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The Address of the Society of Quakers to the Queen is C. document of no ordinary interest. The simplicity and piety of its tone are in a certaiu sense as conventional as the more gaudy langnage of other addresses; but, whell plain souse appears clothed in plain words, we do not ask what are the motives of the speakers, but are at once struck with the superiority of unadorned truth to the verbiage of courtly rhetoric. The following was the address:— To Victoria, Queen of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging. May it please Ihe Queen. Ie We, thy dutiful and loyal subjects, members of the religious society of Friends comrnonlv called Quakers, and representing 'hat body in Great Bri- tain and Ireland, are anxious to take the earliest opportunity of thus expressing our cordial and faithful attachmeut to our Queen. We sensibly feel the loss of our late beloved Monarch King William IV.; we look hack upon his reig-II a" a period of no common importance in tlie history of our country, marked as it has beeu by the extension of civil and religious liberty, by mercy and compassion to the guili y, and by the recognitions of the rights of our enslaved fellow-subjects. We rejoice in these features of his government, as evideiK cs of the increasing sway of Christian prin- ciple in ilie legislation ot our country. "Under feelings of thankfulness to Almighty God we offer to thee, our Queen, on ihy accession to the throne of these REALMS, our sincere congratulations on the prevalence of peace abroad and tranquiility at home. May nothing be permitted to interrupt these blessings, and may the conviction more ulld more prevail, that war is alike unchristian and impolitic. "Convinced as we are that the religion of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer, is the only foundation for the true happiness of man, and the prosperity of a people, and that it is the sacred bulwark to any Government, our prayN~ to God is, that it mav be the stability of thy Thro and may influence all tl;. deliberations of thy council. "He pleased, 0 Queen, to accept our earnest and heartfelt desire that thou mayest seek for heavenly wisdom, to enable thee to fulfil the arduous duties which in the ordering of Divine Providence thou art thus early called to pcrfoi UI. Mayest thou live iu the fear of God, and may he incline thy heart to k ^EP his law, and richly endow thee with the grace of his H'dy Spii it, and at length, when the days of thy delegated trust on earth arc ended, mayest thou, through the mercy of God in Christ JeMus, enter upon an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that (aneth not away." Her Majesty returned the following gracious answer :— I thank you for your condob nee upon the death of his late Majesty, for the justice which you reuder to his character, and to the measures 01 his reign, and for your warm congratulations upon IllY acces- sion to the throne. 1 join in your prayers for the prosperity of ;.NY reign, the best security for which IS to be found in reverence for our holy religion, and to the observ- ance of its duties."

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