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MONMOUTHSHIRE GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS' General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for this horou gh were held on Monday last, before I • Powell, Esq. Mayor, and O. G. Thomas and 12. Esquires, the two Bailiffs, when there were tlt three prisoners for trial. The King, v. John Russell—The prisoner was c ar{fed with having stolen five packets of tobacco, "gaining two ounces each, from the cellar of Messrs lu c* Brocere, of this town, on the 3d of December It appeared that tbe prisoner, who was in the I ploy 0f Biss (who carries goods for Messrs. ^■?ke) brought a hogshead of sugar to their premises tbe day above mentioned to be placed in their Wavehotise. The prisoner however found his way into tyh'r °L'"ar where he was not justified in going, and I ere there was a box containing a quantity of the ,«>cco in question made up into packets. The isoner having been seen in the cellar, was sent for 0 the prosecutor's shop, and in going there was to drop some packets from his person, which ere instantly picked up by Messrs Dyke's assistant shopman. A constable was immediately sent for, the prisoner was thereupon taken before the b ay°r» when, after the case was enquired into, the 'soner, who was first duly cautioned, 6aid I fell n the stairs and I pocketed the tobacco, but I did > know what I was doing. I was so far gone in '^k that I did not know what 1 was doing. Not- '^standing these facts and this confession were °red ia evidence, the jury found the prisoner (whose "th and the respectable testimony to his previous ood character excited compassion,) Not Guilty. This tt us in mind of a similar verdict given in a case pre- sely the same, so far as the prisoner's confession jyj ttt> which was tried before a celebrated judge at i 0,1,nouih not many years ago, on which occasion his r«ship remarked to the jury Of course, genlle- you have acquitted ter prisoner upon the prin- that every thief is a liar" THE KING V. HENRY PARRY AND CHARLES PI°^k,Ns-—The prisoner, Parry, was indicted for n„ea "'fT a cloak, belonging to his own mother, on the -fo °r December last, and the prisoner Hopkins, 'receiving it from Parry, knowing it to have been o en. The case was clearly proved against the ■*»" v?Cr' ^Ut not s0 a&a'nst the prisoner Hopkins, respect to whom the court recommeuded an *^luUtal; it only appearing he had taken the pro- r y for the other prisoner to a pawnbroker, to raise oney to enable him, Parry, to carry on his mal- •actices.—Verdict—Hopkins, not guilty Parry, I* uty, who was sentenced to six mouths imprison- e(?t and hard labour. Sh -EIl!IFS COURTS.—On Wednesday last, the f0er'tt of this county held a court in the Shire-Hall, ^.L.'he first time since the passing of the late Act, '°h authorises him to try causes commenced in J\COurts of Westminster for the recovery of sums 20/. when the case of Thomas Jones, plaint iff", galnst John Prosser, defendant, for smith's work and rklalel. ia!s, was the only one heard, and that was foUdeteudecl, and a verdict given for the plantiff, fifteen guineas. '^NIFICENT BENEVOLENCE.—The poor of Mon- th Ui' anc^t'ie neighbourhood are greatly indebted to fop erali,y °f Richard Blakemore, E->q. of the Leys, Utr his annual charity in the supply of a large quan- y of coal for their especial benefit, which has com- being distributed amongst th»m, and will be "^fl:'for two months, iu quantities of a hundred thr'U v" er^ wee^ to each individual, at a cost of *e pence only per cwt. by tickets to the number jyj 420 weekly. The regular selling price of coal in wiontnoiltli is 7d. per cwt. or 9s. per ton for ready I ony, The advautage therefore which the poor un el."e from Mr Blakemore's bounty is plainly seen is lilt DIy. readily be calculated that that gentleman "0 IUS glnlig away more than 30/. out of his own r ^BEHGAVBNNY CYMREIGYDDION SOCIETY.—A Ue"lerous meeting of this Society was held on Wed- \jr ay evening last, on which occasion the Rev. hon ce» 'he highly-gifted corresponding Secretary, l0vt>.0,lred the Society with his presence. The foi- 1neinK^ Pr^-es were determined to be given to any rea er °f the Society for following subjects, to be Gw hy St. David's Day :— For the best Essay on I ttiin before the coming of the Romans—two its ne?s 'or the best History of Abergavenny and two elhbourhood, with reference to the authors— gilineas for the best Six Stanzas on St. David 0ne guinea. ABTRGAVKNN*'Y ASSEMBLY.—Tne ttiirri Assem- bly for the season took place at the Angel Hotel, on Wednesday evening, Captain Stacey and William Needham, Esq. Stewards. The festive occasion was graced with the presence of nearly a hundred of the elite of the beauty and fashion of Abergavenny and neighbourhood. A HOAX.—Some miserable scrub has been playing off one of those pointless tricks upon the tradesmen in Aberghvenny, of addressing notes to them in the name of Captain Stretton of Danypark, near Crickhowel, desiring them to send various goods to that gentleman. Several of the tradesmen went over with the goods ordered, and found the trick that had been played upon them. A reward of 201. has been offered for the discovery of the delinquent; and if he is caught we hope the tradesmen will make him purchase and pay for the goods which he so facetiously ordered. JANUARY 9.-Conimitte(i to Monmouth by the Rev. William Powell and the Rev. Geo W. Gabb, John Williams, for stealing 2s. 6d. from the shop of Thomas Morgan, grocer, Monk street, Abergavenny. USK ASSEMBLY.—On Thursday week our romantic little town presented a very animating scene of gaiety, from the congress of fashionables at the Assembly Bali. About ten the dancing com- menced at the Three Salmons, and continued for some hours with great spirit. After an excellent supper, in which the established fame of the Misses Prichard for good cheer was fully sustained, the lively groups returned to the ball-room and re- sumed the delightful excercise, which continued with unabated ardour till about five. Much pleasure was expressed at the excellent arrangements and poiite attentions of the Stewards, William Morgan, Esq. of Pantygoitry House, and Alexander Waddington, Esq. Among the company wh honoured the ball with their presence, we noticed W. A. Williams, Esq. M.P.and a large assemblage of the ladies and gentlemen of the neighbourhood. FESTIVITIES AT TREDEGAR. On Monday last beillg 12th day, according to his annual custom thk frorthy Baronet of Tredegar House, (Sir C. Morgan) entertained his numerous visitors by having horse races &c. in his Park. Unfortunately it was a cold, damp, rainy day, which prevented the usual attendance of the Gentry of the neighbourhood. The running upon the whole was good; the race which excited the greatest interest was that tor the cup subscribed for and presented by the lady visitors at Tredegar. It was contested by the horses be- longing to the Rev. Mr. Coles, the Rev. Augustus Morgan, and Capt. Mundy, who rode his own horse the two latter running in beautiful style. A race between Capt. Mundy's horse and Sir Chas. Morgan's was also admirably contested; Sir Charles's horse beating his opponent by a length. In the evening the usual twelfth night ball was given at Tredegar. A numerous party attended, and the dance was kept up to a late hour with great spirit. Sir Charles never appeared in better health and spirits than on this occasion and every one present was much gratified with the evenings amusement. Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. held his half yearly audit at the King's Head, on Monday 31st Dec. and two following days, and dined each day with his numerous tenantry. NEWPORT NATIONAL SCHOOL -On Saturday last, the 4th instant, the annual examination of the girls of the National School took place in the ischool-room, Newport, Monmouthshire. It was much more numerously and more fashionably at- tended than on former similar occasions. Amongst the ladies present, we noticed Lady Rodney, Mrs. Morgan, of Ruperra, Mrs. George Morgan, Miss Lascelles, Mrs. Picard, Mrs. and Miss Coles, Mrs. Roberts, Miss Blewitt, and Miss Phillips, of Lan- tarnam, Mrs. W. Brewer, and most of the respect- able ladies resident in the town and neighbourhood. The children were examined by the Rev. A. A. Isaacson, the company expressing their satisfaction of the improvement of the children in their educa- tion and neat appearance the needle-work done by the girls was much admired. After the examination the girls, 60 in number, were entertained with a large mince pie each, given them by the desire of Sir C. Morgan, and provided by Mr. Napper. Afterwards there was a lottery for trinkets pro- vided by Sir Charles and the Ladies of Tredegar. About 170 prizes were disposed of, valued from 6d. to 20s. each, with a few blanks, which produced the sum of 24/. 5s. for the benefit of the Institution. Most cordial thanks were given to Sir Charles Morgan and his distinguished visitors for their kindness and support to so charitable an Institu- tion. It is expected the funds will be considerably increased this year by the promise of several additional subscribers. Sir Charles has also given to each of the girls of the National School a good warm winter's cloak. The Governess of the School died a few weeks since, after a very short illness. The Committee informed Sir Charles of the event, and he hand- somely sent lOt. towards defraying the expenses of her funeral, and for the girls of the School to have black ribbons; nearly all of them attended the funeral. The sister of the late Governess is ap- pointed to succeed her in the situation. FATAL AcCIDENT.-OnCliristwas-day,Nriss Su- san Smith, a young lady of 17, daughter of Mr. Smith of Maesglase, near Newport, Monmouthshire, was on a visit to her aunt's, Mrs. Adams of Redwick. In the morning Miss S. rode to Redwick Church, where she attended divine service, and on mounting her horse to return, the animal took fright, set off at full speed and she fell, her toot getting entangled in the stirrup leather-when she was dragged nearly a mile before she was released. She was found on the road, and was so severely illiured, shcdied the following Sunday, lamented by all who knew her.


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