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TO THE ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. GENTLEMKN, HPHK impending Dissolution of the present House of Commons will shortly impose upon you the important duty of electing Members to represent you in the new Parliament. Allow me to express a hope that my votes and conduct have sufficiently corresponded with my pro- fessions at the last Ek-ction, to justify you in continuing to honor me with that proof of your unabated confidence which is implied in a re-election to represent you. During the four Parliaments in which I have had the honor to sit for Glamorganshire, 1 have the satis- (action to think, that I have never given a single vote on public questions which did not,according to my deliberate judgment, tend to the improvement and, therelore, to the ultimate security and prosperity of our country and its institutions; anil as long as you are pleased to extend to me that favour and indul- gence which t have thus often received at vour hands. lean conscientiously promise to you, that the same principles as heretofore will continue to guide my course: because I believe as sincerely, and more firmly than ever, that it is only by the persevering action of temperate and well considered Reforms, whether of Church or State, that the seeds of decay, so evidently springing up and flourishing among the nations, can be checked in their growth in this happy country. I have the honor to remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient, humble Servant, C. R.MANSEL TALBOT. London, June 29th, 1S37. County of Brecknock. I CRAWSHAY BAILEY, Esquire, Sheriff of\ 9 the County aforesaid, DO HEREBY GIVE PU HUC NOI'ICK, that in pursuance of her Majesty's VVrit.to me directed and delivered,.4 SPKCIAI.COL VTY COUi IT WILL UK HOLOKN by me, at the SHI HE H.-VLL, in the Town of IMiKCON, in the said County, on THUKSD.A V, the Third day of ALHi UST next, at Ten of the j'clock in the foreonon, for the purpose of" HLKCriNtj one Kmirht of the Shire to serve iu far- Iidinent, for the aid County. Dated ihis Twentieth day of Julv, ls37. CitAWSilAY BAILFY. J Sheriff. TO THE GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, FREEHOLDERS, Æ1WJW mllimC0"Ir@Iffi;¡ OF THE COUNTY OF BRECON. GENTLEMEN, THE lamented death of our late beloved King, will impose on her Majesty the duty of summoning a New Parliament, within a limited period and her Majestv's Ministers having postponed all measures (if ittil)ot,t,,tiiec for the purpose of an carly Dissolution, 1 would have immediately repaired to your highly esteemed County: his late Majesty, however, honoring me by his confidence, has named me one of the Executors to his Will, the duties of which will require, for a few days, my undivided c attention. The last sad tribute ol respect to a King, alFectionatelv beloved, will also detaill me. Respect to the memory of the dead, needs no apology to any class of Inhabitants of the Principality. As soon as the Roval Funeral is over, I will immediately repair to the Priorv, aad pay my respects to the Electors in every part of the County. Having so recently addressed you, declaring the Political Principles which will continue to regulate IllV cOllduet in Parliament, should you ag-ain honor me with that confidence you have reposed in me for the last 30 YEAKS, I need not again enter into a detail of questions, that may, in a new Parliament, form the subject of our diliberations, Firmness in support of the Protestant Established Church, a just regard to the rights of each branch of the Legislature, and a sincere desire to perpetuate the blessings of our happy Constitution, under the auspices of a youthful Queen, for whose welfare the nation is now raising its pravers to Heaven, will characterise my conduct, and, I trust, secure your approbation I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your grateful, humble Servant, TIIOS. WOOD. Littleton, June, ü, IS37.