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HOUSE OF COMMONS-SATURDAY. EXTRAORDIVARY MANOEUVRE. rhe Committee of the whole House stood ad- journed to twelve o'clock this day, to take into consideration the amendments of the Canada Bill proposed by Sir William Follett and other mem- bers. At twelve, however, and subsequently through the whole day, the reporters gallery re- mained closed but at half-past twelve the reporters were informed that the house had adjourned, having adopted all the amendments. The arrangement and purpose of this trick are quite intelligible. Mini- sters having had quite enough of discussion, smug- gled down enough of their members to constitute a oommittee, and then hurried over their distasteful work in secret. The time appointed for the Speaker to take the chair to-day was 12 o clock, but shortly before that hour'the House met and transacted all the business before it. The Reporters' Gallery not being opened, we are indebted to the kindness of Mr Rickman (second clerk of the House) for the following brief account of the proceedings:— CANADA BILL. Mr. BERN AL brought up the report of the Com- mittee on the Canada Government Bill, which was agreed to. On the motion of Sir G. GREY, the amendments proposed last night were agreed to, the bill ordered to be reprinted, and read a third time on Monday. The House, after sitting a few minutes, adjourned. (For co0inmtion of Parliament set our second page.) N ( POVERTY AND RESIGNATION. do-- I visited several of the small farnn belonging to tbe-Marquis of ) near Hilltowri, on the west side of the road leadi:ig to Rosirevor, where I found the houses any thing hut coiiir,,)i-tab'e the floor of earth containing little pools of water that had found its way through the roof. In these pools the ducks were paddlitir, and the large pigs walked in and out at pleasure. Some of the dwellings were without a chimney, the smoke making its escape \by holes in the roof and at the door. About eight acres of land were attached to each of these houses on the side of a damp hill. The rent was X4. Some had a cow and horse; but others had neither—not even a pig. Their furniture consisted of a table, and sometimes a chair or a stool or two. Some cabins -on the east side of the road, on an e-tata belonging to Mr B-irrington, are miserable dwell- ings; but whether a middleman intervenes I do not know. I went-into one, twelve feet long by eight wide, the height beiii- short of six feet. This apart- ment was the only one for a man. his wife, and three children. Two acres of poorlalid near the moun- tains were let with this ca;)in, The rent of the whole was X2. The woman met us at the (iior, and with a cheerful smile invited us in. She and her children looked healthy and happy, though the hus- band could not obtain work, and they lived on potatoes alonp. frequeutly without even salt. They were not worth a chair, and the mother sat on the ground. TlÍe happy countenance of this woman astonished me and Ifeel that if I were to call her poor, I should do her an injustice. The bed., if they deserve the name, consist of a little straw on a few poles, raised a foot from the floor, with a scanty blanket and some old rags. If- it poor family call procure a penny-worth of buttermilk occasionally, to be divided amongst six of them, they are satisfied; two shillings per annulU supply them with tea and sugar, which they only usê on particular occasions. These poor lri-shliave frequently not potatoes suf- ficient to. satisfy hunger, and are compelled to seek subsistence from the weeds of the field and the sea-weed of the shore; It is not unusual to boil for food the weed called tbe prasagh, a sort of sinapig, or what in some parts of Enghnd is called ketlock or runch; and where the hawthorn is allowed to grow, they eat the berry, or haws, which they, can "skeehony." Yet their misery is borne with cheer- fulness. The submission of these poor creatures to the hard destiny entailed upon them is remarkable. Upon one occasion a woman observed to me, that «• they had hard fare and disappointments, but God prepared the back for the harden." By way of giv- ing them some little comtori, 1 frequently remarked, thatthey and their children were more healthy than the rich tliey would teply, "God so ordered it for the poor." Binn's Miseries and Beauties of I reland.


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