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M Ell THYR TYDVIL, SA TURD A Y, Feb. 2'< J11el¡l" The Church has just lost arespectable ^rf, I ber of the Episcopal Bench, Dr Vall. ((,|U Bishop ofDurham. There is a foolish etl lie" ('J 'th Vlt of toadtng every public man's tomb with 0 l'sh J, ( gyric—partly through the equally foo I. '11,0 of astonishing the world by the magna11* the writer. But truth is best for the or" { is fittest for the dead. Dr. Van Mildert's I nal merits justify no remarkable lauttl d hj praise. He was a tolerable scholar. aI' (1^ "Sermons on infidelity" show considers" of the general writers on the subject. ^ut was the only work by which he was kIlOI¡)',e ¡)f I' -I'to even this exhibits little beyond the di Igclllllf f 'I' to of an industrious compiler. Tiie Sertill)tl' -oil, want the finer qualities of philosophic for grasp of mind, and power of langi'a»e' jrf^' those reasons ihey perished even in his IifV and will never find a revival. But be ofclo, important personallllerits of gentlellf iØ".JJ' racter,aud attachment to the Establi;;J.C1 t[30 ¡ When his writings shall be long a>rg°^e^t^ Bishop of Durham will be remembered Prelate, who appropriated a large 0 1"pt' his Revenues to the encouragement 0 hi ological Knowledge in his Diocese a"I|^ the erection of the College of Durham, to fix solid learnihg land pure ProtestsiOl elp re' the vast, neglected Province under 'blS So nobler use of wealth could have (j(jfl* by man, and it is one of the rec^eC which ought solemnly to console ti se in the inferior stations of life and the ^1* regret, the doubtfulness of their of public service, that the whole seT*^ this eminent benefactor was the his few closing years. For the of his life his best preferment *0* small London living. From this 'q rc i flof whose obscurity and narrowness ht hope of extensive good totally ill)pr,)b3 voctk was most unexpectedly summoned to and then was as unexpectedly raised of the poorest of all the Dioceses, the most opulent, Durham. He was old man, of inferior hcahlt^and sufferi0# deafness; yet, few as were the year# allotted to him, they were enough J; t A generous and active inind to do a »re«l jee'1 j national and religious good. He re gt* the time," and before lie died complete^ Institution which will givfc its foi»ndef i" the time," and before lie died conll)llete a, all Institution which will give its foi»ndef i" perishable memory. We should be believe that h s exarup!e will not be lost fOI.,11 I his brethren. Their Reverences still may i • the h'? ot man}' noble evidences of thair z?al m jjiii^ of all causes. They are the natural Gua*" our Religion, Morality, and Learning bracing themselves anew for so Hl"s task, they may yet save, not the alone, but the country. ) I


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