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ASSENT OF THE ROYAL NASSAU BALLOON FROM VAUXHALLGARDENS. MELANCHOLY TERMINATION OF THE P A It A- rmTH EXPERIMENT. Yestcrdy being the time APPOINTED for the essay of a novel machine, by which a descent was to be effected from th" balloon when at a considerable altitude, the Gardens, long efore the hour specified presented a most animated ó\j)pearallce, Indepen- dently of the numbers congregated, the quality of THE company was altogether more distiiu/ncc than we remember 10 have \i t nessed upon any former occasion oflhis descriptinlO, At an early hour the visitors Hockcd from all quarters. Kenningtou-lane was thronged with ELEGANT equipages, and in the eit- closure were to LIE semi their owners, consisting of some of the chtc of THE fashionable world. The tillle which had elapsed since an attempt to descend by a parachute, and more particularly the novel CIIII. struction of that which was yesterday exhibited, added to the perilous nature of the teat intended to be achieved, bad combined to cause all unusual ex- citement in the pub'ie mi.id. Curiosity, however. induced all assembled to bear the delay which occurred with great good temper; and to attribute it to the right cause, which, in justice, to Messrs. Hughes and Gye, the respectable, proprietors of the gardens, we feel it our duty to slate was a laudable anxiety. 1st. That Mr Cocking should not ascend if be felt in the smallest degree doubtful as to his sllcces; and, secondly, that if he did, every possible precau- tion should be taken, himself (ML Cocking) super- intending thdt no defect or oversight in any of the mi nut IRE should endanger his safety. So averse were they to he considered as urging hilll to the attempt that at the last moment, and even for several d >vs previously, they had not. only en- deavoured to dissuade hilll, but actually, when the preparations were (,ol1e1uded, offered to make an apology to the company, return the money paid at the doors, and take upon themselves all the con- sequences which might arise from the disappoint- i i t. The unfortunate inan as, however, unhap- pily so wedded to his own theoretical project, as tone resolute in his determination, and at about half-past seven o'clock the balloon (coIPuil1ill AIR Green and Spencer, his solicitor, having previ- ously been suffered to ascend a snfbcient height exactly over the parachute to attach the latter by a single cord to the car) the ropes which had re- struincd the balloon were released, and the whole mounted nearly perpendicularly at first, into the air, amidst the plaudits of assembled thousands. The beauty of the eveninii; and the intensity of ttie interest excited, conspired to render the assent one of the most majestic ever witnessed. Tile balloon, with the parachute, were visible for several minutes, passing directly over the Thames, and apparently taking the direction of Bayswater and Acton- Shortly afterwards they appeared to enter a cloud, and became lost to sight. The com- pany began to separate, and, mingling ''lith the er()\\f\ congregated around, and in every AVENUE leading to, the gardens, formed a tableau cirant of high file and low-lile in not (infrequently amusing juxtu-position. All, nevertheless, seemed, hieing homewards -impressed with different notions of the resnl t, but the prevailing-opinion, particularly amongst the humbler classes, appeared to be that some accident or misfortune would occur. WE grieve at being compelled to turn from this scene of amusement and mirth, and record the disastrous conclusion. A gentleman on horseback felt so interested in the fate of the unhappy adventurer that he contrived to follow so nearly the course taken, that he was within a short distance of the spot where the separation was effected, and through his information we are enabled to stale that the parachute fell in a field at Lee, in Kent. At first it maintained its proper position, and appeared fully capable of offering sutlicient resistance to the air to sustain the weight of itself and cargo withollt dangerous rapidity but it afterwards lost its]posi tion, and descended with a frightful velocity. The body of the unfortunate Mr Cocking was found enveloped in the folds of the parachute, his head dreadfully fractured, and life totally extinct. Several medical gentlemen were in prompt at- tendance, who essayed every means in their power to restore animation, but in vain. It is conjectured that, in attempting to influence the course 01 his descent by some inflexion of his body the deceased occasioned the parachute to lose its equilibrium, and fracture the brass hoop which held it expanded. Mr Cocking possessed an inde- pendence, which placed him above the necessity of making stich an experiment for any prospect of emolument: indeed, VIE are cred bly informed he was not to be paid anything, but he had been studying the subject, and with a not uncommon enthusiasm thought he had attained certitude and perfection. He hIs left a widow to deplore his loss, BUT was without cliil(lren.Ilorning Post of Tuesday.

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