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;Rto nnto1tth\ít. .31< L VYING THE T 11) N OF TilE NEW CHURCH AT NEWPORT.—Cardiff, Thursday, Sept. 10. — J he Lord Bishop of L'andaff, accompanied by the Chancellor of the Diocese, has just passed through Cardiff, from Duffrvn, (the I!o,.i. W. B. Greys) to assist in the interesting ceremony of laying the foun- dation of the New Church at Newport. The early part of the morning was very unpropitious, but there is every appearance of improvement. NEWPORT NEW CHURCH. On Thursday, the foundation stone was laid for this building, by Chailes, eldest son of Charles Morgan, Esq., M. P., Ruperra Castle, Glamorganshire. Tne silver coins of tne present King's reign were enclosed in a bottle. Mr Webber embraced the opportunity of enclosing a piece of parchment, oil which was writ- ten all tite localities oftlw town at this time, its commerce, number of houses, population, prices of labour and provisions, duties received at the customs, and the sum received at the post office the last twelve months: also the number of vessels with their ton- nage, the. quantity of iron and coal shipped, steam- packets and market boats, the sum subscribed for building the Church, the number of subscribers, with the amount of diiiercut contracts for buiding the same, the new dock, the present corporation, and other sub- jects of information. The bottle was let into a stone with a brass plate over it,, on which was engraved the following inscription THI^ STOVE Was laid hy CIIAR'TiLS. eldest son of CHARLES MORGAN f'>sq M P. of ihiperra, in the county of Glamorgan, assisted by the Ri^ht Rev. EDWARD CO P l/ES TON, D. 1). Lord Rislion of Landnff, and Sir CHARLliS MORttA V. Bart, of Trede gar, on | Thursday 10(t. September, lu35. AVHI )\Y iS ACSOV, Vicar. JAMKS FlnCES. Curate. THOM S AT SMITH, ) r, THOMVS MORHTS, Churchwardens. THOMAS Y.YVT, Architect. The morning was ushered in by the ringing of bells, and at eleven o'clock the Committee and friends of the undertaking met at St. Woollos Church, and about twelve the Lord Bishop of the Chancellor of the Diocese (the Rev. W. 15. Knight) with many of the clergy, arrived. A procession was then formed, which proceeded through the principal streets to the site of the New Church, headed by a band of music, playing sacred'airs, followed by the clergy, the Lord Bishop, and Churchwardens, the Chancellor, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Charles Morgan, Esquire, and Son, the Committee, the friends of the.church, two and two, and a train of carriages with ladies. On at the spot the gentlemen were gratified in seeing all the beauty and z, fashion of this increasing town. Seats were erected for the accommodation of the fair-sex, who, if we maybe allowed to judge, we would sav were well pleased. Our little hero, Master Morgan (about six years old), performed his task well, hand led the trowel and hammer like an old tradesman, to the satisfaution of a numerous assemblage of persons around him, after which his Lordship offered up a solemn prayer for tiie occasion, which was heard distinctly, we believe, by all, and every respect was paidtohis Lordship in preserving silence, and decorum. Wilt-ii the ceremony was over, the procession return- cd to the King's Head Inn, where a cold collation was provided the lrrgc room was quite full of Ladies and Gentlemen, and many Gentlemen left- not having room. Aiiioti,t til,)s("pre,,ent, ()b- served the Lord Bishop of Lund aft, the Chancellor of the Diocese, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Charles Morgan, Esq. M.P. liis son and Morgan,General Monday, S.nnuel llomfrav, Esq. and Mrs Homfrav, the Rev. Augusus Morgan, the Rev. James Coles, the Rev. R. Roberts and Mrs Roberts, Major Mack- wort, Mrs and Miss Staples, Thomas Protnero, Esq. and Miss l'i*ot licro, James Birch, Esq, and Mrs Birch, tiie Hey, James Kraneis, and Mrs Francis, &c. &c. Tile health of his Lordship was drank, also that ot Sir Charles Mofgan, the Chancellor, the Committee, and Master Morgan, who rose on a chair and thanked the Company, much to the gratification of all present. The healths of the Rev. James Francis, and Mr Wyatt the archi- tect, were also drunk. Each gentleman returned thanks in a very appropriate speech, in reference to the cause for which they were this day brought to- gether. We regret to say his Lordship, not being in good health, was obliged to leave the ground, and was unable to return in the procession to the King's Head, but after a little time his Lordship recovered and entered the room. It rained heavily in the morn'ng, but about nine o'clock it cleared off, and the day proved very favour- able, only a few light showers. This day will be ever remembered by the friends and supporters of the Established Church in this town: a more respectable, interesting, and unanimous meeting, never will, or could take pltee.-(Front a Correspondent.) .6"####,1"" A great number of porpoises were seen in Newport river, on Wednesday, supposed to be in chase of salmon. The Vs fisherman have been very fortu- nate this year; a greater number of salmon has been caught than was ever remembered The price is now from 7d. to Sd, per lb. On Tuesday iii,lit, or Wednesday moriiing, some villain or villians entered a shed in which was a carriage belonging to the Rev. R. A. Roberts of Ciiristehurch, Monmouth, smashed in the back part of the carriage, broke the leather, and cut the straps belonging to it.

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