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BRECON, Saturday, June 10…


BRECON, Saturday, June 10 1S37. If the gallant Radical Candidate, for Bre- conshire, have not yet discovered the unpalatable truth, that he is pursuing a shadow, then must the truth be judicially hidden from his eyes. The fact is, that relying upon the angry feelings of a party, the Dissenters, and depending solely upon their numerical strength, and their exaspe- rated animosity towards the Church, he rushed forth as their Champion, without measuring his own strength, or ascertaining the temper of his weapons. Do we wrong the Dissenters, wtien we say, that angry feelings, such as they exhi- bited, are rarely permanent, (Heaven forbid they should be ') and that time and reflection have softened, amongst the many, the bitterness of hatred, and that they now begin to see that they have "disquieted themselves in vain." They may continue indeed to look with solicitude, proportioned to the interest they feel, on the matter in dispiate, but they look with more patience, more calmness, than they at first exhibited, and with a greater desire that a subject of contention may be quietly removed, than that a viotory oveT right should be gained. The Champion of the angry-the hasty—the in- considerate-tha Representative of hostile feel- ings to the Church, as a National Establishment, the Candidate in question may have been but, for a Champion of Truth, of Reason, and of Religion, no man was surely ever worse quali. fied. Hence it is, that, as anger has subsided in the breasts of real Dissenters, their confidence in him whom they rashly adopted has declined, and they are beginning to be ashamed of the dol they set up. Of tbis. top4 they must be now fully aware, that having associated themselves with the bitterest enemies of the Church, for reform in the Ecclesiastical Establishments, there were at least two parties in the league, *%N liom nothing less than subversion would satisfy, we mean Infidels and Papists. lt is bN, a tliiiely disconnection from allies so unprincipled, by bursting asunder the bonds of so unnatural a confederacy, and casting away the cords of so wiiked a compact, that they will vindicate their claim to be descended from the Non-conformists of old, of whom the world was scarcely worthy it is by rendering their motives more pure and their means less suspected, that the only object worth their attainment will be secured--tiiat of being firmly placed beyond the reach of civil disability, and the fear of religious persecution Surely, when these improved feelings come over the Dissenters, they will see how unworthy is the Candidate whom they now support. To the friends of Col.Wood,we would sav, ll.at one of two important battles is approaching the one, however, is certain and near, the other mav be as remote as it is precarious: a Dissolution of Parliament and a Registration of your votes. That you may be prepared fur the first event, come when it may, louk well to the latter. Perhaps a fiercer struggle in the Courts of Re- gistration, than will be exhibited in the ensuing July, may never again engage your active energies. As you would swell the triumph of a Conservative Candidate then, we sav, whether as yearly tenants, annuitants, possessors of rent charges, or whatever be your qualifications, register your vote, and prize it as a sacred deposit, to be employed in defence of Institu- tions threatened, and Protestantism endangered, a Throne shaken, and Temples despised.

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