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SilIP NEWS. CARDIFF. FOREIGN ENTEIU:D OUTWARDS.—The Hunter, ReniioMsoii, tor Oporto. FOR, IGN CLEARED OUTWARDS.—The Sarah Willis, for Viatia, with iron. COASTERS INWARDS.—The Fanny, Scott, from Newport, with iron; the Felicity, Thomas, from Neath, with iron pipes; the Friends, Btimard, from VVaterford, the Hunter, Retunddsou, from Bristol the Venus, Gulliford, and the Friends, Sully, from Bridgewater^ the S.unpson, Le^is, from Cardigan, the Bale, Walters, the Naniil"* (steamer), Allen, and the Lady Charlotte, (steamer), from JJristol, all with the I",Y"()ti, t'l")In 'Nlilr,)rd, with butter and (Jolts; the William, 1 homas, from Barry, with barley; the Moderator, Hole, the Active, CarPj and the Pomona, Ho^fran, fi-om Mine- head., the John Royle, Jones, fi-Oin Ulvet-stoiie, the Adonis, Lever, from Whitehaven, the Diligence, es, the Favourie, Odette, and the Gomer, Davies, IVotn Ulverstone, the Memnon, Croscombe, the Diligence, Williams, theWi"l,n Gray, (iray, and the Oeiavo, Smith, from Whitehaven, and the Fanny, Scott, from Newport, all wilh iron ore the Margaret, PuUford, from Bridfrewater, with timber the Aeron, Pu»'h, trom Aberayron, wiihouts; 16 vessels in ballast. COASTERS OUTW.RDS.-The Mary Ann, Cailer and the Brothers,Sleenian, for :1. lves, thc Betsey, Myles, fur YOlIlFhal the Hi:>er"ia» M-Donnan, for Galway, the Erin, Connor, for Wexford, and the Excel, Parry, for Portrush, all *vith iron and coal the Four Jules lot- Cork, the Rochdale, Irwin, for Liverpool the William, Williams, for Newry, the Helens, Butterfield, Ihe Baltic, LoverlCk, and the Sharp, Mewhurn, London, atid the Gleaner, Thomas, for Gloucester, a'l with iioti the Amity, ltogers, and the Merlhyr Packet, Vaughan, for Bristol, the Cambria, Faircloug-h, for London, and the Queen Adelaide, Evans, for Londonderry, all with sundries; 2(5 vessels with coals. There are about (iO vessels in Penarth Roadu wind-bound. NEWPORT. IN'W.kRD.S.I lie Eliza, Russell, from Havre de Grace, in ballast the Eliza, Jones, the Friends, Roberts, and the Ann, Jones, with slates; the Phea- sant, Thoma", the Isabella, Shea, the Louisa, Clay, the Unanimity, Polling's, the Newport Trader, Jack- son, the BroiheiSj Tyrer, the Mormellham, Coleman, the Vtctory, Hiscox, and the Apollo, Masou, with corn atid Hour; the Maria, James, the Robert, Clam- pitt, the Ann, Williams, the Sprig-htly, Richards, the Hope, Towells, the Intrepid, Davies, the Swift, Ait- kin, the Endeavour, Martin, the Ebenezer, Varwell, the Carleon, Harwood, jnn. the Tredegar, Harwood, the Moderator, Johns, the George, Johns, the Mary, Tiver, the Bristol Packet, Coombs, and the Swift, Richards, with sundries. OUTWARDS.—The Triumfante Olivera, Pinto, for Lisbon, wilh coal and iron; the Brunswick, Yeo, the Robert Lovely, Bryse, the Integrity, Fallen, the Astrea, Furze, the Dart, Owen, the Margaret, New- man, the Trevor.Evans, the SlIpply, Nicholas, the Fanny, Scott, the New Felicity, Steven, the ir R. R. Vivian, Parker, the Olive Branch, Nicholls, the Fanny, Beer, the igo, Williams, the Jane, Davis, the Cygnet, Lodwig, the Mary Pester, Sampsou, the John and Mary, Evans. the E'iza Russell, Russell, the Caroline, Stone, the Robert, Clampitt, the Hope, Williams, the Ann and Betsey, Thomas, the Commodore, Green, the Myra, Evans, the Elizabeth and Catherine, Bassett, the Atlas, Jones, with iron and tin plates; the Carleon, Harwood, jun., the Tredegar, Harwood, the Moderator, Johns, the Georg-e, Johlls, the Alary, Tiver, the Bristol Picket, Coombs, and the Swift, Richards, with liulldrics; and 120 vessels with coals. NEATH. CLEARED OUT.-Tlie Rose, Wakeham, for Cork the Auspicious, Lovering, the Providence, Rees, and the SwifL Kemphorne, for St. Ives the Felicity, Thomas, for Cardiff; the Fame, Jones, for Glouces- ter; the I'onmon Castle, Davies, for Bristol; the Perseverance, Reed, for Bideford; the Princess Cliarlotte, Cit life, the Active, Balniano, and the Neptune, Grace, for Exeter; the Arrow, Berriman, for Liverpool; the Union Canai, Walters, for I.ooe; the Jane and Mary, Ituiiiseii.,k)i- lifi-acollibe.. SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—The Taplow, Trick, from Chester, the Bee, Daniel, from Milford, the John and Hannah, Carr, the William and Amelia, Smith, and the Resolution, Reed, Crom Chester, all with bricks; the Peggy, Rees, from tl)ePhm,,ix Lodge, from Bristol, the Mountaiueer (steainer) Edwards, from Liverpool, the Alert, Paddon, from' Bideford, the Sarah, Pockett, from Glo'ster, the Eleanor, BClrrett, from Bristol, with sundries; the Sir William Statner, Brough, from Dublin, with porter; the Hope, Wellborn, from Newport, with iron tlie Alcion, Jones, from Glo',ter, with ,lit the Mary Anne, Fiswick, from Barnstaple, with sheep; the Edward, Cndlip, from Ilfracombe, the \Ti<rli(in«-ale. Samuel, from Bideford, the Chepstow, Erwiu, and the Dasher, B >wden, from Ilfracombe, with Potatoes; the Watchat Trader, Slocnmbe, from Bideford, with flour and malt; 30 with copper ore, and 2G in balList. LLANELLY. ARRIVAVI.-Thc Nimble, Stride, and the Brothers, Welsh, from St. Ires, the Endeavour, Rowlv, from Truro, with copper ore; the Union, Tregerthen, from Bristol, the Phillipia, Billing, from Padstow, the Lord Ilolle, Tardrew, frurn Bideford, with sundries; the Minerva, Harvey, from Carmarthen, with slates; the Agnes, Hughes, from Dublin, in hallast. FOHEION OUTWARDS. L'Eliza, Brient, for Brest, the Sarah and Ann. Rhydderch, tur Rouen, the Kara, Miles, for Constantinople, the Tartar, Barker, for Rotterdam. MILFORD. ARRIVED.-Tlie John .Berkeii, Ball, from Chep- stow, for Pembroke D>ek the KIte, Brad, from Bristol, the .Mary Jones, Davis, from Cardiff, and the Sica, Holtoii, from Newport, lor Newry • thc Olive Branch Fritik, from Chester, for 1 ortreath the Royal William, Volcfc, the Union, 1 aylor, aud the Lucy, Luff, fi-om Chepstow, for Greenock the Jane, Thomas, fiom Greenock, tor Tcnhy; the Mary, Murphy, from Newport, for NVexfoid the ProTi- deuce, Ylon id, from Newport,the Elizabeth, Harly, from Swansea, and t!i,, ii,illiz,r)i atid )I from Liverpool, for Waterford; the Anne, Jones, from Portmadoc, for Newport the I mice Waterloo, Fox, from Swansea, for Wtcklow the Se% ell, Brothers, Norri*. from Neath, for ^.oss; the Friends, Thomas, from Bangor, for Gailoway, the Rover, White the Jane, Hockson, from Newport, the Friendship, Daris, from Cork. and the Star, Davis, from Swansea, for Liverpool the Ellen, Evans, from London, and the Dolphin, Jones, from Swansea, for D.-oghcda the Fly. Ilovrels, from Gloucester, for Milford the Friends, Meynck, from I orttnadoc, for Bridgewater the Peggy, Double, from Cardiff, for Inverness; and the ;\lal1 Ann, Jones, from ccll.(Iitl, Ifit. Abenirron.

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