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into 4!to be SoiU t»i> Auction, By Messrs BURTON & SOX, At the TOWN JURY ROOM, on MONDAY the 14th I)a v of AUGUST next. at 12 o'Clock at noon, subject to such conditions as shall he then produced, the fol- lowing FIIEKHOLD PROPERTY:— 0'1' 1 -A and C.A!il)EN;. coiitainiiis, T- or I—A MESSUAGE and GARDEN", containing T Ir. 3". in the occupation of James Lewis, situate on the side of the Turnpike Itoaii leading to Wouastow, and ■within halt a mile of the Town. LoT 2-A Piece of ORCHARDING, containing 3a. 1 r. op, in tlie ore up atton of Mr. Edward Phillipt.situatc on the Hanks of the Ni-ntio, in the Parish, and with- in a quarter of a mile of the Town of Monmouth. LOT 3. A WAREHOUSE, with the WHARF ad- joining, i:i the occupation of Mr. Henry Hughes, situate below^Wye JJiiiitre, in the said Town. I.ox T—\ MESSUAGE, adjoining the last Lot, in the occupation of Kichinl l* idler. [iOT -j a CO'LTAGE and GARDEN, in the occu- pation of Samuel Davies, situate on the Cinder-hill, in tbp .aid [.OT v,-A Heee of MEADOW GROUND, situate in Chippenham Me;.d. in the occupation of Mr. J. G. Hughes, containiog 2A. IR, 20P. i;oT 7-A Piece of ORCHARDING, containing 2R. situate on the Cinder-hill, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Raker. |y;X 8. — Two several Pieces of MEVROW GROUND, in the occuuasion <>f Mr. William Folleit, containing altogether 10A. OR. OOP. situate ill the 1 ansh of Dixton, and within a mile and a half of the I own. LOT 9. Piece of [,AND, formerly part of the Crown and Thistle property, containing about 24> and a half feet in Frontage, and extending back to property belongine to Mr. R. l'owle- LOT JO.-Oiie other Piece of LAND adjoining the last mentioned Lot, containing in length 24 and a half feet in frontage, and extending back to Mr. Powics' property. LOT I I .-One other Piece of Lano adjoining the last mentioned Lot. containing in length 24,i leet in frontage, and extending hack to Mr Powles's Property. LOT 12. —One other Piece of Land adjoining the last mentioned Lot, containing feet in frontage, and extending back to Mr Powles's Property. LOT lo. —One other Piece of Land, situate opposite the intended New Market, iu Monmollth, haviug a frontage of 22 fee:, and extending back to Premises belonging 10 Edward Dawe LOT l'¡'On other Piece of Land adjoining the last mentioned Lot. containing a frontage of 22 feet, and extending back to Mr Dawe's Premises. LOT 15-—One other Piece of Land adjoining the last mentioned Lot, containing a frontage ot 22 feet, and extending back to Premises in the occupation of Mr-. Cottereil. LOT 16.—One other Piece of Land, adjoining th last mentioned Lot, containing a frontage of 22 feet, and extending back to Premises belonging to Mrs Cottereil, and Mr Avery. LOT 17,-Oue other Piece of Land. adjoining the last mentioned Lot. having a frontage of 22 feet, and extending back to Premises belonging to Mr Avery and Mr Dyke. LOT IB.-f)ne other Piece of Land, adjoining the last mentioned Lo'. having a frontage of 22 feet, and extending back to Premises belonging to Mr Dyke. LOT 19.—One other Piece of Land, adjoining the last mentioned Lot. having a frontage of 22 feet, and extending back to Premises belonging to Mr Cnarles Buxton. The several Tenants will shew Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Luts 9, 10, 11, and 12 adjoin, and the other Lots. from 12 to 19. are situate opposite the intended New Market, in the Town of Monmouth; a Ground Plan of which may be seen on application at the Office of the Town Cle.k. For further particulars apply to the Town Clerk of Monmouth—all letters to be post paid. Monmouth, 27th July Itf37. MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT IN HEREFORDSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Manor, MJMiMM MiUJiK < £ ESTATE, WITH I PWARDS OF EIGHTEEN HUNDRED ACRES OF cy CALLED EASTON COUiiT ESTATE. 1ro be JboltJ bJZ Euctton, Bv Messrs. BROOME & SON, At the W'GEL INN, Ll'DLO IV, on MONDAY,the 2Sth Dav of AUGUST, 1837, unless previously disposed of by Private C ntract, of which due notice will be given; A MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD MANOR, and KST ATE. of 1820 Acres of capital Grass and Corn LANDS. WOODS, HOP-GROUNDS, and OR- CHARDS, and a capital Stoiie-htillt MANSION HOUSE. with Offices of everv description, comprising excellent STABLING, CO\CH-HOUSRS. Walled GALtfJEN, and everv suitable convenience for a country Residence. In the SCHlth Front of the Mansion there isa.Spacious Lawn, with Ornamental Timber Shruhbe ies and Planta- tions, and the whole Estate is well stocked with growing Timber, and is adjoining the Mail Road from Ludlow to Worcester Veing within 6 Miles of Ludlow, 9 \liles of Leominster. 3 Miles of Tenbarv, and 25 of Worcester. The whole Estate lies within a ring fence, and is bounded by the RiversTetne and Ledwyche. Printed Particulars with Plans annexed, may be had after the 20th of July, upon application to Mr Kenoulhet, 65, Haiton Garden, Loudon, of Messrs. Meredith and Reeve, Lincoln's Inn, Messin. Chapman and Co., Land Agents, Arundel-itreet, Strand, at the principal Inns in Worcester, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Ten- bury, Leominster, and Ludlow and for further particu- lars an d to view the Estate, application may be made to Messrs. Tench and Son, Land Agents. and Mr. G. H. Dansey, Ludlow, at whose Office au Original Map of the Estdte may be seen. WHELPDALE & Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Crorir* attir era 23ralm, HIGH-STREET, BRECON. WHELPDALE & Co., be? respectfully to an- nounce to the Public of Brecon and its neigh- bourhood, their intention to commence business as GROCERS AND TK\ DEALERS, on SATU It DAY, the 29.'h of JCLY, 1837, at their Premises, in HIGH- STH EET, BRECON. The Town of Brecon is perhaps the onlv place of importance in Great Britain, which does not possess a Grocery Establishment, unconnected with the Drapery and other Trades; W. and Co. pre- sume. therefore, that a Concern of this description, to which the entire attention ot the principals is devoted, cannot fail to meet with encouragement. But W. & Co., request their support on other grounds. The principles upon whirl, their Establishment is founded, are READY MONEY, QUICK KETl'RNS and SMALL PROFITS. Acting on this plan, they solicit their at- teution to the qualities and prices of their Articles. The only mode to judge whether their professions are maintained, is to compare, and, therefore, THEY IN- VITE COMPARISON. W. & Co.. having taken advantage of the present distress, and consequent decline in the Markets, have thus been enabled to purchase their various articles on the best terms; and although they do not pretend to sell without profits, they assure the Public that thoe prolits will be the smallest possible their system is not to realize large gains, but to sell for Cash, as reasonably as the markets will permit. They are determined that the Inhabitants of this Neighbourhood shall be placed upon the same footing as other consi- derable piaces, and that they shall have an opportunity of purchasing Groceries as low as they are rendered in anv Town m the Kingdom. Since the Tea-:rade has been thrown open tocompeti- tion.niost important advantages have already been derived. While the qualities are quite equal to those formerly imported by the East India Company, the prices have fallen 50 per cent. W. & Co., will pay great attention to the selection of those vanons kinds which combine strength and fragrance with agreeable flavour.—Their Tea* will come direct from the Government Bonded Warehouses inio theiis. There will be no intermediate profit—they will regularly attend the difterent Tea Sales, a 1111 the Teas purchased will be rendered at a trifling addition to itic, original cost. The necessity to send to London no longer exists; for while Teas as udoriferous and excellent in their djdereut sorts, may be obtained of W. & Co., those large prolits will he saved which it is well known, London Tea Dealers fail not to eaact from their" Country Customers." WHELPDALE & Co., most respectfully solicit from the Public their pationage and support. ø lJ GLAMORGANSHIRE TO WIT. THOWEL GVWN, Esquire, Sheriff' of Ihe 3 County of Glamorgan, having received her 3 County of Glamorgan, having received her Majesty's Writ. under the Great Seal of Great Britain, for the ELECTION OF TWO KNIGHTS to serve for this County in the Parliament to be holden at the City of Westminster, ou the Eleventh day of September next ensuing, do, in obedience to the said Writ, and of the several Statutes in that case mane alid provided, HEREBY PROCLAIM AND GIVE PUB LIC NOTICE, that at a Special County Court, which wiil be hoWten at the TOWN HALL, in the Town of BRIDGEND, in and for the said County, on TUESDAY 1st day of At G US J next, at nine of the ciock in theFofe- noon. Pursuant to the Statutes in that case made and pro- vided, I pr°cee«A to sijch Election, w hen and where all Persons interested therein will be heard, and are to give thtir attendance accordingly. Dated the twentieth dav of Jlily, 0OC thousand, eight hundred and tbiity- seven. JiOWEli GWYN, Sheriff. GLAMORGANSHIRE ELECTION. r|" HE COMMITTEE for CONDUCTING the i ELECTION of LORD ADAItE sit daily at the WYNDHAM AlDIS INN. at BRIDGKVD, "whore it is requested all communications "Iav he addressed. The High Sheriff has ti\cd TUESDAY, the 1st of AUGUST, for the Nomination of Candidates. Wyndham Arms Inn, 17th July, lb37. GLAMORGANSHIRE ELECTION. DAY OF NOMINATION (AT BRIDGEND), TUESDAY. AUGUST FIRST, mvs OF POLLING, FRIDAY, AUGUST 4th, and SATURDAY, AUGVST 5th. LORD ADARES DISTRICT COMMITTEE, sit daily at SIVANSEA, MERTHYR, CAR- DIFF, NEATH; and the Central Committee at BRIDGEND, the onlv Polling Places where all communications are promptly attended to. In consequence of an Act of Parliament against giving Ribbons, Lord Adare's friends are respectfully requested to wear a sprig, or leaf of Oak. independent Electors! defeat tile Tyr; mnk-.il Coalition, bv early attendance at the Poll and Plumpers for A dare By order of the Central Committee, W. B. GREY, Chairman, J. DORNEY HARDING, Honorary Sderelary. Bridgend, July 25th, 1S37. GLAMORGANSHIRE ELECTION. rpHK Central Committee for conducting Lord Adare's Election, now congratulate their Bro- ther Electors upon the bvilliant prospects of success, which the state of the Canvass exhibits; and especially upon the determination evinced by independent Welshmen to resist the domineering pretension of forcing Two Candidates upon the County by means of a Coalition. The Committee earnestly entreat of the Electors not to relax in their endeavours; but, by an attend- ance at the Poll ATNINE O'CLOCK, on FRIDAY, the 4th AUGUST, ensure the victory of the QUEEN, the CONSTITUTION, and ADARE, and rescue the County of Glamorgan from the disgrace with which it has been threatened. W. B. GREY, Chairman of the Central Committee. Bridgend, 26th, July, 1837. GLAMORGANSHIRE ELECTION. T ORD ADARE'S Friends are respectfully re- quested to meet, in Carriages or on Horseback, at EVVENNY BRIDGE, at KIGHr O'CLOCK on TUESDAY NIORN INC., the 1st AUGUST, to accompany him to the place of Nomination. They are requested to wear a sprig or leaf of Oak. By order of the Central Committee, W. B. GREY, Committee Room, Chairman. Bridgend, July afitli, 1S37. TO THE OF THE County of Glamorgan. GENTLEMEN, MY first Address was in print before I had been many hours in Ihe County, and want of time prevented me from then alluding to many topics upon which you must naturally feel anxious to know my opinions; this, I trust, will serve as an apology for thus again troubling you at greater length. By birth, education and conviction, a member of the Church of England, as by law established, I vet entertain no other than the most friendly feel- ings towards those who conscientiously dissent from that Church, which many of the.n, by the purity of their lives and the soundness of their doctrines, would eminently adorn; this it is that makes me deeply regret that any difference of opinion upon points of comparatively minor importance, should, in a degree, disunite those whom I would gladly see combining their efforts for the cause of true Re- ligion, against the attacks of a common enemy. Entertaining these views, I shall readily support any measure by which the reparation of our sacred edifices, and a provision for the national worship, may be secured in a more acceptable way than by the present system of Church Rates, and, at the same time, the just interests of the Establishment be duly preserved an Establishment which has at all times been the bulwark, and is now, more espe- cially, needed for the protection of our common Protestant Faith. I cannot consent to the alienation of Church property from purposes strictly Ecclesiastical, and should therefore oppose the principle of the Ap- propriation Clause. Any improvement of Church discipline, for the sake of that Church, I shall readily uphold and I shall give my best consideration and support to the proposition for securing, by law, the better ob- servance of the Lord's Day, so as to protect the religiously disposed of the working classes, with- out unduly interfering with the liberties of any of our fellow-subjects. With respect to the New Poor Law Act, I am willing to hope that in principle it will be found to be an improvement upon the old system; but I shall readily agree to any alteration of its details, by which its operations may be rendered as easy as possible to the old and infirm poor. I am decidedly opposed to the introduction of any system of Voting by Ballot at Elections—complete secrecy would, I think, be impracticable, and any- such measure would, in my opinion, tend to destroy public and private confidence, and lessen the salu- tary influence which publicity in voting must ever exercise IIpon both electors and elected. I have thus. Gentlemen, endeavoured to lay be- fore you. as plainly and as briefly as I could, my sentiments upon some of the subjects of most gene- ral importance at the present crisis, and shall be happy at all times to give you any further expla- nation in my power. The speedy Dissolution of Parliament will render it impossible for me to pay my respects in person to all of you before the Election, but I shall take the earliest opportunity of doing so which circumstances will allow. 0 I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, ADAIŒ.


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