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POETRY, MAY. Mwy has come,—the woods are rin,,in,, Clearer sounds tiie hunter's liotn Birds in every brake are singing; Yellow green, the springing corn. May has coine,—in field and meadow Sarry bloom the virgin flowers: Broad the maple flings its shadow Snowy white the elder bowers. Green the slope of yonder mountain, Mellowed to a golden glow; Under feathery birch, the fountain Sparkles in its gurgling flow. Orchards redden,—crimson blushes, Tremble o'er the apple boughs There her young the robin hughes, Still beside her trilling spouse. Jov. on glittering pinions driven, Gaily Is around. above; Glancing kindles earth and heaven; All is life, and light, aud love. ELLEN. THE WIND AND THE WEATHERCOCK. (From the Romance of Rory O'Jlou.) The summer wind lightly was playing Round the battlement high of the to.r, Where a vane, like a ladv, was staying.— A lady vane percli'd in her bow'r. To peep round the corner the sl v wiud would try But vanes, you know, never look in the wind's eye; And so she kept turning slyly t%ira.v Thus they kept playing all through the day. The summer wind said, She's coquetting; But each belle has her points to be foun i; Before evening, I'll venture on betting, She will not 'hen go, but come round." So he tried from the east, and he tried from the west, And the north and the south, to try which was best But still she kept turning slyly away:— Thus they kept playing all through the day. At evening, her hard heart to soften, He said;" Your'e a ftint I am sure But if vainly you're changing so often, No lover you'll ever secure." Sweet ir." said the vane, it is you who begin, When you change so often, in me 'tis no sin. 1 If you cease to flutter, and steadily sigh. Aud only be constant-I'm sure go wiil I." ORIGINAL CHARADE.—XIV. PATIENT. Doctor your aid-bit by my Jirst, a mad one, My case is lost, at least it is a bad one DOCTOR. Catch bim and tie a vowel to hi. tail, And you've a remedy that cannot fail.


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Imperial IJ.ultameitt.



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