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A sfrong rumour was circulated during a great portion of yesterday that government had re- solved to send all the disposable force to Canada, and to call out the militia.-Morning Herald. In the House of Lords on Monday Lord Denman presented two petitions, which, as they came from Coventry, deserved to be returned to the place from whence they came. 'Tbey prayed for a system of general education, without reference to any religious instruction. Where are the Radicals asked a country cousin, who had got admission into the House of Commons to hear the debate one day hist week. Oh said his neighbour, looking about, ik they must have clubbed for a hackney-coach, and gone home; for there are none of them visible in the H ouse."—Spectator. RAYTHER STRONG—Rvery hour hrings with it some fresh aggravation of the evils and perils which beset us on the side of our North American provinces. Every hour brings with it some equally striking illustration of the deplorable recklessness or incapacity with which oar national interests are conducted, by a of creatures better qualified to tiweep the toot way before the doors of our public offices than to set their faces within them.—Times. The "detailed accollnt" of the expenses con- nected with the commission" for adjusting the claims under the "Slave Compensation Act," dis- plays, as might be expected, some exquisite illus- trations of the art of jobbing. First, we find a charge in March 1834, for writing tables, furni- ture." &c to the amount of J?3l2 10s. Then, again, in Sept. following-, another charge" for office furni- ture" of t-215 14s. 5d. For stationary, and hiud- itl. «e find charges to the amount of nearly ^4,000. The total of these charges for the space ol f,ui- years and a half amounts to not less than and of that enormous sum, four whig commissioners have already pocketed 16,000! Within tiio months from the present time, they will be entitled to receive £ 1.0JO more Verily, for a Government carried on without the aid of patron- age," ihewhis niiuisn v contrives to get connected with a tolerable number of jobs j On Wednesday se'nniglit, the Lords of the Privy Council met in conformity with the notice in the London Gazette, to consider the petition of cer- tain inhabitant householders o( Birmifigham, praying for the incorporation of the borough. A counter petition hating in the mean time been extensively signed, delivered to their Lordships from lliose who are o, posed 10 the m?asine; together with a secoiul petition from the same parties, praying that their obj-'ctions might ba set forth by counsel Their Lordships, after consideration, determined in the negative as to the latter application; and ad- journed the consideration of the opposing petitions until Tuesday the 13th. THE FKKIUUK During the present year, 1S38, the following noblemen, who are minors, will become of age, and will be entitled to take their seats in the House of Lords, viz., Lord Audlev, Lord Gif- forl, Lord Lord Lyltleton, and Lord Ward. In addition to these, the following Peers of Parlia- ment are minors, viz., the Marquis of Bath, aged 7 years; Earl Nelson, aged 15 years; Karl of Pomlret, aged 14 years; Earl of Darnley, aged 11 years; Lord 5 years Lord Dover, ag-ed 13 years; Lord Ribblesdale, aged 10 years; and Lord Temple- more, aged 17 years. The present number of Peers of Parliament is 434 but as there are 13 minors, it follows that 421 oulv can at present exercise their high functions in the House of Lords. Slit DANIEL SANDFOllD.-It is with (lie deepest

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