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BRECOX, Saturday, Sept. 30,…

BRECON RACES. -------- Go.-

1 TO THE I \.,J,;:.;' EDITOR…



FROM THE LONDON GAZETTED- London, Friday, September 22 At the Court at Windsor, the 20th day of September, 1837, present, the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council-It is this day ordered by her Majesty in Coun- cil, that the Rt. Hon. the Lord High Chancellor of that part of the United Kingdom called Great Britain, do issue writs for further proroguing the Parliament, from Monday, the 2d day of October next, to Wednesday, the 15th day of November next. BY THE QLEEN. — A PROCLAMATION". lctona, R.—'Whereas our Parliament stands proro- gued to Monday the 2nd day of October next with the advice of our Privy Council, do hereby publish and declare, that the said Parliament shall be further pro- rogued, on the said 2d day of October next, to Wednes- day, the 15th day of November next; and we have ■ iv. n order to our Chancellor of that part of our L nhfd Kingdom called Great Britain, to prepare a writ patent for proroguing the same accordingly and we do further hereby, with the advice aforesaid, declare our royal will and pleasure, that the said Parliament shall, on the said 15th day of November next, be held and sit for the dispatch of divers urgent and important affairs ar.d the Lords spiritual and temporal, and the knights, citizens, and burgesses, and the commissioners for shires and boroughs of the House of Commons, are hereby rc-ruir d and commanded to give their attendance aecordiV:v, at Westminster, on the said 15th day of Xovtm J; r next. Given at our Court at Windsor this if. day of Sep- tember, 1837, and in the first year of our rei.i/. God save the Queen. BANKRUPTS. Joseph1 Bowerman Cheltenham, c0mmo;l John Denton, Halifax, orksLi>v> «;n- James Newton Garside, Ash tan-under Lme lama shire, cutton spinner. Joseph Bussell Kirk, Burton St. Marv, Gloucestershire furniture broker. illiam Milnes, Leeds, woolstapler. 1 homas Milward, Cheltenham. Gloucester*! re builder. John and M-illiam Mulholland, Liverpool, merchants. John Myrtle, Brighton, butcher. James Plevin, Nantwich, Cheshire, timber merchant. Thomas Blades Walden, Liverpool, silk mercer. James Wharton, Hulnie, Manchester, builder. London, Tuesday, September Cli. INSOLVENTS. John Henry Nainbv, Blackfriars-Road. d- a'.er in tobacco. William Brough, New Park-street, Southwark, blacksmith. BANKRUPTS. illiam Hibbert, Mount-street, Grosvenor-souarc, butcher. William Bennett, Arundel-street, Strand, tavern- keeper. tianiel Barrett, Fetter-lane and Ilolbom-bars. croccr. Robert Graves, Liverpool and Toxteth-park, rope- manufacturer. W illiam Doncaster. Nottingham, dvcr. Joshua V heater, Farnley, Yorkshire, cloth-manu- facturer.

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