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SHIP NEWS, CARDIFF. FOREIGN ENTERED OUTWARDS.—The Astrea, Brock, for Lisbon, and the Superior, Skynuer, for Alexandria. COASTEHS I\WARDS.—The Fame, West, from Chepstow, with timber; the Endeavour, Grinning", from Gloucester, with fruit the Betsey, Parkins, and the Harriet, Poole, from Porlock, the ISelvoir Castle, Kewley, from Whitehaven, the Mary, Jewells, trom Fowey, the Rebecca, East way, from Mittehead, the Mary, Hooper, and the Dolphin, Piewetl, from Bristol, all with iron ore; the Sarah, Cory, from Watertord, with flour; the Superior. Skviiiier, fi-otii Bristol, with iron; the Robert, Clampilt, from Newport, the Astrea, Brock, the Friends, Evans, the Merthyr Packet, Vaughan, and the Lady Char- lolle (steamer), Parfitt, from Bristol, all with sundries; 24 vessels in ballast. COAST ERS OUTWARDS.-The Bute, Wallers, and the Amity. Rogers, tor Bristol, aud the Celerity, Hughes, for London, with sundries; the Hebe, Hamiiusrton, for Liverpool, with iron and coal; the Expedition, Griffiths, for Preston, the Little Bray, Brewer, for London, the Ph.ll.ps .he Ann, Barrow, .he Brat.sty, Wilw», the Comet Head and Ihe Squirrel, Lewis, for Liff»"P°ol, tl,e Man» Eliz,'> Evatis, for Cork, all with iron; 38vessels with coals. NEWPORT. INWARDS. — The St. Bride, Nicholls, the Ed- ward aiid Margaret, Heed, the Love, Bartlett, the Charles, Howe, with corn; the Rose, Dhgan, the Joseph and Mary, Harry, the Star, Jones, the Ca- therine, Rowett, with iron o i.e. the Ocean, Lloyd, ihe Commerce, Richards, with pigs; the Sprightly, Marshall, with salt; the Providenee, Rees, the Tredegar, Ilarwood, the Carleou, Harwood, jun., the Mary, Coombs, the George, Johns, the Mode- I I rator, Johns, the Bristol Packet, Scott, the Swilt, Parker, with sundries. OUTWARDS.—The Stadt Linetl, Seheprnan, for Antwerp, and the Jeune Victoire, Le Gnillon, foi Dunkirk, with iron; the Lord Hawkesbury, Diaper, the liashleigh, Giles, the Margaret, Williams, the Elizabeth, Pocket, the Acorn, Jones, the illiarri, Griffiths, the Thomas aud Ann, Rowland, the Lenoick, Paterson, the Elizabeth, Edwards, the Mary Ann, Giles, the William Skyrme, Griffiths, the Mary and Betsey, Locket, the Maria, James, the Reward, Treat t e the John Harvey, Andrew, the Olive Branch, Nicholas, the Davenport, Perry, the Adelaide, Morgan, the Providence, Rees, liie El'za, Laughaine, the William the Fourth, Russell, 'he Rooert, Clampit, the Sa!aci:t,i\!ey)er, the Star, Jones, the Sisters Bray, the Providence, Dukes, and the Amelia, Williams, all with iron and tin plates the Tredegar, Harwood, the C'arieon, Ilarwood, junior, the cHary, Coombs, the George, Johns, the Modera- toi-, Johiis, the Bristol Packet, Scott, ilud the Swift, Parker, ..11 with sundries; 12J vessels with coals. LLANELLY. ARRIVALS.—The Sarah and Ann, Rhyddercli, and the Susanna, Barnes, from St. Ives, the Prince Regent, Jones, the Feronia, Curtis, and the Union, Tregerthen, from Swansea, the Calenick, Pascoe, trom Truro, all with copper ore; the Charles, Roberts, from Bristol, and the Friend's Good Will, Lloyd, from Carmarthen, with sundries; the Jane, Allan, from Gloucester, with bricks; the Kilving- ton, Davies, from Neath, with timber; the Henry, Llewellyn, from Swansea, with clay and the Kara, Fuirclouth, from Bristol in ballast. MILFORD. AUR.IVKD.—The Lark, Brown, from Liverpool the Eliza, Richards, from Bristol, and the Lark, Brown, from Carmarthen, for Millord; the Eliza- beth, Ouens, from Cardiff, and the Thomas, Brown, from Swansea, for Belfast the Comet, Griffiths, from Llanelly, for Liverpool; the Henry, Griffiths, the Dart, Ward, and the Hope, Halpin, from Swansea, for Cork; the Blessing, Howard, from Cardiff, for Yonghall the Alary, Harris, from Swansea, for Kinsale; the Anne, Roberts, from Liverpool, for Llanelly; the Linily, Davison, from Yonghall, for Newport; the Evandon, Edgar, from Swansea, for Jamaica. SAILED.—The Supply, Richards, from Milford, for London the John, Lewis, and the Ant, Morgan, from Millord, for Bristol; the Susan, Harris, from Chepstow for Falmouth the Mary Ann, Williams, from Bristol, for Greenock the Blossom, James, from Cardiff, for Newry the Henrietta, Bitlien, and the John Berkin, Ball, fnm Miltord.for Chepstow; the Perseverance, James, from New- port, for Liverpool; the Elizabeth, May, from Cardiff, for Kensale.





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