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CHIT CHAT. Mr Coke has been created Earl of Leicester. Is not this one of the titles of the Marquis hend, a supporter of the present Cabinet? Call vou this backing your friends," my Lords Mel- bourne and Co.! The Queen Dowager gave directions to her suite and household to attend the drawing room in her state carriage. The noble- men and gentlemen were presented at the levee, and the ladies of the bedchamber and maids of Viononr nt the drawing-room A clergyman in a farewell sermon, observed that during- his resi- dence amongst his parishioners he had preached against every vice hut luxurious living, their delect in this particular he had no means of ascertaining. A subscription, says the Bon Sens, is about to he opened at Paris for raising a suitable monu- ment to the brave men who died on the field of battle at Waterloo. A committee is forming, of of which it is reported Marshal Soul! will be the president. The Birmingham and Liverpool Uailway was partially opened to the public last week, as far as Boxmoor. The first train smarted at ten o'clock, when twelve carriages.containing about 2 10 passengers, left the station at the back of Euston Square,undera salute of musketry. SirThomas Overbury says that he who has nothing to boast of hut illustrious ancestors, is like a potato, the only good part of him is under ground. It may now be considered as certain that by the end of September the iron railroad will be opened on the one side to on the other toTirlemont. It is also certain that by the end of the year it will he carried as far as Liege.-Hrus.els pr;"er,- We have heard that Dr Hampden, Regius Professor of Divinity in the Protestant University of Oxford, is and has been earnestly exerting himself in favour of "r tonor, the Roman Catholie candi- date for that county. We cannot believe it — John Bull-A lady wrote this letter to her husband "[write to YOII, because I have nothing to do; I end my letter, because I have nothing to say. Girdlestone. a custom-house officer, was on Thursday week fully committed to Newgate from Guildhall, on a charge of having plundered the ship Uh/ssein the London Docks, of property to a large amount. Lord Brougham's private audience with the Queen on Sunday has given rise to much surprise, it not being usual with ex- ministers 10 be so favoured while their colleagues continue in office.—Morning Herald. DEFINI- TION 010' A DRUNKARD — A pious divine of the old school says, a drunkard is an annoyance of modesty, the trouble of civiLity, the caterpillar of industry, the tunnel of nealth, the brewer's agent, the alehouse benefactor, the beggar's companion, the constable's trouble, the woe of his wife, the scoff of his neighbour, his own shame, a walking swill-tub, the picture of a beast, and the monster of a man;" — Among the splendd equipages on Monday week of the Foreign Ambassadors at the prorogation, the most remarkable for their richness and decorations, were the carriages of the Russian and Turkish ministers. The Young" Duke of Roxburgh is created a peer of the realm, and will sit in the Upper House bv the t i tl e of Earl of Innes. Mr Coke of Norfolk i as yet the only commoner on whom the Queen has bestowed a patent of nobility; his new titles are Viscount Coke and Earl of Leicester At the Kvlesof Bute, on Tuesday week, a whale, forty feet in length and twelve in breadth, was taken in a salmon net by the stewards of Arthur Scoulen. Esq. It was afterwards taken to Glasgow, and exhibited in the cattle market. SAMJTA- TloN. The salutatir. between Mr Weller and his friend was strictly confined to the freemasonry of the craft; consisting of a jerking round of the right wrist, and a tossing of the little finder into the air at the fame time. We OIlC knew two famous coachmen (ihey are dead now, poor fellows) who were twins, and between whom an un- affected aud devoted attachment pxisted. They passed each other on the Dover road every day, for I wont v-four years, never exchanging1 any other greeting thau this; and yet, when one died, the other pined awav, and soon afterwards followed hi.n !—Pickwick Papers.

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