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EXOltfMO UTHS HIRE. CtlURCtl K M'S, BOROUGH OF NE\yPOR I pursuant to notice, a meeting of the inhabitants of the borough ot Newport, and parish of Sc Wool- 1 os. vvas ',e 0,1 ,llllrSf,a.y the yth July, to make a ralc, for the necessai v repairs of the Church. An adjoin'10'1 meeting tor settling the late wardens ac- counts stooU Hie book fur t|,e same time. The aoco«"« w?re S°ne ml<> settled, after which the subject ol the rate came on. A gre £ U mimber of l)is seniers attended to object (o ii, but in consequence nf the notice no. having been fixed on the church door, the "i( i ing was considered illegal; another meeting took p ace on Thursday the IGtli July, at tpH o'clock in the monun. IW.ng the interval the Dissente.s v*e e not idle, the ministers exhorting their congregations to uttend from tlw pulpit to get rate. The meeting was so numerous that it was ad- journed trom the vestry ,oom to the body of the Church. the Rev. A. A. tsaacson, vicar, took the chair.a"d read he notice,and then s id. "Weare now asse,iibled m the house of God, and the purpose of our meeting is o consider of the necessity of grant- ing to the churchwarden8 a rate, wherewith to repair dilapidations in this sacred structure, and to aid the performance of divine service therein Economy has been studied in their estimate, and I E trust, Gentlemen, that you will not reject their ap- plication. 1 shall not attempt, othewise than by persuasion, to induce you to render your support. (etltletlle", I believe we have all been looking for- ward to a Parliamentary provision for the sustonta- tron of the eoifi> e<>! theChurch as yet we arc dis- appointed but the time is not far distant when means will be afforded by Government to ensure that end. Be then entreated not to divide- as brethren who do wo/dwell together in Christian unity—but rather allow me to exhort you to unite and to uphold, this Church, the past guardian of those sacred oracles from which we a II derive our common faith. Gentlemen, I do not deny the utility of those ex- ertions u hicli have been so zealously used by our Christian b/ethren, not exactlv according with cor(iiii, Chllrch (iiscipline. I, moreover acknowledge that Christianity has received much advancement by their exertions. But, Gentlemen, let me plead again, where were our parents dedicated to Christ in bap- t.sm ? where were they united in the sacred bonds of matrimony and where, let me ask, do the ashes ol our forefathers reslt awaiting the day of the world s termination? r,Q ashes of many rest n-ithw the sacied wall" of the Established Churchof this realm, and of many nu,r(, in the consecrated, grounds ot our ( hmch-yard. Let me then entreat you to aid and supp()| this House of God, wherein have been unb.bed lhe see<js of elcrn. iif<f} by those who gave bulb to-/V. |^?t us be patient, not'think i' rn 1 0l',er'but aim alone at the goal—the palvntiOn ot our souls. Mr Morris, one of the churchwardens, read a list of (he.terns, every one of which appeared to be strictly necessary, which amounted to 13t) for the borough and parish; in this amount was included £ (iS arrears due in IN33, when the tasCratewas made, and was to have been paid out of that rate, but that has not been done. Mr Prothero then came forward an 1 proposed that the rate Je granted, in a very able speech. The motion was seconded by Mr Powell. An amendment was proposed by Mr John Frost, that the rate be postponed till the 1st of July 1836. Mr Thomas Wall seconded the amendment. Mr Thomas Phillips, jun explained the law en- fordog the flllty on churchwardens and the power given to them for making a rate, should one be ob- jected to by the meeting. Ylr PbHPips in a powerful address, supported the rale. MrByroll, an Independent minister, next spoke in favour ot the amendment. i.in1 • r "> A ;>mj the poll be taken as laid down in the \e*U\ Ad • he pulling commenced, aud was ke|>t up with spirit for some time: and when all present h.t<) ii,lc iii.:Ji)i ;;y ill I'a ot the rate, but the gentleman who artel us pol'-derk for the Dissenters, refused to give in the li-i contain 111 kile names (or the number) of those w ho had against the rate, as he was aware that the Dissenting Ministers who recorded theii names ai the commencement ol' the poll, were going about the town in order to bring up a reinforcement of v ot.'i s against the rate. The chairman iiH|uired if tiiere were any persons present who li;ld ii,)t io!p(i, and being answered by i\Jr .Iohn Fro"t thaI he bad no!, he was requested to do so. but refusing, the vicar declrvred the meetirtg in favor of tlie rate. 'Hie vicar then left the chair, and soon after the party collected hy the dissenting ministers came up; they then elected a dla i nn.1 II ')1' f heif" own, an 1'went 011 polling after the other party had left, tlie church, till they had a majority in their favor. The Dissenters w ill 110 dOllbl maintain the contrary. biit the rate was* fairly and legally carried, notwithstanding ti,e un- ceasing efforts which were made by 1 he opposing party. We are rejoiced to hear that the Ystrad v voJwg portion oi the L-airsaunor Instate has fallen into 1 he hands of so spiiited a proprietor as Mr Craw>h.iy Bailey It of five large fanns, animating tog-ether, to nearly 2,000 acres, in the most l omauiic part of ilie valley of Rhoniiiia-fawr, and very near stradyvodwg Oiurch.- The price give., lor it uas 10,000 guineas Timber to |K> value' It abounds %'it[, C()'Al of* lie ,x,-eile.i: (iii,,Iitv i-iii,it by Mr Coffin to the south east of lhe properly Th» LlausriuiUn "I"u..í<)!I, de tIIPS \I t' rnvdesfale a ¡ .1\' :,l'£1 (.¡ Cow bridge) was bought iu at JL'3<>,t;00, During the met n; of' the inhahil uits of tie? borough of Newpo.t and parish of St. Woollos, at the Church, on the IGth inst. for th purpose of granting a church-rate, some person or persons broke tli<? leaves of several prayer books (not èntire\ out) contai!\in:; the ar¡,idfoS or Ib' Church. Mr George Oliver, jun. M r Thorn is Payne. and a persoil named Driscol, the three voung men who were drlm lied W hen going to the Cardiff Regatta, were picked upon Sunday last, not far distant from each other, and brought-to Newport. An inquest was held on the bodies, on Monday morning, by the Same jl/ry ill each case Verdict- Found Dro,vred.- It was within live minutes of eleven o'clock, on Monday the 13th, when the boat sunk, and about the same time lasl Mondav when the bodies-were brought out of the chllrdl where they had laid together Messrs Oliver ami Payne were interred in the grave with and by the side of Payne's mother. Driscol was buried with his friends. Some hundreds at- tended the funerals, and the excitement on the ine- lanc.lioly occasion, was exceedingly gient The same day, on an elderly man (an idiot,) who died in the Po a House, al Oaeileon. It w,i>< reported ;hn> h ■ came by his death from ill treatatenl, but there was no evi dence to thijt cift-ef -Vol-tilel by the visitath a of God.

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