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regret that we announce the death of this accomplished scholar and highly-respected gentleman. Mr Daniel died yesterday morning at seven o'clock, of typhus fever, after an illness of only eight days .—Scottish Guardian. We regret to state that on the night of Tues- day last il most barbarous murder was committed in a hut belonging to Fogg's Colliery, Darcy Lever, near Bolton, on the body of a poor man named James Finney, a bricklayer by trade, but who, beiiig in bad health and unable to work, has for the last 12 mouths or so gone about the country, subsisting chiefly on the charity of persons belonging to his own business. It would appear that lie entered this hut (good fires being generally kept in such places) for shelter, and whilst there had been attacked by some one, and murdered with a collier's pick. The body was dis- covered early on Wednesday morning by a man named Thomas Hallidav, who, wanting a shovel to throw some coals under the steam-boiler went into the cabin to look for it, aad there discovered the deceased laying on his hack in a large pool of blood, dead. with his head and face frightfully disfigured, and the pick under his legs. Circumstances soon caused suspicion to be entertained of a young man named James Slier-, rington, who worked at the colliery in question, and he was taken into custody the same morning. An inquest was held yesterday at the Farmers' Arms public-house, Darcy Lever, before Mr W, S, Rutter, coroner, and a respectable jury, when evidence tend- ing strongly to implicate the prisoner in the crime was produced. Ultimately, however, the inquest was adjourned to W edncsday .-Manchester Guardian. A report has prevailed in London for the last few days that Miss Angela Burdett, who has taken the name of cou tts, has done so rather prematurely. It is said that the late Duchess ofSt. Alban's neglected to make a settlement of her property previously to her marriage, and that consequently the Duke of St. Alban's, notwithstanding any will which the Duchess may have made, is legally entitled to the enormous wealth bequeathed to Miss Burdett.-Bath Post.- Mere Bath gossip! AppKCpHUTE TEXT.—-A sermon was recently preached in the parish church of Cirencester, in be- half of the Sunday Schools, by the Rev. Matthew Lunn, Vicar of Kempsey, Worcestershire. The Rev. Gentleman took his text from Exodus ii. 9,—" Take this child away, and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages." The collection amounted to £45. THE USE OF A lfAT.-It ought to be known as genc-ra'ly as possible, that a man s hat will serve in most cases as a temporary life-preserver, to per- sons in hazard of drowning, by attending to the following directions — When a person finds himself in, or about to be in, the water, let him lay hold of his bat between his hands, laying the crown close under his chin, and the mouth under the water. By this means the quantity of air contained in the cavity of ihe hat will lie sufficient to keep the head above w.ifer lor several hoars, or mini a-sUtance can be rcurlel cd,




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