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MEMOIRS OF MATTHIAS DAMOUR. The memoirs of this personage, who was for acme years groom of the chambers to the late Duchess of Cordon, are guttered iromhisown tips, and put into a readabte shape by a "Ir Punt Hodgers. Mr D'Amour was born at Antwerp in the year t749, and is now in the 86tt' year of his age. The subjoined extracts, which contain new notices of persons to whom the world once looked up, are entertainingaudinstructive:— ''On the occasion alluded to (a dinnerat the Ducltess of Gordon's), I remember, just as the Prince of Wates had been giving way to his pe- culiar happy style of jocolari'y, the Duchess re- marked, that whoever should live to see it his Royal Highness would make a singufar King. Gathering up his face into the very picture of seriousness, he replied, 'Pardon me, your Grace t think the honor of Kngtand has been so degraded of late that the crown would scarcely be worth the wearing.' The Prince a!)uded to the peace which England had been forced into with America and its atiies; and the Duchess, remembering who 8t at her right hand (the Duke of Orleans), without a moment's hesitation,)-ejoined,'And,sir,pardon me, in return; tthinkEt?!a"d,havinghadthemag. nanim'ty to defend hersetf against four sucn powerful and persevering assailants, and having had the means otmaking such an honorabie peace, betokens that the honor of Great Britain was nel er more free from tarnish than at this moment.' A murmer of apptause went through the company, in which the Duke of Orleans joined as wett as the rest. t remember on onr occasion, when we were expecting the Prime Minister and his coIleag-ues to supper, that her grace, boginniog to fee! impa- tient, as it grew late requested me to send to the Home of Cou'mons and try to ascertain by some means if the house were Ukety to break up "con. the messenger broughtword that Mr Dundas was upon his tegs,but nothing further coutd be learned. When they cafne, the Duchess, in expressing her apprehensions that the supper was spotted, asked Ir Dunùa3 what in the name ot wonder induced him to make a apeech that night,adding, that she had sent her comptimeuts to Nlr I-'ox, reqtiestirig him, as a favour, not to maka a long speech. 11 r Pitttaugh'dheartity,and remarked with singular liberality, ',Ur Fox has aot obeyed your grace he has made a long speech, and decidedty the best which t have heard within the watts of Parlia- ment.' During the afternoon (of the day in which the duel between the Duke of York and Lotonet Lennox took ptace) we had a visit f«im her Royal High- ness the Duchess of Cumberland, which caused me t. _J." -¡.f.r.A. c.1'h t5l'a.C! made public, and which throws some light upon the views which even )adiea in high life take of' points of honor. Her Royal Highness, a)ightu'g from her carriage, and entering the house in a hurry, and presentill herself at the door of the Duchess's room. scarcely gave me time to announce her and by no means gave me time to retire ere she exclaimed, will, the greatest apparent g)ee, 'Thank God, your Grace, it ts "ow established that Princes can be catted to account as well as other genttemen.' "The Duke of Hedford. tt )s well know. had been. as his nephew 'sat present, one ot the most inBuentia) leeder,, ot' t"c h'g ('arty. His Grace had been disgusted at the hue of policy pursued by the men in power, and, havtng retired in a great measure from public hte. was employing himseif in improving the breeds ot sheep and horned cattle in the country, ?h?'s'be Luke was in this humour I heard our Duchess one day, while dining with his Grace at "oblln Abbey, remonstrate itli him. and even btame hnn, that he did not join in with and endeavour to gu.de the young and gifted Mr Pitt. The Dukes answer was rather uncandid. 'If,' said he, )Our Grace can point me out one good thing Pilt has done for the nation I will consent. ,)

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