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=:=.=:==: -==--=. boimgs at Naples. (Extract of a letter from JTr. Parry, juu.) Since I last wrote to you, 1 have been introduced to several English families, who reside here, and who give splendid entertainments, concerts, and dinner- parties, to the Neapolitans, as well as to their country- men, at which I have had an opportunity of seeiilg a good deal of the manners and customs of the people and the place, It is by no means an uncommon thing tor ladies to smoke two or three cigars wth the gentlemen, at evening parties; mind, I mean Italia" ladies, nol my fair countrywomen. At a soiree viusicale, given the other evening, a new vocalist was intro- duced, in the shape of a little poodle dog, who, at the command of his mistress, jumped on the musie-stoo', and began to howl the chromatic scale, at the same time thumping the kevs of the pianoforte with his fore feet, concluding his performance by a long shake !t really was all excellent satire on those whose delight is in meretricious ornaments, .squalling unmeaning cadenzas End untunable roulades. It was very disad- vantageous to me to sing a simple English ba'lad immediately after this canine exhibition, but I am happy to state that was honoured with an epteore A new opera was lately brought out at St. Carlo, cotit- posed by II Alacstio Gcnovese, in which Madame Musi sang extremely well, but the piece was not successful. Madame Malibran made her first appearance at Napleson the 14tti instant (November), as J)esdemotut, in Rossini's Otello she was most rapturously re- ceived, and her performance was a most triumphant one throughout; but what rendered the scene almost painful to oieaiid several English friends, waa, not the ieast applause, owing to the presence of the royal family* which I fiud is the custom here, and which, I think, woaid be •« more honoured in the breach than in the observance;" but although there was no clapping of hands we had plenty of braru with uplifting ot hands and eyes, nods, and winks of approbation. How shall 1 describe the splendour of the house--iio pen call possibly do it justice--it was the Queeu's birth- day, and a grand gala niht The great St. Carlo was lighted on the occasion by six hundred wax torches—not candles! The youthful King, with hi's lovely consort, Maria CVisiina di Savnju, who attained her 22d year that day, and all the royal family, oc- cupied the centre boxes. They were surrounded by the officers of state in their splendid robes, and a host of military men in richly embroidered uniforms, to- gether with hundreds of ladies most elegantly di essed. The opera was followed by a "ra id ballet, produced on the occasion, call liarba Bin (Blue heard), in "tie scene of which there was a ti-oop of eavalt-y intro- duced and about300 persons on the stage at one time We quitted this dazzling scene only to witness another — Naples was illuminated iu the most extra- ordinary manner cannons roaring, bands p'.ayiug, others singing, others shouting, and their Majesties acknowledging the expressions of respect paid to them in the most affable and gracious manner. On Wednesday next this graud gala will be repeated, it) honour of the birth-day of the Queen-mother on which occasion Itossilkils opera, La Gazza Ladra, will be performed the wonderful little Malibran will, of course, be the Nii ctti', aud Fernando will be repre- sented, for that evening only, by my kind and eminent master, Lablache, who is a prodigious favourite here he has made a splendid fortune, and he very wisely enjoys the fruits of his labour while he can. He looks remarkably well, and lustier even than when he was in London, where he means to be again next season. He has given over teaching except in a few particular cases, and I reckon myself very fortunate in being counted one of the favoured few. He frequently tells me that I would do extremely well, ifhe could impart a portion of bis power to me but a winter in Italy will do much in that way. I regret that my friend Signor N. who brought over a very clevet, opera, composed by the Hon. Miss M, with a view of bringing it out at Naples, has no chance of accomplishing his object, as there are three com- posers who have been waiting two years to get their operas performed. Rossini is the idol worshipped at Naples I attend the English Church every Sunday, which is generally full aud I feel not a little proud of the appearance of a number of beautiful English ladies, who, in every respect, throw the dark brunettes of this city into the shade. A ycuug lady of the name or portalls, who was formerly a pupil of the Royal Academy of Music, is making rapid progress as a vocalist she possesses a very fine eoutr'alto voice, and has had the advantage of the instruction of Cata- lani for two years at Florence. A son of Dr. Boisrag- hon, of Cheltenham, has made a most successful debut at the Florence- Opera-house; his voice is a powerful rich, and sonorous bass. The Carnival commences here on the 17th January should I remain at Naples till then, I will send you an account of it; but 1 am invited to pass the Christmas week at Rome (when I go there I shall be honoured with a letter of introduc- tion from a nobleman to his Holiness the Pope)—and from thence I shall proceed to Florence then turn ,y face towards dear old England, where I hope to arrive early in the spring. b Kaples, November 18, I 0. P.

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