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&tattwout!t«3;urc. dispense with tho payment of rates in the case of the, Noes 206 Ayes 107 On both these divisions the Radicals would have very considerably out-voted Ministers but for the aid of about 110 or l:¿O Conservative member, In the debate upon Mr Duncombe's motion, Mr Hall, mem- ber for Marylebone, made the following candid con- fession, which we submit to the best attention of all admirers of the freedom and respectability of the metropolitan elections:— Mr Hall had no doubt that if the Right Hon. Members referred to, were in the House, they wou!d vote against the amendment; they opposed the ex- tension of the franchise and liow they desired to cripple its exercise as much as possible. lie could. name three gentlemen, members of that House, whose sufficiency could not he doubted, whose names had been struck off the register of voters,in consequence of not having paid their rates. He thought this system placed the power of elections too much in the hands of overseers. There, were several parties who It his last election had said they would vote for him if they li could pay their rates, and llc had himself helped to pay their arrears. Tn Ilis opinion the lOt. franclJise should be carried out to its full extent, and he thought that there was no right to demand that a vote should be consequent on the payment of rates. He should, therefore, support the amendment of the Hon. Mem- ber for Finsbury." The foregoing is from the Times report; the Morn- ing Chronicle omits Mr Hall's acknowledgment of his rather dangero?tv liberal,ty-tlio omission, we have no doubt, is accidental, and our contemporary, we are; sure, will supply the deficient part of Mr Hall's speech in an erratum to-morrow.—Standard^ Since the foregoing was in type,-Mr Hall has ad- dressed tlle following letter- TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. 2, St. James's place, Feb. 6. Sir, I am reported in your paper of this morning to have stated in the House of Commons, "that several parties at my last ejection had said they would vote for me if I would pay their rates, and that I had myself helped them to pay their arrears This is wholly incorrect: I made no allusion whatever to the late election. What I did say was to the effect, that in small boroughs, where parties were divided, the rate-paying clauses of the Reform Act, in addition to many other evils consequent upon them, placed the election too much in the hands of the overseers that candidates were frequently called upon to pay the voter's taxes for him and I had no hesitation in declaring, that some years ago, I had assisted in the payment of the rates and taxes of some persons occupying -10 houses, in order that they might he placed upon the register of electors. If any responsi- bility attaches to this avowal, I am quite ready to bear it. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant, B. HALL. "11- A meeting took place on Monday hisf, at the Lan- castrian School Room, Newport, for the purpose of petitioning the House of Commons for the voto by ballot. It was convened at an h:lUr calculated to ensure a full attendance, as the labouring class would have finished their daily work at seven o'clock. As far as respectability went there was a mere sprinkling. After the vote by ballot had been discussed, it was thought the wlJOic length might be run, and it was agreed that annual parliaments, universal suffrage, and no qualification, were, in the opinion of the meeting, essential for the good government of the country. Tin; poor Whigs met with as much abuse as if the 'Tories were in office. The petition founded on the foregoing opinions, was, as we understood, to be entrusted to the dry nursing of the Member for the Monmouth boroughs, who was requested to introduce the bantling to the House of Commons. MONMOUTHSIIIKE AND GLAMORGANSHIRE BANK- ING COMPANY.—This Company seems to keep pace with other prosperous establishments of the same nature. Shares which were issued at £2 10s. pre mium are now soiling at ^5 premium; a consider- able number having recently been disposed of at the iatter quot;itioti.-Ardrlin. The dispute between the Duke of Beaufort and Mr Horlock, relative to some covers hunted bv Mr ilorlock's hounds, and claimed-by his Grace, is likely to be amicably adjusted. Very numerous flights of wild swanshave visited the bailks of tlle Severn, and have been seen in largg flocks in this and the neighbouring cohnfy of Gla- morgan. Our wild-fowl sportsmen have succeeded in bringing down several of these magnificent strangers of the North. Their anital is a certain indication of the general severity of the season. TiticiiEiAK, 8th Fen.— Yesterday was the day ap- pointed for the petty sessions, to be held in the Town I i all, for the parish of Bed well ty &e. But in consequence of the dreadful state of the weather, and some of the Magistrates having many miles to come, we had no meeting. Indeed, had the day been favourable, there would have been but seven eases, two for assault, one for wages, and four for playing piteh-and-toss during the hours of divine service on Sunday. They will Le brought up on some future day. The Market, on Saturday, was very badly attended —butter and poultry scarce and dear-beef, 6d. and 61,1. mutton, 7d.; veal, 6kd. and 7j>; poj-k, 6J. d. That larg-c and spacious new building, replete with every convenience, well kuown by the sign of the Tredegar Arms, was brought to the hammer, and knocked down, by Mr Partridge of Newport, for the astonishingly low sum of « £ 1^700. The bargain has fallen to Mr llambly, draper, of Newport, and bro- ther-in-law of the late Mr Bees: so far it has been fortunate in falling again into the family, as the sacrifice would have been great having cost the deceased t3,500.



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