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SMTP NEWS. CARDIFF. F-ORFICN REPORTKH I\WARDS.—The William Fourth, C. Skirling, from Mirimichi, with tim- ber, &:c. FOREIGN Et-TERt-D OUTWARI)-Tiie Bipn. Faisant, Lalande, for Havre, the Harmonic. f/?,Ys' for F""emen, Hie Wuzzafa, Clark the Hjlham. AVakeham, the Caroline, Coomhe' the Lvca, Harman, and the Sophia, Barker, for (>n^r° Iv M Arn,l!a' All word, for Viaua and Oporto the Mary Roberts, Perry, and the Nancy, Hay, for Rotterdam, tt,e Mantura, Weeks loi Malaga, and the Rapid, Mathews, for Trieste J' OREICV CLSRA RED OFTTWARDS TL Catroneo.forMe.aina, 11^ the Jonge Louis, Mulder andtl' n u Ml>rna» kering, for Amsterdam, Ihe AzorS |l.e Visl.er, M„ppe„f„r L Havard, for Antwerp, the Bienfaisant 1 ai for Havre, the William, YVaWeham for and the Mary Robert,, Perry, for ait.erf" COASTERS INWARDs.-Tlie Venus, C„li;r0, and the Friends, 0*ens, from BridKeWat«.r, ib^ Reoecca, Abel, Imm Youghal, the C'eleritv Unities, from London, the Alexanders lloon, and the Man, Ijnswor'h, from Waterford. the Kobert, Clampit, from Newport, the Amity, Rogers and the Castle, Jones, from Bristol, and the Itllll, loiter, itom Shoreham, all with sundries; the Sisters, Knapp, the Bransbv, Uront, the V,ctoi v Merritt and the Regulator. M'Neil, from Lydnev' the Dolphin, Fry, Irom Bristol, the Cambria' .Iones, from Swansea, the Coronation. SeaiU-" from Fowey. and the Helstone, Spershott, from i aimouth, all with stones; the Marv Jones, Davif-s H 1rford^itn flour'' the Caroline, Coomb". and the Hope, Stevens, from Bristol, and the Al,- hess, Harris, from Neath, with iron; the Provi- dence, Russell, from Swansea, with tin- tbe Thomas, Edwards, from Newport, with timber the Margaret, Bring, from Portinadoe, with slatei, he Lively, Jeck, from Fowey, with stones; and the lame, Phillippss, from Carmarthen, with oats' 19 vessels with iron ore; and 27 in ballast. COASTERS OUTWARDS—The Charles. POW(. for Newport, the Dove, Haves, for Trurn ii,„ r Walters, for Bristol, and the Cambria JoWin "for London, with sundries; the Maria Eliam Evans for Glasgow the Mariote, Ford, the Ceorpe', Pulinan, and the Kate, Howell, for London, the Experiment, Anning, for Newcastle, the Prince Leopold, Little, foi Dublin, the Criterion, Bellamy lor Cork, and the Mary Roberts, Perrv, for Ne 'V port, all with iron; the Nautilus, HarVev, for St Ives, and the Charles, Pope, fo- Plymouth, wit|>" iron and coal; 51 vessels with coal; and'lit ballast. 111 NEWPORT. INWARDS.—The John Barry, Ash, tho n liant, I'ligg, from Quebec, withtir f ^r| the Looe.Govier. the John and r- ea s' • Petseverance, Stuckev, wi»' fl' •' °^; and the Cox, with iron ore B°\ir'' lJie C|arence, porter: theJas.and »tJar>. Murray,0«iti^fiveL W"h the Eliza Jane,A incent, the Friendshin is, orfses' the Carleo^, Harwood. the Moderator fni °[ George, Coombs, tbe Bristol Packet 'GainpS' 'l16 »»:■ T.iv„, IheS-im Rlch^ ^atjra'n^ scott, with sundries. c«annj, OCTWARDS.—The La Ipnno r « Rouen, with iron; L'fJranie I or,™' J- with coals; La Felicile Hnbn ea'ne» ^^unkirk, coals; the Dart, Richardson f ° T ^or,eut? w'tb .h, L'Amilie. lio.mMt for I • i!hCOi'l'; (he Lwen, Brcer, ,he I)! c"5; Howe, U,e Thomas Alln S ly' he Cl,arJ^ Robert, Clampitt the A'SS' ^°°e' Gov,er' the Fisher, tbe Will' Apes, Gainey, the Henry, »«■„„ AL tm<r M'W'f"» E«l if Cleveland v-ir °?S Gipsey, Williams, the Marv lon'ps ti if' the ProvWencef Duke,'tbe KeaJne* • lir,,nswick. Yet, and the Ceres, Harwn^ v lr*°n and Un Plates; the Carleon r P >e M°derator, Johns, the George oombs the Bristol Packet, Gainey, the Marv* 1, iver, the Swift, Richards, and the Fanny, Scott with sundries and 123 vessels with coals. LLANELLY. A[IRIVAT,N.-The Pilot, Griffilhs, the John and Mary, Sham brook, the Ann, Samuel, the Sarah and Ann, Evans, tbe Pleasant, Collins, and the Eleanor ^race, Roberts, from St. Ives, Fowey, aud Swansea with copper ore the Charles, Roberts, from Brisjol with sundries; the Fly, Bowen, from AbertUw, with lime stone -he A-ues, Hughes, the Specuiatorl James, and the Thomas, Parry, from Dublin- tl,e Seymour, Burton, from Bray the Heru, Madrio, 'he Amlwch, Thomas, and the Xeptuue, ThoDiaS from Amlwch, the Trois Amis, Ratueliii, aud tke Charlotte, O'Neal, from Gloucester, the Providence, ucker, the Barnstaple, Dalling, from Barnstaple, the Mary Ann, from Penzance, and the Spy, Barnes, from London, all in ballast.