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ittottmoutfuSjure. Mr Hanbury Tracy, only brother of the Lord Lieu- tenant of this county, is to be created a Peer forth- with. iiis title will probably be that of his wife's father, the late Lord Tracy. Lord Abinger and Mr Justice Coleridge arrived in Monmoutb, on Saturday last, and were occupied on Monday, and part of Tuesday, in the two courts; the former in trying prisoners, and the latter the civil causes, none of which were of any public interest. COUNTY ELECTION.—Lord Granville Somerset was attended from Troy House, on Wednesday, by the longest train of horseman and carriages we ever saw in Monmouth; and the town was never before,, we believe, so full of the friends and supporters of the candidates, increased as the numbers were by those who came specially to be present at the chairing of the successful candidate for the boroughs. Lord Granville Somerset and W. Addams Williams, Esq., were re-elected without opposition, and afterwards chaired, as was likewise Mr Blewitt, through the principal thoroughfares of the town, exposed to the pitiless pelting of the rain, which continued, with scarcely ten minutes intermission, nearly the whole day. Lord G. Somerset was proposed by the Hon. Mr Rodney, seconded by J. E. W. Rolls, Esq. John Vaughan, Esq., nominated, and Reginald J. Blewitt, Esq., seconded, Mr Williams. The speeches made on the occasion would occupy much more room than it is, we are sorry to say, in our power to devote to them, and we should not do justice to them in a curtailed report. The friends of the different parties dined at their respective hotels. One hundred and forty gen- tlemen commemorated Lord Granville's re-election, by entertaining his Lordship as their guest at the Beaufort Arms, and more than twenty houses were opened to accommodate and make comfortable every freeholder who flocked to his Lordship's standard. In lieu of ribbons, sprigs of oak distinguished the Conservatives, and laurel the Whigs. The chairs, which were tastily covered and decorated with party coloured silks, shared their customary fate, by being outrageously torn to atoms, almost before their occupants were out of them. .1'#1> TO THE EDITOR OF THE GAZETTE & GUARDIAN SIR, A conceited egotistical parasite, who appears in the columns of the Merlin, in the stolen mantle of Monu- methensis, whose H fine Roman hand" is plainly seen holding the goose quill of Fluellen, certainly applies his talents with exceeding industry to please his patrons but with all hisjesuistry and sophistry, he cannot make white black, nor black white. This grandiloquent scribe has the folly and hardihood to come forward and assert what is notoriously matter of fact, with respect to the personal exertions of the High Sheriff, to be "a lie," ergo, that the low partizan" who furnishes you with intelligence, is a liar.—And in the next sentence charges the Postmaster of Monmouth with an offence, (if he could make it one?) of which that respectable indi- tffelual is quite innocent, and which will be proved to be SjjBeandalously false charge, in the Merlin .itself. Let Monumethensit eat his wordi, and be silentand talk no more of corresponding with Mr. Maberly, to injure an honest and meritorious public servant. In conclusion, I would advise the scribe not to break his teeth by snapping at ¡- AN OLD. FILE. Monmouth, Aug. 2nd, 1837.


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BRECON, Saturday, August 5,…



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