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GLAMORGANSHIRE j ¡ CARDIFF.—In consequence of the approaching Assizes at Cardiff, on the 14th instant, we perceive that the next show of the Glamorgan and Moumouth- shire Horticultural Society has been postponed front the 15th to the 22ud instaiit.-(See udvertitement in a preceding column. Ltdy James Ssuart and family have lately. arrived in England from the Continent. Her lady- ship is at present at Tunbridge Wells. On Saturday last the reserve of the 10th Regi- ment of Foot were landed at Cardiff from I lie, Palmer- t ston steam boat, which left Ilfracombe tha, moming. The reserve left Plymouth on the preceding Monday and marched from thence to Ilfracombe. The reserve remained at Cardiff till Monday morning, when they proceeded to Caerphilly and Newbridge, on their mach to Brecon, to relieve ttie reserve of the 11th Regiment, under the cominaud of Colonel Bishop, We are rejoiced to hear that the Bishop ofLlan- daff has taken a home for two years in the centre of his diocese; but we are sorry to add that that house is Llandough Castle, whose much respected occupier intends travelling for the above period. Few of the satisfactions of this life are unmixed. It had been reported that his lordship would probably take Peulline Castle, or Green Meadow, both most con- veniently situated for the Bishop's residence. There are times in which we would see every good man at his post, dispensing his charities, expending his income, and above all, giving the inestimable benefit of a good example to his neighbours of all classes It is now, if ever, a paramount duty with every friend of his country to help her through her difficulties and though the gallant colonel would be the last man that Would desert the ship and seek the shore, ? When the winds whistle and the tempests roar." We cannot help repeating that we are truly coucernd at losing so useful a country gentleman for so long a i time. We feel much concern in having to record a mc- ancholy and fatal occurrence in the family of the Re Sir Francis Lynch Rlosse, Bart., at his country resi- dence, Milford, near Brar, on Saturday last, when tbe nurse being in the act of playing with the Reverend Baronet's youngest child (aged nearly 2 years) on the window stool of the drawing-room, momentarity turned round to speak to one of the other children in the samtf room, and the poor baby lost its balance, and was pre- cipitated on its head to the ground, a distance of about 12 feet. Surgical assistance was immediately (ailed in, but, although every remedy that hkill could sug- gest was had recourse to, the little patient expired on Tuesday, at;er enduring much suffering for three da-ys.-Dublin Freeman. SWANSEA.—This town, as usual at this season of the year, is beginning to fill with visitors. Man/ of the lodging-houses are already occupied, the bathing I season having commenced. Our Theatre opens on the 13th inst. under the ollmagemcnt of our old and much-respected friend, Mr Woulds, having closed the B itli Theatre, and we sincerely hope he will meet with that success he 50 earnestly studies to obtain. We understand the company are good and highly respectable. The Bristol Steamer made her passage 00 Wednesday fro.n Bristol within the bay in fie hours; being the quickest passage siiice the cof mencemeni of her plying. NEW CHURCH AT TREDEGAR. On Friday June 26th the Foundation Stone of tbe" new Church was laid at this place by the eldest 50:1 of Samuel Ulamfi-ay, Esq. of Bedwellly House. A prl,, cession was formed by the principal inhabitants, fi,O" the market house, and after the stone was lowered to Its place the 12211d Psalm %i as sung and a most apprc* priate and impressive prayer for the Divine Blessing on the undertaking was offered up by the Rev. EVOO Jenkins, of Dowluis the stone was then levelled and squared and finally fixed in its pl.tce, greeted by the shouts of the assembled multitude, which a immense, notwithstanding the incessant rain tvbic^ fell the whole of the day. The Rev. Clergyman the" pronounced the benediction in the name of the Hol1 Triuity, and the procession returned, preceded by band of music, while the event was announced to tbll surrounding hills and vallies by the firing of cannon- The site is a beautiful meadow at the northern end of the town, and the building will consist of a CburCIl and a square tower in the Saxou, or early Norins" style, and will contain sittings for 1 020 perioii11) half of which will be free. There is no place in the Principality where a Clitirl: is more needed than in this populous and increasi'? neighbourhood the parish Church being eight distant and totally inadequate to the population, hds increased about twenty fold in the space ol thirtf four years; tbe return ot the census iu 1801, abou the time of the establishment of the Iron Works, bei:.r 617, and that in 1831 amounting to 10,647. J The ground, measuring 100 yards by 70, is present by Sir Charles Morgan and the Tredegar Iron C¡JØle pany, who have also liberally contributed towards t^1 expeuse of the building, ia which they have joined by the Bishop of the Diocese and the inhabitant. of the town, of all denominations. It is pleasing to have to record, that the iitereatiilg ceremony was attended by the Wesleyan and Di»e°' ing ministers resident in the town. The following inscription was written oil parchtneilt together with the statement of the population above, and enclosed in a glass bottle sealed, deeply sunk in a cavity in the Stone, which closed by a brass plate, inscribed with the Tredegar Iron Works Bed wellty parish. Thissto" was laid 26th June 1835." ø "The Foundation Stone of this Church was laid t the 28th of June 1835, by Simuel George, the eldeite son of Samuel Homfray, Esq. of Bedwellty House,1 managing partner of the Tiedegar Iron Works. II "Architect, Mr John Jenkins, No. 6, Red Square, London. ;ie' "Contractor, Mr Thomas Griffiths, Builder, Tre gar Iron Work. ol "The Rev. Evan Jenkins. of Dowlais. Count Glamorgan, Minister officiating. HYDROPHOBIA.—Very great alarm was EXC'J at Bridgend, on Sunday fast, in consequence oi .j arrival there of a large sheep dog in a highly ra.,3 state. The animal in approaching the town pony and three cows, and in passing through town he bit several dogs. A little boy of aboo1 9 j years of age had a most miraculous escape he j | leading with his handkerchief a fine Newfoundl^ | dog, when th^ poor animal was attacked and } As it is said that there are several mad dogs in 1 neighbourhood, too much care cannot be taken 10 I owners of dogs to ke'ep them safely tied up, aU see that they are supplied with plenty of water- | FATAL ACCIDENT.—On the morning of [ day last, jrtst after the London mail had left I Post-office at Bridgend, and before it had got øe yards from it, the guard (W. Bennet) fell off. I was immediately conveyed to the Ship Inn, *„$> he was promptly attended by a medical | te and after having been copiously bled, he ins's gi | contrary to the advice of those about him, to pr°c | by the Packet coach to Cardiff, from whence he Pf- | by the Packet coach to Cardiff, from whence he er ceeded in the packet to Bristol, where, we tin tlJe i stand, he is since dead in consequence of injury he received from the fall. FISHING—A party of gentlemen from Bri'l^^ had a most excellent day's sport on the Aber8 sands, on Friday the 27th ult. The fishermen of into a shoal of bream, some hundreds weigbl ere which they caught. About a quarter of a ton t sold at Bridgend market on the following day cheap rate, which caused the butchers to look> 0 their meat to sell, very low. 've' LOYAL ORANGE INSTITUTION.—T"" oil Of sary of Lodge No. 335 was held on the 27th JuoC't|)' the Black Lion Inn, Aberdare, to ec)mmemorote.10, re'.ea!#emeiii of the Protes.allt Bishops rb t el otio prisonment in the Tower of London, under the tyranny of James It, The members met in the gti room at 10 o'clock in the morning, from ^cl f preceded by a band of music and banners, 111 walked to church, where a sermon was delive,g Iji the Rev. William Jones, of the Vaynor, from 11!1 chapter of Romans, 2nd verse.—4< That now i*'? p time to awake out of sleep.At the copcIU!J10rOo¡11 tbe service, the members returned to the ,ti«/ where they dined and took cwrw da, after ",hictl clife visited their friends and brothers at the regR 9gpA' inns, when they returned to the Black LionJ aO seP rated in good order. I

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