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STRATFORD-UPON-AVON. We have pleasure in recording the following instance of good feeling on the part of the newlv- elected town council of the borough of Stratford- upon-Avon. Tlie Earl Delawarr, the former High Steward of the borough, having written to the town clerk to take his leave of the Corporation, which had heen remodelled under the Municipal Act, received for answer the subjoined resolution of the new town council, unanimously passed :— "Stratford-upon-Avon, Jan. 20, 1836. My lord- -1 laid your letter to me, of the 29th December, before tde Corporation of Stratford-upon- Avon, at a meeting of the Council, held yesterday, and the very gratifying task has been imposed apon me by the body corporate of conveying to your Lordship the unanimous wish of the council that you will dotiiem the honour of continuing in the office of High Steward. Tlle council is composed of sixteen members, of whom fourteen were present at the meeting; and I ain requested by the remaining two, who were unavoidably absent, to add taeir names, as fully concurring in the accompanying resolution.— With the greatest respect, I have the honour to remain, your Lordship's most obedient humble servant. VV. O. HUNT. "To the Enrl Delawarr," &c. Resolved unanimously—That the hyor Alder- men, and Burgesses of the borough of Stratford- upon-Avon, recollecting the ancient and honourable connection which has existed between the Noble house of Dorset and that borough, and which has been so satisfactorily continued during the time 111 which the Earl of Delawarr has held the office of High steward of the said borough, beg to request that he will do them tiie honour of re-accepting the High Stewardship under the new constitution of the corporation, of which his Lordship's resignation would otherwise occasion them the deepest regret.— By order of the council, WM. O. HUNT, Town Clerk." The Earl, in a letter of grateful acknowledgments to the town clerk, has accepted the office. Earl Delawarr and the late Earl of Plymouth married two sisters, co-heiresses and sisters of the late Duke of Dorset.





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