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SHIP NEWS. CARDIFF. FOREIGN ENTERED OUTWARDS.—-The Liberty, Scorque, for Smyrna; the Allihies, Haves, for Oporto; the Marie Julien, Lueo, for Nantst; the Florent, Pauls, for Antwerp. FOREIGN CLEARED OUTWARDS. Tlie Catherina, Kropp, the Amelia Catherina, Menke, the Diana, Wempe, for Bremen, the Daphne, Sprague, for Oporto, the Hector, Kenster, and the Zorgvlict, Hubert, for Rotterdam, the Cacique, Pulham, and the Hercules, Forster, for Constan- tinople, the Roelfina, Bolhuis, for Amsterdam, the Marie Julien, Luco, and the Angele, Largouet, for Rouen, the Mary, Grieves, for Symma, all with iron. IRISH INWARDS—8 vessels in ballast. IRISH OUTWARDS-The Commerce, Williams, for Cork,the United Friends, Lewis, for Wexford, and the Triton, Cormack, for Dublin, with iron the Hero, Tho- mas, for Portrush, the Rowena, Scuddam, for Belfast and the Robert, Hayes, for Wexford, with iron and coal; and the Pelican, Landers, for Drogheda, with sundries. IS vessels with coals. COASTERS INWARDS.—The Nautilus, Allen, and the Lady Charlotte, Parfitt (steam-packets), the Casile, Jone s. the Friends, Todd, from Bristol. the John. Griffiths, from Newport, the Sisters, Gainey, from Chepstow, the Glea- ner, Owens, from Gloucester, the Friends, Sully, from Bridge water, with sundries; the Jane, Davies.from New- port, with iroo; the Margaretta, Cooper, from Fowey ~e Retsey, Weathers, from Gloucester, the Jessie, Lewis* the Coronation, Banow, and the John and Sal^y, Davies' from Plymouth, the Williams, Thomas, and the Simeon^ Moxley, from Newport, with iron ore; the Friends' Brown, and the Favorite, Crocker, from Gloucester, whh salt; the Cardiff, Lewis, from Aberthaw, with malt • 20 vessels in ballast. COASTERS OVTW ARDS.-The Mary, Hooper, the Trader, Gower, the Liffey, Corlett, the Tredegar Crock- ford, for Bristol, the Emerald Isle, Thomas, for Carmar- then, the Criterion, Bellamy, and the Ruby, Buller, for London, the Robert Lovely, Bryce, for Aberdeen, the Victoria, Evans, for Liverpool, and the William, Thomas, for Aberthaw, with it on the Abeona. Tanner, forSwan- sea, the Amity, Rogers, and the Bute, Walters,for Bristol, with sundries; the Favourite, Owens, for New-haven with iron and tin; 18 vessels with coals. NEWPORT. INW ARDS.-The Samuel and Julia, P. Bailhacbe, from Jersey, with cider; the Hellena Jacoba, Zellinc from Rotterdam, in ballast; the Fox, Walker, the John and Ellen. Call anan, with cattle, sheep, and pigs; the Bee the Swansea Trader, Howe, with malt: the Unanimity, Rollings, the Providence, Goodwin, the Newport Trader, Jackson, the Blessing, Duddridge, the Aeron, Davis, the Tredegar, Harwooa, the Carlton, Harwood,jun. the Moderator, Johns, the Mary, Coombs' the Bristol Packet, Scott, the Swift, Parker, aud the George, Johns, all with sundries. OUTWARDS.—The; Diana, Kastea, for M.emel, in ballast; the Eliiabeth Clarke, Alder, for Boston' the Claudia, Havard. for Ostend, the Eiiza, Owen, for Dun kirk, the Jeune Felix, Diebet, for Rouen, the Hoop, Boer, for Rotterdam, and the Jeune Araedie, Bowen, for Dunkirk, all with iron; the Jane, Davis, the Martha, Evans, the Daniel, Matthews, the Mercury, Devereux, the Salcombe, Sladen, the John ClIfton, Dobson, the Robert, Clampitt, the Hope, Tasker, the Cordelia, Swaffin, the Dolphin, Prewett, the Aeron, Davis, the Mvra, Evans, the Hope, Williams, the Atlas Jones, the John Hiscox, the Cleveland, Williams, the Spread Eagle, Phillips, the Quebec, Davis, the Cambria, Faircloughr the Venus, Phillips, the Concord, Jones, the Maria, James, the Thomas, Edwards, the Charles, Howe, the Swan, Scott, and the John, Griffiths, all with iron and tin plates the Tredegar, Harwood, theCarleon, Harwood, jun. the Moderator, Johns, the Mary, the Bristol Packet, Scott, the Swift, Parker, and the George,. Johns, all with sundries; and about 100 vessels with coals. NEATH. CLEARED OCT—The Nancy, Lewellia, for Newrn the Alice, Bence, the Mary, Parker, the Active, Bahca^fj' the Neptune, Grace, the Albion, Shelstone, forExetpr- the Endeavour. Rowling, the Fly, Sampson, the Prince^ Charlotte, Carlile, the Dispatch, Smart, for Cork; the; Fame, Connelly, the Liberty, Williams, for Wext\mj the Neath Trader, Long, for Bristol^ the Ellen, YVt.stenI for Bridport; the Hudscott, Tatem,rfne Dasher, Xkiu-deri, for Bideford the Mary. Morris, lor W ateu'ord • the Swallow, Potter, for Teignmouth; the Druid, Davies for Dunbarton the Fame, Jones, for Gloucester; tb e Soph._ Andrews, for Truro; the Gem, Mollard, r.ae Jose pi., Williams, for St. Ives; the Bntannja, th> for pouk Cawle. SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—The ttr'?01' from Exeter, tho Ebenezer, Jones, from Bridgeware* the phoEnix> L'od,rC) Ma^ f^ ^tt, the Hose, Jenkins, Seff am.pac.et) Ed^ar Friends, GimleU.a^he^Cei* slocombe, from Watchct, w,th f'unj" ,nd Ann (i Jornelius, from Bridgewater, the^Ja*nd Ann,, C from Barnstaple, with r'oilSenSTow i*11' the Boltin, Bri Hays, from jm Gloucester with fruit; the St. „HFliza ivins Dungarvou, with cattle; the. Ann d us try, Wallis, ar 'r £ ™Ahber^' with w £ eal 5 tbe la- ■ fhe Man)- thc John' laPlin» from Newport, with S from F /• »d,ey? Plymouth, the Brick,, «r7Tnd 34 almouth, with limestones 40 with copper m ballast. LLANELLY. timber -VALS.—The Fame, Crosby, from Quebec, with 3^ the Friends Goodwill, Billing, and the Flv, 0 aQ" en, from Padstow, the Emily, Ball, from Bristol, j the John and Mary, Richards,from Barnstaple, with I .undries the Providence, English, from Wexford, with deals; the Lord Rolle. Townseud. from Bideford. with ash timber the Sarah and Ann, Rhydderch, the Union, Ninnes, and the Fidelity, Rour, from Swansea, the Feronia, Curtis, the Secret, Sleeman, the William and Ann,Noal, and the Agenona, Samuel, from St. Ives, with copper ore; the Ann, Davies, from Tenby, the Maria, Roberts, from Amlwch, the Mary, Jones, from Dublin, the Expedition, Griffiths, from Kogerstown, the Dove, Forest, from Barnstaple, the Commerce, Jenkin?, from Milford, the Mervil, Jones, from Newry, the Fa- vourite, Symons, and the Fame, Thomas, from Bideford, and the Trois Amis, HAmelin, from Cherbourg, in ballast.