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BE NATUIlAlilST'S LIBRARY, Conducted by SIR W'M. JAR DINE, Bart. THE NEW VOLUME, BEING Vol. xvill., with 33 Coloured Plates, JL) and Memoir and Portrait of 1,NI A Re K.-Price6s. FOREIGN BUTTERFLIES. Same Vohim". for Fresents, in extra Morocco, Price 94. 6<f. j in Silk 7a. 6d.; gilt leaves,- THE BUTTERFLY GEM. Any of the first 17 Volumes may be had separately, each with between 30 and 40 Coloured Plates- Price 6s. HIGHLY, London; LIZARS, Edinburgh; CURRY, Dublin. 1 Vol. Svo. Price 12s. illustrated with Plates, Coloured from Nature. ASTHMA, ITS SPECIES AND COMPLICA- TIONS; or Researches into the Pathology of Disordered Respiration, with remarks on the Reme dial Treatment, applicable to each variety; being a Practical nnd Theoretical Review of this Malady, considered in its Simple Form, and in connection with Disease of the Heart, Catarrh, Indigestion, &c. By FRANCIS H. RAMADGE, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Senior Physi- cian to the Infirmary for Asthma, Consumption, and other Diseases of the Chest. London: Longman and Co. FOWI To be Aala btl Auction, By Messrs. BURTON and SON, On MONDAY the 14th day of AUGUST, 1837. at the do G EL I" N, at the hour of 6 o'Clock in the evening, subject to conditions then to be produced, APIECE of FREEHOLD GROUND, extend- ing from the Churcu-yard to the New (toad leading to the intended New Market Place, containing in length 114 feet, and in breadth 62 feet, (be the same more or less.) with a substantial and Oinamenial Building therenu, con\io;n a five stalled Stable. Saddle-Room, Double Coach House, with Curn and spacious Hay-lofts, a Pump of Spring Water; having a frontage of 66 feet, capable of beiug converted into a genteel Private Resi- dence, or to any purpose of Trade requiring room, the situation being most desirable. TO CHEMISTS & DRUGGISTS. TO BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY, ON REASONABLE TERMS, THE neat and well-selected STOCK IN TRADE, Fixtures, handsome Show-Glasses, Sec. &c. late the property of a Chemist and Druggist. The HOUSE and SHOP may be had, if required, situated in one of the pieasantest Market Towns in South Wales. Satisfactory reasons can be given why the late Pro- prietor declined business. The Shop is fitted up in the first style, and the whole of the Stock of Drug-A. &e. have been recently purchased. The above is a favourable opportunity to a young beginner. and may be had on very reasonable terms. Apply, if by Letter, post paid, to Mr. William Day. Accountant, Swansea. 1, Mount Street, 3rJ August, 1837. (j.)J (fJ U1 [l (fJ IJJ,. PRESERVATION or GROUSE, On the Hills of Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, < IN THE COUNTY OF BRECON. IN consequence «*f the Scarcity of Game, NO- TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that NO PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPORT ON THE ABOVE HILLS the ensuing Season, and. any Person found Trespassing, either for the purpose of breaking in Dogs, or under any other pretence whatever, will be Prosecuted. A REWARD OF THREE GUINEAS over and above what i. allowed by Act of Parliament, will be paid by Messrs Vaughan and lievau, Brecon, to any Pesson giving information that will lead to the conviction of the Trespassers. TO TBB GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, FREEHOLDERS, A5TO BBjBOTKNBS, or THE COUNTY OF BRECON. Gb*TLEMS*, 1 THE lamented death of onr "late beloved King1, will impose on her Majesty tbo .duty of summoning a New Parliament, within a limited period; and her Majesty's Minintecs having postponed all measures of importance for the purpose of an early Dissolution, I would have immediately repaired to your highly esteemed' County his late Majesty, however, honoring me by his cdnfidence, has named me one of the Executors to his Will, the duties of which will require, for a few days, my undivided attention. The last s-id tribute of respect to a King, affectionately beloved, will also detain me. Respect to the memory of the dead, needs uo apology to any class of Inhabitants of the Principality. As soon as the Royal Funeral is over, t will immediately repair to the Priory, aad pay my respectsto the Electors in every part of the County. Having so recently addressed you, declaring the Political Principles which wrll continueto regulate my conduct in Parliament, should yotiagain honor ine with that confidence you have reposed in roe for the last 30 YEARS, I need not again enter into a detail of questions, that may, in a new Nri ininene, form the subJect of our deliberations. Firmness in support of the Protestant Established Church, a just regard to the riglits or eitch branch of the Legislature, and a sincere desire to perpetuate the blessings of our happy Constitution, underthe auspices of it youthfut Queen, for whose welfare the urttitfli is now raising its prayers to Heaven, trifl charactei ise any conduct, and I trust, secure your approbation. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your gmtefnl, humble Servant, THOS. WOOD. Littleton, June, 26, 1837. L i; <. I LIST 00 .J.6-f I', Jo:.iF.li. COL. WOOD SUPPORTERS. :i"J 1. H. C. Demetnc Trejojd < » Charles Morgan, Bart.Tredegar Charles M .R. Morgan, MP Ruperra Joseph Bailey, M. P .Glanusk Park George Price Watkius Rhosferrig Henry Allen i Lodge Hugh Bold .Brecon Richard Davies Ditto Samuel Church Frwdgrech Walter Maybtery Brecon Hugh Hold, Jun o. o.Ditto i Thomas Vaughan .Ditto Charles Maybery Penderia Thomas Parker Knwch y Hoe Thomas James .Uandefalley David Thomas .Ffy*ionau, Brecon Willkn Wyntor. Lancelot Morgan .Brecon J. B. Bruce Duckyn, AberdAre W-Ttioinas o. Court House, Merthyr W. Meyriek Gwaclod y Garth D. W. Meyriek Merthyr James Stephens Umthir R. W. P. Davies Court y Gollen .1,¡..b:.t E. W. Seymour Porthmawr Charles Gabett Holly Fieki Geo. W.Jones .Llangrwyiiey, < Edward Lewis Llanbeder wniah •' Arthur R. Gabell Holly Field IV, v., William Parry .Tretower Court ) wo v* > John Hotcbkis Lanusk Villa ;1!)U. Charles Vaughan Castle John R. F. Franco Ivy Tower, CrickhoweTl H. Toucbet Da vies.Green Hill J.D.Thotason Sunny Bank Thomas Davies Pwmyarth John Herbert GiMacb dl"si, Richard Lewis. Dany Park M tot William Guuter Cathedine ï;1 ,11 w Robert Harries .Crickhowell, n- L.i Edward Davies Llangattoc* \< i*' Benjamin James .Park Lodge f hq ,t ThomajByniianrut Crickhowell tti Henry Morgan Ditto ivvj* t<> Thomas Price, Clerk.Ditto Abel Thomas Llangattock W. R. Stretton .Dany Park T. L. lawreoce. Dyffrin Mawr J. Bowen, Clerk Dapygraig John lkwis Crickhowelf W. H. Bevan .Glannant Robert Orton Easton. .Ty mawr, Llanelly Herbert Herbert Circkhowell ± Thomas Burgwynne .Ditto (.i t,iwi Roger Jones Ditto Charles Price Ditto Stephen Jones ••Ystrad Walter Rice > i Henry Allen, jun Oakfield H V Frederick Allen Batb' Humphrey Allen Castle t 4 .,P. h:' .1 tiUit J. W. Morgan Treble Hill, Glasbury John Morgan Tyr L'chod William Bridgewater.Glasbury William Jones Henllas David LI. Harries Llandovery E. P. Lloyd Glanseviti Edward Jones Vdindre, Carmarthenshire H. LI. Helfries.Llandovery Rice Rees .Saint David's College William Rees Llandovery Theophilus Rees Ton, Llandovery David Morgan Prothero.. Llandovery George Window Llaiigeney Edward Herbert. Held, Crickhowell John Morgan Llwyncwtyrysh Llangroiny George Lewis Tynyvro, Llaiigeney James Window Llaiigeney James Williams Penyrhew, ditto David Williams DuttVyn, Llaubedcr John Evans Panteage William Price Penybont, Ditto John Rumsey (iiaii-yt>wlla Evan Herbert .Llanwenarth Cottage William Pi-ic, .Vro, Liaiibi-(ier Ebenezer Ruinsey Ty yn y wlad, Ditto Herbert Pitt Cwm, Llangeney William Parry White Hall, Llaugroiney David Jones, ("lerk .Pontarvraiie David W.Lloyd Aberlloch Phillip Vaughan, Brecon Phillip Price Abergavenny James Morgan, Clerk. ^Broynlhs Castle William Jones, Clerk Lintidevtiilow House John Jones Glauhonddu Gabriel Powell Saint John's Mount William Winston Brecon John Thomas Ditto Evan Winston Ditto William Evans ..Ditto Henry flioinas Liwynmadock Thomas Thomas Penkerrig E. D. Thomas Wellfield Daniel Evans, Clerk Builth Thomas Howell White House, Builth Hugh P. Evans Noyadd, near Rhayader Charles Price, Clerk ;Tyjiygraig J. W. Price.Ditto Charles Powell Ashfield Thomas Price. Y strad, Builth Pbineas Williams Mount, Rhayader John Price, Clerk Builth Tuomas Jones Petcrwell, Builth Thomas Jones, jun Ditto Thomas Davies Llanavan Vawr John Morgan Corrin William Price. Dolelinwitb John Price.Ditto Thomas Price (ilauirvon Thomas Price.Dotyriron i •. T Jeffrey Davies petiwlaiwe H. P. Fkowell Christopher Weale Court Gwenddwr Rees Morgan .Trawscyrch Win. Morgan Wrunaut ReesPrice David Davies Doliron Rees Prothero BwlchniaWr Thomas Price Rhossorlo William Prichard Kilmery Rees Prichard Llethrdu Evan Jones Penlangrick Evan Evans Fronwen David Griffiths Dany Linn Tlkitnas Prosser Bwlch Killey Wm. Morgan Ditto Rees P, Evans Frouwen Rees Davies Glandulas Theoplrilus Jones C-.efeiiybedd James Jones.Goytre John Jones.Tratlwal Benj. Woodin • • • Hotel John Morgan Cefen Hys Gwynne William Tew Builth Thomas Pugh Ditto Thomas Meredith. Park « James Jones Ystrad Thoinjis Davies .Builth John Morris Bui'th John Powell Brecon Lancelot Powetl.. ClydAch Iron Works Thomas John Powell Cantreff Charles Bradley, Clerk Hay Walter Evans, Clerk • .Bailibedw • r. ESdward PVobort..••••••Tyroawr 1 Thomas Bomford Hay William Thomas Wernllwyd John Stephens. -Sheepbouse Morgan Walters, Clerk Hay James Price.. -Hay JohnLlewellin, jun.jsr^^m^y id Higgint.ø.ý Jobn Higgit& 1 William Thomas ione»y.y •• William Price>Hav Tlioma&Hoeper i" J«Hay l~ William Lewis.Hay Joseph Preece. Hay William Hoodhill Hay Evan Bowen, M. D.TulgSrtn Thomas Morgan •Talgarfclt David Joues .Talgarth Robert Phillips -Talgarth Thomas Jenkins Talgnrtb James D»vies .Talgarth Daniel Joues. -Talgartl* Evan Probert Talgarth David firvard William Thomas Talgarth %Vill ijim,Ed wards. Panteog ,Trf»garth JOSCPIIJO"es Dinas, Talgarth John Morgan Kefcn, Talgarth Uwis Parry. Tyissa, Talgarth John Williams .Blaenfynaut David TWnas Riasbury John Badliain .Pipton John Badliam, jun • »Llysven Rwrlcird HoOkins -Llyswen David Parry Llyswen Howell, -Lyswen Willinm Hargost Skynlas t • WilIiaurPowelt Oie Hill 'I William Phillip • • -Brook House | Edward Phillip Llanigon ,i! John White-Olasbury Walter White. Pen y gtmgul Thomas Nichols .Troviitale Llwynfilly James Wiilinan Pol;tithet Phillip Williams. Tyleglase Roger Powell .••»•••• -fyh^tlase Clement Probert ..?•••-Gwernevet Thomas Jones • • -Upper Verralt \Villiam Probert. -Trencwith Evan Vvillialns (;re-,tt House James Williams Forge John Jenkins New Court William Traverse..«".•• • Velindre Thomas Perry Abcrllynvy William Williams Colebrook Rvan Davies. BrQynlly. Tlioinas Morris Therrow William Williams .Pen y worlod Henry Rumsey Williams Carnarvon Osborne Yeats liniqpton Court John Irving, Clerk .Llaritrissenl Vicarage G. A. A. Davies .'lYetower House John Downes Penbryn, Devynnoch Willi;tlq "rhomts. Devynnemb William Morgan Btacnsenny Wstkifr Llojd-. i i a-. i. • /Ficwsilt David Parry, Cletf. Llywell David Jeffreys.Trecastle Thomas Jones..«»•••• ..Treeastle. Evaii Williau)s. ;Tretnstic David Davies,i ..Treieastle Tliomas WatJLins .penygwriodau Thomas Watkins.JJangattock William Christopher .Vantyfteeii, Cwmdu Edward Parry, eialuter.. Abergavenny j John Joues .Melin Marehog, Cwmdu Wm. G. H. Soaaeraet. Clerk Llangatiook Rectory Frederick. Predericka Duffryn H-mme Sackville P. Gwynne Glao,braue Park Walter Powell, Clerk Brecon T.Williams Aberpergwm Charles Tyler I. Monmouth William Winter; M.D.Brecon Richard Douglas Gtvugh O.Yei-A-in jatnes Davies Moor Court, Herafoidshire Ebenezer Fuller Maitlaad..Garth ne11 Charles White -%belrannell John Hotcombe Cetsheaton, Pimbrokqgliim James Robertann HolcosnhcDitto Essex Holcombe 13milth David Winatone^ Clerk L*ww»«= WilliamWiaatqnerClerk ..Clan David Jones .Bayli*« Reea NichoWw.. Thomas Robert Nicholas ..PeW.ay John Lewis Watkin Bowen .Llwyncelia John Moses. Llwyncelm James Jenkins, Clerk • ♦ Blaenavon Thomas C. N'eaie Sprmgfie d EMex^ Richards. Noyadd Llanth«Uy.v,r.i v. Thomas Boweu .*••♦•••«.Cwmflu^ « ► James Jones .Pytragwin Thomas Jones William S. PhHlius, ClerVGloacester Thomas Jones.. •Tre.f* •„ • John Davie# ygwillnn Thomas Daniel 5u,l,h William Bovan Thomas Williams John *• —S"W £ 8 II » Pavid Davies ;Newliouse, Llanaltnfaw, Tbpnn* Wwkinf..t.»•^•Ford<1^*w, iailQ JOi 't v* 1 f' V» i'.tfti ■i I.ewis Watkitis F,,rd(ifawr Walki,is Br,,yniiii Evan Mur^an Bronynllis Thomas Morgan Bronynllis Thomas Prosser. Itronynllis James James Wertivawr Kvan 1'cwell Alltycerrig William Parry .Loegcr 'I'lioma. Jones Li.illgwia David Morgan.Tyrbach John Kinsey Pencraig Roger Williams Gwetnvale, Crickhowell William Jones Blaenycwnj, LlaDguanider William Jmes Nantyrhogfan 1'van Prosser I'orth<unal Thomas Williams Brindu Williams .Courtllowea '1, (wan Jroltll,s Caehdrlln William Jenkins Trebarried N Thomas Jenkins Velinnewydd William Ricketts OntArtilacc& Rv»n Powell Maesilan Kdward Ferrer .Lisa Thomas Thomas.Tregoid j) s Jameq Prohert Treg,,id j" Samuel Jenkins Cwmbach William Pliillip^Cwmsyffydig Jeremiah Kinsey Panteague Phillip 1'rice .Xoyadd a Kdward Vaughan .Keven David Price.Blaenycwm Hecs Priee 1 ynypwll sV. (jeore Woodford Velindre Thomas Watkius Blaenvcwm K. Fiere .LUneily M. Morgan Bodwegiad M. Morgan Bodwegiad Lewis H-,tvod, Cilamorgan Kdward Williams 3arth Hall ,)avid Williams Ditto Joseph Bailey. Juiir Glaittisk Park J(Iiin Ans,lell Glaseilyit, Llanelly. Nash Edwards Vaughan ..Khcola 10 Thomas Powell (Lieut. Col.) LoncJon 1.1 '• (I Thomas I.ewis Lloyd.Nantwyll \}, OJ:. Henry Deacou. Cheltenham •; J >, 1- I. Harries Treferig William Jenkins. Clerk l,langammarch Henry Hamilton Douglas Hermitage David Smith Llangunider Kdward Hvans Ffynuon yr Girin, Llanelly John Williams .Nantyglo Thoma. Morris Llyswen Tnomas Evans. Oid Bank, Chepstow William Price.Llanbeder James Price .Pendre auIitT i John Davies Crickhowell Yy. .,rhoinas Price Trewalkiii i; a. Thomas Price .Garth ch Day id Price Maesllecli William Thomas .Noyadd David Gwiilim l'orthllwyli Thomas Jones.Penkarhelle John Davies .Brynyoye Thomas Thomas. Aberdylas John Lloyd Bwlchginwyn William Bowcott V roo John Watkins N'autgwyn Thomas Pugh Jthescog Walter Willams,Clerk Llewynkintevia James Powell Pantyagallog. Thomas Pierce .Llanelly John Jarratt Ditto John Freaviao Ditto. :ill ('1 ;r) (| Watkin Watkins.Ditto John Pro.,gar [)Itto ,A WillialuWillialU Aberbaidon Henry Saunders CWI]Dollney John Thomas .Glan y tfynnon Osmund Arthur Wyatt .rroy House, Monmouth Thomas Morgan, D.D. N. K. Lodge, or. Portsmouth Thomas Gratrex Carmarthen Richard Johnson Rainney House John Maund .Pontypool 0. A. S. Davies Pentre, Newcastle Euilyn Kichard Banks Kitigioli Thomas Lawrence .Brecon Williaui l'owell. Clerk. Pertlly ,„ T. B. M. Baskerville .Clyrow Court HI B. Walters .Vic. Gibbon.Hay yr Thomas Jones Vanog ,¡Ii'i John Jones, Clerk Llanspythid William Crawshay, tsq.Oyfartbfa Castle E. P. Richard" .Cardiff Wjlliam Williams Aberbaidan Wm. Morgan Llanwenarth House Win. Morgan, Jun Ditto Wm. Morgan Bridgend T. A. Williams MOI)tnOutil W. A. Williams Monmouth Charles A. PritchaTd.Ty llwyd, Newcastle-Emlyn J. Davie* ..Llanybyther Howell Williams Ship Street, Brecou Howell Maund .Brecon Vl William Webb ..Brecon B.odA.Sy XQtV&y Brampton Brian 1 .v John Wm. Lloyd Llangadotk. Oaromwbonshire Thoma* Pugh Clifford Oaaiond A. Wyatt Troy House Jankin Jones .Streatham A. F. Spark*$ Bridgenorth Hugh A. Levi" .Laonninster Thomas Mo gan, Captain ..Swansea Thomas WiWiams, Clerk Ijtmvapley Jamas Jenkins Blaenavon Alexander Cutbhertson .Neath Eb. Morris .Llanelly, Carmarthenshire Wm. Williams, (Captain),. Brecon Wtu. North Brccon Thos Jones Phillips Newport Dt J. Edwards Khydygorse David Williams Alton Rectory Samuel Homfray Bed welty'House Thomas Robert Nicholas ..Penvay, Llywfll Rees Williams .Wernfawr, Llanzanton Isaac Bfevan. Krrw Glishon Isaac Williams Llanvardrew ltees Powell Janies Price Glynllech ThomM Lewis Ddoi, near Newcastle Emlyn John Williams .DanyraJIt, Llanvigan John 1'rosser Fountain, Brecon Kvau Powell Abercyruog, Llamlilo fane Ho,well Po..Il I)itto John Powell, Clerk .Cowbridge Satnirel Hancoru ..•••••••• 1 David Lewis. Lansaunor, Glamorganshire Geo. Brewer, sour Vale Iron Works Geo. Brewer, jnnr. Ditto John Brewer, senr.Ditto John Brewer, jUuf.» .T>.Nlewport Hopkin terkins I'hdmas Vener LWnellen Uenry Lewis .i.« .A^erystwith TO FREEHOLDERS, AND ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. GËRN, ACCEPT my best thanks' for tllic honour you have conferred upon me, by- electing me for the eleventh time one of your Representatives in Par- liament.- A constant attention to your interesii, and au antioua desiry to promote your welfare and that of the Country at large, shsiH evince the grateful-sense which I enter- tain of your kindness; and I will endeavour, by an efficient discharge of my Public Duties, to show the sincerity of my acknowledgments, and the heartfelt satisfaction I experience at this renewed mark of your confidence. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient, humble Servant, GRANVILLE CHARLRS HENRY SOMERSET. Monmouth, August, 2nd, 1837. TO THE" Of THE UNITED BOROUGHS OF MONMOUTH t,Nevnvor t and Usk. GENTLEMEN, IT is with much regret that I address you on the inauspicious termination ôfthe struggle in which you have been engaged. You have, upon this occasion, recorded a considerable majority of your votes in favour of my opponent, and I should bow with all humility to your decision, did I believe it to he the free and unbiassed expression of your political opinions. Such, however, from the as- surances of support with which I was met previously to going to the poll, I am inclined to think cannot be the case. A mighty engine has been silently but effec- tually working against the Conservative cause in these Boroughs, invigorating the arm of its enemies, with- drawing sojuie waveriag friends from its ranks, and crippling the energies of. many of its genuine and true supporter*. This mighty engine, gentlemen, is not public opinion-but an establishment, the direction of whose powers has given to my opponent an influence greater than could have been anticipated, and has placed several of my friends in the ridiculous but painful position of indirectly fighting against their own political views. Added to this, the active interference of persons, who from the delicacy of their situation we might reasonably have expected would not have ap- peared on the stage, and the broken faith of some pro- fessing friends, have contributed largely to my defeat. I should not have alluded to this subject did I not think it. right to relieve myself from the imputation of having disturbed the harmony of your abodes unneces- sarily, and without a reasonable chance of success- Allow me to take this opportunity of expressing a hope, that the pleasing ties of private friendship, which may in any instance have been temporarily severed by the warmth of political feeling, may be speedily and per mancntly re-united. Conservatives! most heartily do 1 hope that ere long your good cause may be triumphant. May victory crown your efforts under soim more fortunate leader! In parting, permit me to offer you my, warmest thanks for your generous support upon this and former occasions, and to assure you that I shall ever feel grateful for the kindness I have experienced at your hands. I remain, Gentlemen, Yours, faithfully and obliged, JOSEPH BAILEY, Jun. Glanusk Park, 27th July, 1837. TO THE INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THE UNITED BOROUGHS OF MONMOUTH, Newport and Usk. My VERY WORTHY AND ESTEEMED FRIENDS! PLACED at the head of the Poll, by a majority of 54, I have this day been elected as your Repre- sentative in Parliament. For the very flattering manner in which you have conferred upon me this highest ob- ject of a commoner's ambition, permit me to return you all that Gratitude has to offer-a heart full of thanks As we have been active in the fight, so let us be temperate in our victory. Let us rejoice, but in modera- tion satisfied with haying convinced our opponents that there is in these Boroughs a spirit of liberty and inde- pendence, which all, the power of the great and the wealthy will never be able to suppress. I remain, Your very obliged and grateful Friend and Servant, R. J. BLEWITT. King's Head Inn, Monmouth, July 26th, 1837. TO THK ¿£,ra J} œ ([)ill OF Cardiff, Cowbridg-e, TFC. XilantrisBent. GENTLEMEN, ALLOW me to return you my sincere and grateful thanks for the honor conferred on me in again Electing me your Representative in Par- liament. I sincerely regret that indisposition prevented my attendance at Cardiff, on the Day of Election, but hope at an early period to be enabled in person to thank you for this fresh and continued proof of your esteem and confidence. I assure you that it will be my constant study, faithfully and honestly, to discharge the duties im- posed on me, and, by a strict attention to the Agricultural and Commercial Interests of the County of Glamorgan, and to your Local Interests in parti- cular, to evince the gratitude I feel. I remain, Gentlemen, Your obliged and faithful servant, JOHN NICHOLL. 33, Belgrave Square, 28th July, 1837. TO THE GENTRY, CLERGY, AND OTHEIR OF THE COUNTY OF < C ARM A R THEN. GENTLEMEN, THE lamented deith of our late beloved King has rendered a Dissolution of Parliament necessary, and there is every appearance that such an event will take place within a short period. It becomes therefore my duty to state, that it is my intention, whenever the time comes, to offer my Services again to yon, as one of your Represen- tativet in the House of Commons, I need not (having had so longa connexion with you) enter at this moment into any detail of my Politioal Prinoi- ples,—they must be well known to you. And it is, believe me, a source of sincere gratification, when I reflect that they have on many former occasions prooured for me, at your hands, so cordial and efficient a support. To those principles I mean most scrupulously to adhere, as I am convinced they alone are capable of guiding thia great Country through the dangers which have for some time past so seriously threat- ened it. I shall shortly leave London for our County, when I shall take an early opportunity of paying my respects to you in person. I am, Gentlemen, Your most obliged And faithful Servant, GEO. RICE TREVOR. Stratton Street, Juty 1st, 1837. TO THE (jjJ !!J !l!J ill 'i:t GENTRY AND FREEHOLDERS, Oll Tll,, County of Glamorgan. GENTLEMEN, I BgO to apprize you that the Magistrates, assem- -m. bled at the Neath Quarter Sessions, considered it essential, that an additional CORONER for the County should be appointed, !in(i thnt the Parishes of Merthyr, Gellygaie, Aberdare, Lanwonuo and Ystrad- yfodwg. including the Hamlet of Rliigos, should be the District for which he should especially act. and in which he should reside; and they directed the the necessary measures to be taken accordingly, to obtain an additional Coroner duly appointed. Being a resident i» Merthyr, the central Town of the District and in other respects well qualified to discbarge efficiently the duties of that important office, 1 hope for the honour of your Votes and sup- port in my behalf at the Election, which will shortly tftkc place. It is considered, and I think properly so, that all public offices in Wales should be filled by persons well acquainted with the VVelsli Language. I am happy to say, that 1 an very well acquainted with that Language; for without knowing it, I should consider myself unfit for an office, more peculiarly exercismi-iii respect of ccldents happelling to the working classes of the iron and coal works, who, with few exceptions, converse in the Welsh Language exclusively. When the day of Election wiU have been fixed, I will give the isarliest notice of the time, that my Friends, and those Gentlemen who have so kindly and warmly honored me with their support, may be enabled to attend with the least possible inconvenience to themselves. I again beg'to return my most grateful thanks for the support I have received, and which, I can truly say, gives me every prospect of success. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Yoyr most obedient humble servant, WM. DAVIES. Merthyr, Jane 30th, 1937. TO TH WOBltlTY, CLERDY, (DENTRY9 AND FREEHOLDERS OF THE County of Glamorgan. MY LORDS and GEVTLEMEV, rADDRRSSED you on the 1st and 3rd of April i last, soliciting the favour ol your Votes for the COttONKRSHIP for the Eastern Division of this County; since which, the Lord Chancellor has been petitioned to appoint an additional Coroner for the ,t -t district, including Merthyr, Aberdare, Gellygaer, Lan- wonno, Ystrad a vodog and fthigos; and. ( again beg to offer myself as a Candidate for the appointment, being an Inhabitant of Merthyr and a member of the Legal Profession, and possessing the qualifications necessary for such a-responsible, and important office. My opponent says, one qualification for the Coro- ncrsliip is a complete knowledge of the Welsh lan- guage- Now, while 1 have no doubt I shall be fully qualified in this respect, as my profession rendered it prudent for me to become acquainieu with the Welsh language, and I have given my attention to it pre vious to the vacancy for the Coronership, and I feel fully satisfied ( have acquired a competent knowledge; but I deny that even this is really necessary. The Judges, the Magistrates, the Barristers, and all the Coroners throughout Wales, conduct all their pro- ceedings in English and not in Welsh: nor is such a qualification in 11 the least necessary for the ends ot jus. tice, or for the people, as most of them, in Merthyr, converse freely in English. Such a statement can only weigh with such as would vote from prejudice, and is only made for that purpose. As ray qualifications remain unquestioned, allow me again humbly to solicit the favor of your Votes at the approaching Election- I have the honor to be, With great respect, Your very obedient humble servant, JANILS WAPT) HUSSELF,, iSolicUori Idertbyr Tidfll, 7th JUIY, 1937,

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