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FASHIONABLES, LITERATURE, &c. -+-- The valuable estate of the Mar jnis of Anglesey near Milford Haven has been purchased by Joseph Denison, Esq., Member for the county of Surrey, for 300,000/. Mr. Bvn win sliorflv he oreafed Lord Wro- tham, of Wrotham, in the county of Middlesex. Great pains, It is said, are taking to induce the Duke of Wellington to allow his name to be an- nounced as a candidate for the expected vacancy in the Chancellorship of Oxford. His Grace, though educated at Eton, was not, we believe, a member of the University. Sir John Herschei!, who has taken his depar- ture for the Cape of Good Hope. proposes to remain there tor several years, for the improvement of astronomical science. Lord Napier, has received the valuable ap- pointment at Canton, in China, fixed by the legisla- tive arrangements of the last Session of Parliament The salary is 6,0001. per annum. III tralsund and other parts of the German Continent, clubs have lately been formed for the express purpose of promoting English conversation and the diffusion of English literature. It would seem that Scott and Byron have rendered our's an almost universal language. There is no work of high rank in the modern literature of our country which is not reprinted, or reprinting. The Archbishop of Cilshel (Right Hon. R. Lau- rence), the Bishop of Meath (Right Hon. N. Alex- ander the Bishop of Kildare .'the Right Hon. C. D. Lindsay), and the Bishop of Derry, brother to the Countess Grey, will be the Irish Representative Bishops in the approaching Sessions of Parliament. TNU AI.LOTMKNT SYSTEM. The Bishop of Bath and Wells has given permission to Mr. Emery, druggist of that city, to allot out another piece of land to make 200 lots for letting to the industrious poor, which altogether make 100 acres that his Lordship has let in allotments in the vicinity of Wells. "PENNY WISE.'—His Majesty's Government have directed the weekly penny allotted to the most deserving boys in the Duke of York's School at Chelsea to be stopped, as even a penny a week, as a reward for good conduct, is a waste of the public money! TURNPIKE ROAD-.—It was some time ago re- ported that Government contemplated taking into their own hands the Turnpike trusts to be managed no doubt, like every thing else, Whig fashion, for the benetit of the FAMILY 0 This rumour appears to have some confirmation in a letter lately addressed by the Home Secretary to the clerks of the peace, callinjr upon them to send, without delay an alpha- betical list of all the Turnpike trusts within their county, together with the names and residences of the respective clerks, to such trusts. The Corporation of Rochester has protested against the Municipal Commission, as altogether illegal and unconstitutional. The Drapers and Ironmongers Companies have refused the mandate of the Corporation Commis- sioners. The Mayor and Aldermen of Hull have pre- tested against the Municipal Commission, upon the ground that it is illegal, that the jurisdiction it assumes is unconstitutional, and that it possesses no power recognized by law to compel the attendance and examination of the members or officers of cor- porations, or the productions of their muniments. T!,e Corporation of Maidstone, at a forma! meeting, have refused, by a majority of 79 to 43, to rocognise the authority ot the Corporation Commis- sion. They treat it as illegal. The Inquiry into the Liverpool Corporation, by Commissioners, terminated on Saturday week, having occupied 21 days. To the Corporation of Liverpool the result is almost universally regarded as most triumphant. By the present fall of the Company's tea sale, Government loses above 80,000'. for this quarter, being at the rate of 320,0001. in the year, as under the new system of duties proposed it is, therefore, very doubtful whether any furtherdecline could take place when the trade is open. From a comparison of the receipts of the cus- tom-house at Havre, during the first eleven months of 1832 and 1833, it appears that there is a decrease of 2,581,269f. in the latter year. In 1832 they were 2.5,rt7 ,21 Of" and in 1833 only 22,915,9 11 f. GREV—THE PALACE ROBBER.—We take the following from the Morning Herald Robbery at Kensington Palace.—Last week a man of the name of Grev, who has been for some time past in the service of H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex, absconded from Kensington Palace, taking with him about four dozen silver spoons and forks."—What else, we ask, could the Duke expect ?--the r, ry name of the fellow might have excited his suspicion as for our parts, we would as soon induct Bill Soames to the situation of head butler, as have a fellow bearing the name of Grey in our establishment ? We re- collect a gentleman, for whom we have a great respect,one Mr. Bull, once had a whole family of Grey's in his service, and was plundered right and left by the nefarious set.-A ge,



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