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SKETCHES OF SOCIETY. (From the literary Gazette.) The fluiizours bf the A?neric(in Press often attract notice 011 this side of the ocean; and the following recent selection will, we hope, serve to amuse our readers: A Tailor's Sign B()nrrl.-Microcorn's habiliments fashionably fabricated, in visibly renovated, metamor- phosed, and depurated, by J. \Vayte, cosmopolitan. Definitions.— Experimental philosophy is the asking a man to lend you money. Moral philosophy is his refusing to lend any. A Desirable Loc(tlity.-In New South Wales, an old maid is a much rarer animal than a black swan. The fair emigrants from England, no matter what their age or condition, are snapped up at once. It is even asserted, that they receive offers of marriage through a speaking trumpet before they leave the ship!! What fl glorious country for those unfortu- nates who have passed the eventful period when they wonder who they will have, and, arrived at that when they wonder who will have them. A New }"orki,ft call", their omnibuses "infernal machines," and says, that they have more victims prostrated before their wheels than the car of Juggernaut and he further observes, that no circus has succeeded at New York si nce the introduc- tion of these conveniences (query?); for the ground and lofty tumbling to be met with in our streets costs nolhiu to look at. In this, as in other thiols, it appears that Jonathan is determined to go a-head ot-, rtt least, not fall far behind Lis Loiidoneri. An American Journalist is hold enough to impugn the doctrine of early rising ill the following terms — "We are no worshipper of the sun ourself, and willingly confess Ihat we don't belong 10 the rising generation: there is no doultt, to be sure, but that sleep, the great restorative, like other restoratives (champagne, for instance,) may be taken to excess. Some constitutions require more, some less; but every individual should find out his own measure; and if your advocates for 'early rising' would make that the foundation of theirargu!iients,and, moreover, at-, use early rising, as a relative term to be dated from the hour of sleep, their labours would be more rational and more beneficial. As it is, all theories upon the subject are whimsical. We must rise early, forsooth, because the stilt does, and the lark does; for the matter of the lark is not a respect- able character he is sometimes up all nii>ht; and, as for the sun he gets up when he pleases, and noi always at the same hour indeed, it our memory serves us, there are some quarters of the globe where that red-laced Christian lies a-bed for months. Rise before the sun, And make a ueakfast of the morning dew Served up by Nature on a grassy hill, ) You'll tind it nectar.' You don't say so. There's a breakfast to recommend to a sloul gentleman wit!, an appetite. If he had written 'mountain dew,' now, there would have been some reason 111 it; but these pot-Is arestratijye fellows; and Thompson wiote that panegyric in bed at mid- day. In conclusion, we are willing- to believe that the rising sun' is a very magnificent object. A Yankee Judge.—-One of the judges lately appointed in Connecticut, in a recent charge to the jury, addressed them thu»; •< j know nothing about the law, and presume that you do not you must decide as you please." The IVIichez Newspapers give, with every death that they file name of thc medIcal genile- man who oiffciated: the readiest method, to a dead certainly, of making known the relative extent of practice in the piofessiou, A Favourite Actor at New Orleans had a recent benefit at the conclusion of the performance he addressed a crowded house in the following manner: Gentlemen 'as it is the modern custom to make a speech upon a benefit occasion, I appear at your call. 1 could make a long ,I)eec!h, btit that's all lfummery you are here I have your money and am satisiied; I hope you are; good night. Wooden Types are advertised in the American papers, of every character and size, and at so reduced a price, when compared with metallic letters, a" to atl'ord no unreasonable expectation of their supersed- ing the latter. It would be a cuiious incident iu the history of the art ot printing, if this invention should lead to the revival of block printing, for such standard works as are now stereotyped.





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