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GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION, a hard-working Gar- Gem r, inarri <1, but no Children. He is at pi (-sent pmptnved iu a Gentleman's Garden. who will cive Im. a Good Character for sobriety aixl industry. He I willIng to make himself generally useful. Apply (Post Paid) to ihe Printer of the Mcithyr Guar- dian. Post pi, TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. W ANTED, as an APPRENTICE to a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, a Steady Active Youth, of food education. He will be treated as one oi the iauiily and will have every opportunity of leai-iiitig his profession thoroughly. Apply t>» William Strange, Chemist and Druggist. Merthyr Vfi:- l.£i lIJ dJ. tJ3Lullj U} [!} RESPECTFULLY begs to inform those Gentle- int'n Who INTEND DINING with the HIGH SHERIFF, that the will be provided at the Cardiff ARMS HOTEL, TUESDAY the 14th instant. Dinner on the tabic precisely at I hree o clock. Cardiff 2d July, 1535. T HEREBY CAUTION ALL PERSONS NOT A TO TRUST MY WIFri. CATHERINE VAUGHAN, with any Good,in my name, as I will not be answerable, after the day of the dale hereof, for any Debt or Debts she may incur. And, I,c), I Give Notice to all Persons in- debted to me, not to pay the slime to my said wife, or any .r part thereof, after this notice. THOMAS VAUGHAN. Merthyr Tydvil, July 3^, lS33. BOROUGH OF MERTHYR-TYDFIL. EXTENSIVE .£J. [l,} (DIP !J) !J39Ct}. o be Soft fen Euctton, By MrTHOS. DAVIES, IQ the Long Room, at the BUSH INN, MERTHYR TYDFIL, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 8th, 1835, A L ARGE ASSORTMENT of DRUGS, ACIDS, &c. (whch are removed there for the convenience of Sde.) consisting of upwards of 330 different kinds of Drugs, (each of which will he put up in separate Lots,) Patent oledicines, Roll Sitlphur, Copperas, Saltpetre, Rosin, pllow. Qchre, Spruce Ochie, Rotten Stone, Galls, Allum, Fullers' Earth, Black Load, I-vory Black, Muriat. Acid, Liq. Ammon, Rose Pink, Dutch Pink, a few Gallons of Rape and Gallipoli Oils, a few Flasks of Olive Oil, Fish Sauces, Dispensing and Show Bottles, a good pair of Dis. pensing Scales, an excellent set of Tooth Instruments com- pute, about 12.000 Copper Caps, Coloured Saucers, a flv I.amp Glasses, a large Nest of 62 Drawers, a quantity of Blacking, &c. &c. being the property of Mr H. W. WHITE, Bookseller and S ationer, who has relinquished the Drug part of his Business, the whole of which are well worthy the attention ot the Frufession and the Trade. Sale to commence precisely at II o'clock, and the whole to 00 sold wirtwut reserve. Swansea, Neath, and Merthyr ¡,: el, [Jj 1.)::t £J 8 mdiau,* rT^HE Public is most respectfully informed that, on i- MONDAY the 6'h JULY NEXT, the above Royal Mail will COMMENCE RUNNING from the MACK WORTn ARts INN, SWANSEA, every Morning at Seven o:Clork; will leave the CASTLF. INN, NEATH, at Eight O.Clo,k and arrive at the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR, at IJaif-past Eleven, meeting (on M oncla-, s. Wednesdays, and Fridays) the BRECON, and LLANI RINDOD-WELLS 1M. PERIAL SAFETY CARRIAGE; and wi 1 leave Merthyr at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, arriving at S.vansea at ftalf-past Six in the Evening, in sufficient time for the CVRMARTHF.n and MILFORD ROYAl. MAIL. Performed by Catharine Jones, Purchase, Targett, and Piice. The Proprietors beg to announce, that in order to save time, the Mail will not be allowed to stop at'any place bnt the Patriot/' George Town, after leaving Merthyr. ° i9:h June, 1835. To Emigrants and Shippers The undersigned despatches Goods and Passenger, ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. TO LË W(Q) and other Ports iu the U raited Stales three times monthly. TO THE BRITISH SETTLEMENTS IN NORTH AMERICA e iery forlniofht duringthe season. TO THE EAST AND WEST INDIASabout every ten days. TO THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Van Dieman's Land, and New South Wales, about every six weeks, &c. &c. Emigrants and Shippers may rely on the vessels em- ployed being of the best description and fitted with every convenience conducive to comfort and safety. And as he aims at obtaining the good opinion and favourable report of every individual whornploys him, he earnestly entreats Emigrants not to leave their homes until they have se- I!¡-è'd their passages and received notice appointing a time for their arrival in Liverpool, as by this means their tickets 'of admission will be entrusted to- careful attendants who will conduct them to their vessels and protect them from the "Positions of those worthless characters who are in wait- ] ng at every landing place to entrap and deceive strangers. When the attendants, with the tickets of admission, are not in waiting, the Emigrants are recommended to hire a Car to bring themselves and their luggage direct to the office, and above all to avoid taking advice or assistance from Strangers, otherwise in all probability Oey wi.1 be deceived and plundered. In aiming at obtaining a continuance 'of the preference "bich he has so long enjoyed, and of preserving his Emi. e R) gration business on the most respectable and satisfactory rooting, the undersigned, while he urees compliance with the above recommendation, craves reference to the follow lUg 1 estintonials, selected almost at random from several hundreds in his possession. TESTIMONIALS. ^rom John Bennett, Esq., 31.P. for South Wiltshire. 'Sir,—Wishing m send to Van Pieman's .anii some families, *■ to Lord Howick ot the Colonial OiUce, wiioiefet red 11>" to you, as the person most likely to transact he ou the m<>»t reasonable tetms and in a Mtbractory manner, lo Eiiward Wnikinshaw, Fsq. y ne F-CTT. Mr-J-?. C'JALTR.'VS nnrl Gti*br'», LoiHm. EMi(under Secretary lor the Colonies) and ilr, Secre »- y c-tliot sptak in the highest terms of t!ie integi ity. industry, "rransmeol-.and intelligence of M. Wnlkhishaw. Frv¡ Thos. Fred. Elliot, Secretary to His Majesty's Com- '• str I'I, forEmiifruHoii. cUi,.n nitt. PaPpV to bear teftimoiiy 'o t e en3* and pre- in h i. business between jou and the E mgration U^h^u h^e ^Cn :rK'1Mcted > a,■I also as to the Service oromoiine EVlar" seco"lu'g the w ?hes of Ooverci-TJent in F.uai Lor^d Hojuk ^on-°f Earl Grey, and 1 .U'y one of the Tor the Culor.ial De; arnr.eut. S:r,—I hpsitai; '6'- "'hiteha'I P ace, 1st Sept. 1834. h!kvt been in the Co!nini office I i,a that Iotrit,g ti,e tit,ke aide opinion «f the ro » 1 1?ve l"nntd the »1»«t favour- owner, undertone lhi c'n h your busi,'e!,a » »b»P- rondu.Ved. At tht inVeyil"ce "f Km^r '"<* h** betn with you, I WHS activeIv *W',S ,brousht ""I0 cramunicntion f ciiltie# which did not th™' an end*'1!nr to aff«r.f eiasses desin.us of proceedfnl^1 e""Sfants l»fcourin<» rertainly conceived il,«t th» the Austr ;|ian Colouie?, and X HUtinly owing to yonr active «•' i object was T« E. Waikinshiw,Esq e c" opera-ion. Sir,—" MloVZ Ior™?niht- E^' grest attention you hare nai.) tn ?°'lal ti;anks for the very service as I ant.Mj to coneratm^' a novice the transport at you, which in tnced me to i„i • ,0n 0,1 "'S1' lotal ifenoi'ance let .and ability, as to get the mo^'u"5.?0 "lllch afler yo,lr cllalac- fn every respect, and from everv tefetilrwr}ial3 o( duflrnwards, quatter, from the Government •' To E. Walkinshaw, Esq." Fiom the Rer. William Wiin»™,» t I'er Henrs Lee tj N^Y01?"0"' P»s«nger Sir,—Mvself and partv w'U Yo,k- tercwuise wuh the aenl^.y arr4 ;n e.&rea* Pleasure iu our in- testimony to the excellent hc,fe 10 °iir fiends to ya«r »hips, and to Ihe great kiur'nifo '« *.rr*n&in*nt9 01 perlenced ftt your Lamis. A**o 8 We have ex rood treatmetn.JEaiigrams from PV»™ Poinl economy and L'i it for their interestanfl^f ,7? p"' u' tht kingdom will with your lonR-eU bllsbed and ren'n^ r.'h^^16" :,rrs"innents » To Mr. Walkinshaw." re8Pea4ble house. Apply, pod paid, to EDWARD WALKINSHAW Le herlacd Alley, Pool Lane, Liverpool. As no letter wtU be opened unless the postage has been paid, Emigrants »re recommended to foruTthemselves into parties tn order that one letter may answer for many No berth Kill be reserved till the Passage Money has been paid, and to prevent disappointments are recommended to nvtte their engagements at least a fortnight before they sail. SWANSEA and NEATH I IT having been intended that the Swansea Races should take piace on the 6th and 7ih Augnst next, the Stewards, finding that the Haverfordwest Races (which were fixed for the 2i3th July). are advertised for the'4th August, have deemed i' necessary to postpone the nomi- nation of the davs for the Swansea Races tintil next week. The following are the particulars of the Stakes, &c to be ru:i for:— FIRST DAY. The SWANSEA STAKES, TEN SOVEREIGNS each. Half forfeit, with FIFTY SOVEREIGNS added. for ali Horses, to close the last day of July. Name with the Clerk of the Course. The Horses to he handicapped by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint. Weights to he declared on the morning of the day before the Races. Three horses to start, or no public money given. A PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, for any Horse, Mare. or Gelding. Three-year-olds, 7si. 71b.; four-year- nUs. Bst. 71h.; five-year-olds, Ost.; six-year-olds and aged, 9.st 5th. Mares and Geldings allowed 3lbs. Heats, once round. A SWEEPSTAKES of FIVE SOVEREIGNS each, with TWBNTY-FIVE added, for Horses not thorough- brat;. Three-year-olds. 9it four-year-olds, 10«. 101b; five-year-olds, 1 lsr. 5ib, six-year olds, 11st. 121b. • aged, 12st. Any Horse having won a Ma'ch. Plate, or Sweep- stakes, before the day of running, to carry 5ibs.; if two, -71 i if three. lOlbs. extra- Three Horses to siarf, or no public money given. Once round A SCURRY STAKES of THREE SOVEREIGNS each, for Horses of all denominations, with FIFTEEN POUNDS added. Three-year-olds, bat. four-veat-olds, IQthc.; five-year olds, 10it. 9ibs. six-year-olds and aged, ll*r. 21bs. The winner to he sold for 150 if demanded within half an hour after the race. Once round. A SADDLE and BRIDLE for PONIES. Horses to be entered for the first day's Plate and for the Five Sovereigns and Scurry Stakes before eight o'clock on the evening of the at the Mack worth Arms. SECOND DAY. A PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, for any Horse, 1\1 ar', or GeldJIJ\Ç. Three-year-olds, 7st. 31bs.; four-year- olds, 8st. 71b.; five-year-olds 9s*. six and aged, 9st.51bs. file 'ear-old., 9-;t.- six and ageti, )st. S. Winner of First Day's Phte to carry 7It>s. extra. A winner of a Kin's Plate or Gold Cup to carry 71bs. extra. Mares and Geldings allowed Slbs. Heats, once round. A SWEEPSTAKES of TWO SOVEREIGNS each, for Galloways and Ponies under 13 hands hi^h, half forfeit, with FIFTEEN added from the Fund. The Galloways to he Handicapped by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint. Ponies under 13 hands to carry catch weights. I he Galloways and Ponies to be entered on or before the is35i wi(h thp clerk of the Course. A SWEEPSTAKES of FIVE SOVEREIGNS each Two forfeit, with TWENTY FI V g added, for beaten Horses at these Races. Horses to be named and Handi- capped by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint, im- mediately after the last race. A SADDLE and ORIDLE for PONIES. The Winner of the First Day not to start. Horses for the Second Day's Races to be entered before eight o'clock the preceding evening, at the Bush Inn. RULES AND REGULATIONS. All-S akeS to be paid to the Clerk of the Races, before •> even o clock in the forenoon of- the day of running, or not entitled, though a winner; which money, together with the winnings, will be settled for the day after the haces. Each Hjrse to pay 10s. 6d. for Scales, Weights, &c. and Entrance for the different Stakes.at the time of naming, to the Clerk of the Course, and each winner One Guinea in addition. The Horses to be entered on the Wednesday preceeding the Races with the Clerk of the Course, between the hours 0 six and eight o'clock; One Sovereign Entrance for the 1 Iates, or Double at the Post. No Smith to be allowed to Plate any of the Running Horses, unless he be a Subscriber of One Guinea to the Racing Fund, or such Horse not entitled though a winner. Half an hour will be allowed between each Heat, at the expiration of which time ihuse Horses that are ready will be started. No persons except the Riders for the day's running, and those in the execution of their duty on the Course, will be admitted withiu the ropei on Horseback and aU persons on foot will be required to retire behind the topes immediately on the ringing of the Bell for Saddling, in order to prevent accidents. The Riders aYe particularly requested to name the colours they intend to ride in, and no alteration to be allowed, under a forfeit of 10'. 6-i. All fUspme» to> be «eul«L by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint, and all Rules applicable to Netftnarket will be enforced here. The Horses to start each day precisely at Twelve o Clock. J All Dogs found on the Course will be destroyed. Ordinaries. Balls &c. C. R. M. TALBOT, Eso., M.P. ? c^ds N. E. VAUGHAN, Esq' Rewards. V P '|VU O RICIIARDS> Clerk of the Course. i 15. 1 he Stewards earnestly request ti at all Sub- scnptions to the Races may be pJd at the Cambrian- Office, Swansea. on or before. the last day of J tily. A ll Persons desirous of erecting Booths, &<• on the Ti a<L° A>Xlr^* are to make personal application to Mr J- G. Richards, Burrow,. Swansea.



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