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-i CHIT CHAT.I ..,I'


i CHIT CHAT. I I The funeral of his Majesty George III. took place in January dllring very inclement weather, which caused several persons who attended the ceremony to take cold, some of whom died in con- sequence thereof. Lord Eldon. on this occasion, finding the cold so very severe, stood on his hat, and by this IlIeans fortitied himself against any ill effects by the precaution.- Accounts from all p<\rts of the Continent represent the weather to he as generally favourable to agriculture, as the winter and spring had been long, cold, and dis- couraging. Queen Elizabeth is said to have been cutting up a goose, when she heard that the Spanish Armada had been cut up by a Drake. -JUAN FEIINANi)Fz.-Tliis lovely island, on which Alexander Selkirk was cast away, and thus gave rise to the novel of Kobinson Crusoe, was swallowed tip by the lecent earthquake, which de- stroyed a great portion of Chili. in South America. -West Indian, May 11.- A new coinage will speedily be issued from the Mint impressed with the likeness of her Majesty Queen Victoria.- Evening paper. Cicero bearing one of his contemporaries attempting to make himself ten years younger than he really was. drily observed, 11 Then, at the time you and I were at school to- getheryou were not born.EART"QUAKFS IN SYRIA.—From returns n:ade up under the autho- rities in Egypt, it is staled, that the late earth- quakes in Syria destroyed i395 houses, and killed or wounded 4106 persons.—; -Four hundred workmen are now employed in the Nourmont quar- ries, in raising the granite to build the new houses of Parliament. Jersey Argus. The Lord Mayor was playing at whist with Scales, and en- quired what were the stakes. 11 1 cannot do the best rump," said the butcher, ''for less than a shilling a pound.An Englishman, residing at Frankfort, lately made a bet of 150 ducats with a rich Jew, that he would sit on horseback for eight successive days and nights without once alighting. He gained hi wager as well as several others, which he made while on horseback with the by- standers. The Jew, who himself was present to watch his adversary, was more fatigued than the other.-Twenty two bad poets have already written epitaphs on Sir Walter Scott: "What a srain," said Smith, "would it be to the world if Sir Walter were now writing theirs." ELECTION. —Th« sheriff must make proclamation for election within two days after he receives the writ from the crown office the day of nomination must not be less than ten, nor more than fifteen days from the proclamation, and the polling must commence the next day but two a'ter the nomination. We regret to learn that the ancient church of Lough- borough, in Leicestershire, has been considerab!y injured by fire, occasioned by the negligence of plumbers employed in repairing the roof. They say it takes nine tailors to make a man ap- parently, one is sufficient to ruin him.-Walter Scott. A new feature is observable in the ceremony of her Majesty's entering the royal car- riage on state occasions. As soon as her Majesty has placed her foot on the carriage steps the trum- peter of the escort guard intimates the fact by the sound of the trumpet This is a custom not before observed, but the effect of it is very .pleasing, and not without utility, as it prepares the guards for being in immediate readiness to fall in with the royal cortege. At a meeting held at Sweet's Hotel, on Saturday, in favour of the Con- servative candidate for West Somerset, on the pro- position that a subscription should be immediately set on foot, in les,4 than five minutes upwards of £4,000 was put down by those in the room- Sherborne Journal FEMALE SOCIETY. In the conversation of ladies," says Flecnoe, a writer of Charles the Second's time, "as in an academy of virtue, I did learne nothing but goodness, sawe nothing but nobleness, and one might as well be drunke in a christal fountain, as to have any evil thoughts whilst in their company, which I shall always remembre as the happiest and innocentest part of my life The terms of a commercial treaty, upon the principles of reciprocity, between Great Britain and Holland are finally arranged, and will be formally stated as soon as the ratifications have been exchanged. The warrants of her Majesty's tradesmen are all sus- pended until after the Westminster election, in order that they may not be coerced as hitherto on similar occasions. The Comptroller is, of course, a Whig.


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