judiciously called up the porter to learn its cause. The overseers, who reside wiihin the walls were instantly upon the alert; the engine belonging to the establishment was immediately drawn out and though from the severity of the weather the pipes were found to be frozen, and consequently for a considerable time useless, (a circumstance which, if it could not have been remedied, must have proved fatal to the whole of that side of the building,) it was recollected that, in consequence of the use of machinery, a sufficient quantity of hot water could be immediately obtained from the large steam-boiler for the purpose of ihaw iug the engine. In the mean time, the powerful University fire engine and two others had arrived, and soon after 5 o'clock, there bein an abundance of water in the large tauk in the centre of the quadranle, the two priucipal en- gines were at work, and it was soon perceived that the progress of the fire, which had now reached the middle floor, was in some degree staved. In little more than three hours afterwards, great and praiseworthy exertions of the firemen, and the very judicious conduct of the persons who directed the eng.nes, the fire was extinguished, and this splendid Jg, f°r the safe'y of «b>ch a short time before scarcely a hope was entertained, was thus ..reserved from destruction. The fire was discovered about four in the morning, and it was at first confidently v believed that it was occasioned by over-beating in this severe weather, the hot-air stoves employed to. warm the several rooms in this establishment, but upon closer examination, much doubt is entertained as to the immediate cause; not the s'ightest suppo- sition of incendiarism is entertained. Wlieu so much was at stake, it is most satisfactory to be able to say that the loss, though considerable is by no means great; the buddin itself is not materially injured, and the whole was ampty insured. Inform- ation was immediately sent to the Phoenix and other offices, and it is gratifying to have the power of informing our readers that the answers received are of the most liberal kind. The Delegates of the press met in the course of the day for the purpose of ex- amillillg into the cause aud effects of the fire, and their entire satisfaction at the exertions made was expressed in the warmest terms, and liberal dona- tions were directed to be aiven to all who had been active in their exertions to extinguish the fire. Wet hear that the loss is estimated at £5,000.