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SHIP NEWS. CARDIFF. FOREIGN REPORTED Iw A RDS.-The Albion, Butler, from Jersey, in ballast. FOREIGN ENTERED OUTWARDS. The Rivierrc. Rosewall, for Palermo. FOREIGN CLEARED OliTW ARDS. The Florent. Pauls, for Antwerp, Liberty, Scrogie, for Smyrna, the Alfred, Cock, for tuples, the Allihies, Hayes, for Oporto, with iron. IRISH INWARDS—Two vessels in ballast. IRISH OUTWARDS—The Darling, Costin, for Sii?o the Sarah, Cowry, for Waterford, the Maria and Ana', Evans, for Newry, with iron the Tync, Chapman, for Belfast, with iron and coal; eleven vessels with coal. COASTERS INWARDS.— The Lady Charlotte Packet, Parlitt, the Nautilus Packet, Allen, the Friends, Todd, the Castle, Jones, from Bristol, the Brothets, Arnold, from Gloucester, thg Unanimitv, Holing?, the Friends, Sully, the Venus, Guiliford, from Bridgewaier, all with sUlldnes; the Anna Maria, Jones, from Gloucester, with cheese; the Victory, Ruttam, the Wave, Oliver, the Mary, Hooper, the Henry, Mills, from Bristol, the Scotia, Cunningham, the Resolution, Harris, the Industrious, Davies, the Adonis, Lever, from Whitehaven, the Amelia, Jones from Chepstow, the John, Davies, the Simeon, Moseley from Newport, the W,!i;am> SmitI from G)ou. cester, the West Port Holland. Thomas, from Fowey, the Sky Lark, Lvans, the Eliza, Davies, from Barrow, al'l with iron ore the Mary Ann,Stevens, from Bristol with brar the Gleaner, Owens, from Gloucester, with salt • twe^ty- two vessels in ballast. COASTERS OUTW ARDS.-The Carleon, Harwood for Carleon, the Wave, Evans, the New Minerva, Brow and the Good Hope, Symons, for Liverpool, the Jane. Nurse and the Mary, Hooper, for Bristol, the Bunbnry, Brewer' and the Betsey, Hanniford, for Newcastle, and the Jane Davies, for Newport., all with iron the Robert, Clampitt* for Newport, the Amity, Rogers, and the Bute, Walters* for Bristol, with sundries 40 vessels with coals. NEWPORT. INWARDS.—ThelModerator Hole, the Mary, Jair.es the Friends, Gnnblett, and the Charles, Howe, with flollr, the Agnes, Beyaftn, and the Thomas Prothero, Nickclls, with iron ore the St. Catherine, Niclielis, with iron chains the George, Bowen, and the John and Ilai-y Ann, Power, with cattle, sheep, and pigs; the Albion Gay, and the Robert. Clampitt, with oats the Sappho^ Howe, with deals and oats; the Abundance, Ma¡;gs, the Fame, Johns, the George, Johns, the Mary, Coombs, the Bristol Packet,. Scott, and the Swift, Parker, with sundries. OCTW A RDs.-The Patriot Patoiseau, for Havre de Grace, the St. Catherine, Nickells, the Hope, Tasker, the Renown, Julian, the Diligence, sees, the Oxalis, Clarke, the Sarah, Cowling, the Venus, Carthew, the Jane, Davis, the George, Puliman, the Betsey. Stephens, the Elizabeth, Griffiths, the Anna Maria. Lewis, the Mary's, Peake, the Margaret, Williams, the Mary Ann, Roberts, the Thomas and Sarah, James, the Towy, Daniel, the Diana, Wakeham, the Cuarles, Howe, the Friends, Hodge, the Waft. Lloyd, the Charles, Jeffcry, the William and Mary, Pearcp, and the Honora, Honey, all with iron and tin plates; the Tredegar, Harwood. the Carleon, Harwood, jun., the Moderator, Johns, the George. Johns, the Mary, Coombs, the Bristol Patket Scott, the Swift, Parker, with sundries; and 100 vessels with coals. NEATH. CLEARED OUT.—The Lark, Evans, for Newquay; the Fox, Dunbar, for Belfast; the Lady Rolle, Popham, for Bideford the Mary Ann, Giles, for Truro; the Dolphin, Thomas, and .the Venus. Jones, for Cardigan; the Hopewell, Humphreys, the Elizabeth, Griffiths, and the George, Griffiths, for Aberystwith the Nautilus, Stevens, the Gem, Mollard, and the Lydia, Davies, for St. Ives; the Union 'Canal, Walters, for Loee the Bucks, Curie, for Ilfracombe; the Cygnet, Corey, and the Ocean, Tullem, for Penzance; the Charlotte and Hannah, Smith, for Fowey; the Lord Vernon, Langdon, for Southampton; the Three Brothers, Moore, for Water- ford the Gratitude Perrett, for Cork. o SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—The Sarah, Pockctt, and the Belinda, Jones, from Gloucester, the Swansea Packet. Barrett, the Phoenix, Lodge, and the Glamorgan, steamer. Barrett, from Bristol, the Sarah, Jones, from Liverpool, and tie Watchet Trader, Slocombe, from Watchet, all with sundries; the Emma, Butler, from Gloucester, with fruit; the Anne and Maria, Lewis, and the Ihomas and Sarah, James, from Newport, with iron the Anne and Elizabeth, Evans, from Aberthaw, with wheat • the William and Henry, iiay, from Waterford, with the Margaret, Greenway, from Bideford, with malt- and the Lively, Thomas, from Chester, with bricks 15 with copper ore, and eight in ballast. LLANELLY. ARRIVALS.—The Happy Couple Clark r> • Hockin, from St. Ives, with copper ore t> e r J.nm^se' gerthen, from Bristol, -he HeafJ^ Well ( 'Y pool, with sundries; Cere* R V*' ?!n *ilvcr~ r ]ftl„ n ^tres, Jiowden, from Penzance, Jane I ew'i<; from ^0 '°'n Dllbl'n- William and ford 'thp TnH nT- ea' ^ie -Add, Wester, from Bide- us fy> Thomas, from Carmarthen, the Har- niiv r vcrton, from St. Ives, the Amiable Charles, !r0inJ5rest> ^it-h sundries. T-V ^ORi-icx.—The Eleanor Gracc, Roberts, the 'ri-ois An.; Ilaiiiilton, for Rouen, with copper; the |cparateur,Corbet,for Cherbourg, the Deux Semes, Qure, LAlfred, Collin, the T.a Charoline, Groud, the La Fstle, Briant, the Amiable Charles, Oliver, the Amiable Catherine, Laquen, the Bon Pere de Faniillc, Brass, the Neriede, Harry, the Cupidan, Savindan, for Brest, with coals; and about sixty coasters,